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Alexis Arquette:The jewel of the Arquette family, is pink patrol in search of male ass


For those of you who didn’t know how Courtney Cox convinced herself that husband David Arquette was bangable material even when he was wearing his Donald Duck tie, plaid jacket and pajamas on a romantic night out this is it. All she had to do was visualize David’s he/she sibling giving falatio to a street pole and David suddenly became as manly as Arnie in The Terminator.

Alexis Arquette (who had a documentary called She’s My Brother done in 2007 while undergoing sex reassignment surgery) was as cute as a button (if that button was an electric one and delivered an electroshock right to your testicles every time you touched it) dressed in her pink slutty-stripper attire (but don’t tell her that, she has a tendency to cry very easily) while attending Mr.Black’s night at Bardot club in Hollywood in hopes of burying her face into the ass crack of THE ASSES (the two naked mail waiters in attendance) for a few blissful moments…