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Lindsay Lohan’s career revived!Will rub titties on Danny Trejo in naked threesome with on-screen mom


You know that randy shot in the “Machete” trailer of Danny Trejo getting it on with a welcomingly unclothed mother and daughter in a waterfall(see screengrab below)?

The scene remains in the upcoming feature and it’s official that the cinematic nipples vying for Danny Trejo’s horse-like erection will be none other than Lindsay Lohan’s over exposed ones (Way to clean up your image, LL!).

Yep, Lindsay is going to going skin-to-skin with Danny Trejo (who plays the lead role, that of gun-for-hire Machete), and [another red-head] Alicia Rachel Marek (”Grindhouse”) who plays her mother (although at 34 she sports much more respectable mammaries than Lohan), June for a short sequence in the upcoming film.

In the “Machete” script Lohan’s part as gun-loving, armed chickie April, isn’t huge (in fact, total appearance is less than 10 minutes)– but the ‘waterfall’ scene is definitely in there.

Girl’s gotta eat somehow and if that means giving Ent the humanoid tree from Lord Of The Rings wood with her flapjacks, so be it.