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Courtney Love just made us give up Facebook

Pictures Lifted from Courtney Love's facebook page.And now we know why Courtney Love quit Twitter. To focus on driving us crazy by posting naked high resolution pictures on Facebook! That and because Twitter was taking too much time away from doing heroin, but that’s beside the point. Granted, these pictures are a few years old (hence the lack of all the tattoos), but a tranny (Amanda Lepore) getting ready to find that hidden stash in Courtney’s rectum would be equally freaky even if they were taken in 1709. Having said that, Courtney’s body looks…pretty…decent…in…these…shots.

Disclaimer: That last part was written under duress. Courtney Love had tied us up with a rope and forced us to type with our penis. We have since freed ourselves and bought another keyboard (our fingers kept getting stuck).