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Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like (09.27.2011)

Vanessa Hudgens almost falls out at a Cirque Du Soleil event.

Elizabeth Hurley plays a hungry cougar on Gossip Girl.

Snooki lost 15lbs after a sensible diet comprising of Dina’s saliva and whatever sperm lay on the floor every time she fell down.

Kim Kardashian continues to pollute NYC with her fake happiness. Wait, this one was genuine, someone threw a 100 dollar bill at her.

Octomom and Amy Fisher will fight it out at celebrity fight club. We’re sure it will all go down with poise and dignity.

Charlie Sheen is allowed around his kids and Denise Richards is actually smiling. We’re begging you, Charlie, bring mayhem and meltdown back!!!

Chris Brown takes a tumble on stage and almost breaks his arm.

Jessica Simpson ate a few Mexicans before she left Los Cabos.

Lady with the alien-looking baby, what have you done with Alicia Silverstone??

Leann Rimes and her nipples felt the breeze yesterday. Must be that she only has 000.1% body fat to shield her from the cold.

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Amy Fisher promotes her porn-star qualities at Exxxotica event


Amy Fisher had a busy weekend in Miami. She got to give a few hundred of her “business cards” promoting her adult website to sleezy old retirees, sit on the arthritic lap of the diaper-wearing customers who had enough pocket change to pay for it and even got to be the judge for the hottest MILF of the Miami pornorama symposium. And all while her pimp, er, sorry husband Lou Bellera (the driving force behind her ” deep plunge” into the adult film world) was by her side gazing at her with immense pride.