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Kate Moss’s pubic hair in Love Magazine


We all know that a photo shoot showcasing Kate Moss’s breasts would be as exciting as watching your grandma knit you a cable sweater since that’s all she does in between breaks from drunk vomiting in her 60 year-old boyfriend’s lap, so Love Magazine thought it prudent to ape the ante by a few notches. And by a few notches we mean taking pictures of her pubic hair mainly encased in a chastity belt. Which is of course as ridiculous as putting a virginity ring on George Michael after pulling an all-nighter raiding as many bathroom stalls in the greater L.A area as possible.

Moss was only one of the eight covers Love Magazine printed for its latest issue. Naomi Campbell and Amber Valletta were among the eight models pictured in the same pose (and with their measurements outlined) in an effort by the magazine to show that beauty comes in different sizes. Errr, unless Kirstie Alley’s ass was all over one of the covers trying to replicate what strobe lights do to epileptics through print form, that’s not the message we got, Love magazine. Just throwing it out there, because we’re sticklers for accuracy and a clearly defined purpose in journalism.