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Sarah Palin calls it quits!

Alaska governor Sarah Palin has decided to call it quits. The glamorous governor announced Friday in a speech from the backyard of her Wasilla home that she will resign as Alaska’s governor later this month.

Though she’s tight-lipped about her future plans, it is speculated that she’s considering a run at the US Senate or the presidency. People quotes her as saying,

It hurts to make this choice but I’m doing what’s best for Alaska. You can effect change from the outside, and I can too.

Well, I can’t guess much about her capabilities “from the outside,” because I’ve only seen her effecting changes while holding on to her governor’s position. The last one (and probably the only one!) that I remember is funnyman David Letterman’s apology, but, sadly, that was not as effective as she wants us to believe.

Anyway, I pass the baton to David. Let’s see how he deciphers Sarah Palin’s statement.