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Victoria’s Secret Alina Puscau strips for Playboy


If you had no idea who Alina Puscau was, just know this: she’s slowly making her way into Hollywood by keeping one important director’s wienerschnitzel up and running all day long. See, Alina is a knockout, but most likely than not she would have stayed in the modelling business had it not been for her boyfriend, film director Brett Ratner (X-Men:The Last Stand, and the Rush Hour series) who is using all his connections to get his hot girlfriend’s ambitions realized.

Last year, Alina attempted to enter the music business when she recorded her first single, “When you Leave (Numa Numa),” which was, surprise, surpise, accompanied by a music video directed by Ratner.

Ratner has also recently signed-on to direct the Hugh Hefner biopic with Universal Pictures which brings us ofcourse to why Alina is gracing the November cover of Playboy (not that we’re complaining)…a pictorial that Ratner also photographed and stylized.

Oh, and in case you thought Ratner is into threesomes, that’s just a mannequin in the nude shot (inspired by 1985’s movie Weird Science)…too bad.