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Justice For Trayvon: 10 Burning Questions From CNN’s Exclusive “Juror B37″ Interview


After signing a book deal to profit off a tragically-slain teen’s death, “Juror B37″ appeared on CNN with her identity cloaked in darkness and made things worse (WAY worse) with oblivious racism. Based on her idiotic responses to Anderson Cooper, the trial was over as soon as she and the other stupid-smacked jurors were selected leaving us with even more unanswered questions and no closure.

Here are ten burning questions from CNN’s Exclusive “Juror B37″ Interview. Take a look.

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Which Celebrity Had a Boner for Noodles?

The picture you see above shows what appears to be the outline of a penis. You can’t see it from the picture above, but the person in the picture is eating a big bowl of noodles.


Who is this celebrity? Could it be Ryan Gosling? Brad Pitt? Seth Rogen? Anderson Cooper? Click here and find out for yourself.

You might be surprised. Which Celebrity Had a Boner for Noodles? Which Celebrity Had a Boner for Noodles?


Sunday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like for 1/15/13

Heeelllloooooooooooo there, my celeb junkie friends! Welcome to Sunday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like! I want to thank you all for coming back to read the new Miscellaneous posts, and for making them a Daily Fix trending topic!! Let’s keep that ball a’rollin’!!! Happy Sunday! Although this little story isn’t really celeb related, I simply had to share it with you. We all remember the debut of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, right? The hot-as-hell host and philanthropist Ty and all of his good-doing co-helpers coming to the rescue by completely revamping the homes of our country’s suffering citizens… We watched the cry-fest in awe and fascination, wishing the family all the best and secretly hoping we could have what they were getting. And in the end, we always cried with the family as their new home was unveiled with the yells of thousands saying ‘Move that bus!!!’ In 2005, the Okvath family with their seven children — one of whom was suffering from cancer — were chosen to have their rent home made over and given to them. Ty and his team demolished the house and built in its place a $1 million dollar mansion complete with six bedrooms, a carousel, and a friggin’ movie theater. But, when the cameras turned off, the family was left with $1500 electric bills, a $400 monthly water bill, and property taxes that went from $1600 to over $5000. The family, after years of struggle and near foreclosure, took a huge loss and had to sell the million dollar mansion at an unbelievable loss at $580,000. Question: Where the FUCK was Ty when this shit went down??? This shit pisses me off! Why would they give this family such an amazing gift just to leave them high and dry? Fuck you and your pretty face, Ty! But, although the parents have since split, the little girl did overcome her cancer… Thank Heavens. Still… fuck you, Ty!!! Nick Cannon made his first public appearance since being released from the hospital with ‘mild kidney failure.’ But, it seems he was outshined by wife Mariah Carey’s unbelievably stunning nude gown. Not even a year since she gave birth to twins, Mariah looked beautiful at the BET Honors with husband Nick and son Moroccan there with her. Many, though, were too focused on Mariah’s goodies to see how exhausted and gaunt Cannon looked. But, hey, as long as he’s got money and a bangin’ wife, he’s doin’ good, right? In other BET Honors news, Willow Smith was looking WAY too old for her age. Looking much older than her eleven years, Willow shined in a yellow gown and stood up to her MUCH older peers as she helped present an award alongside the First Lady. WOW… This brings a question to mind: Is it okay for our society to encourage these young girls to dress like this? Celebrities or not, shouldn’t girls like Willow and Kylie Jenner be in frilly, pink gowns? I dunno… Just a thought… Anderson Cooper — you [...]

Anderson Cooper Got Punched in the Head in Egypt… Or Did He

Anderson Cooper and his crew were “attacked” by supporters of Hosni Mubarak in Cairo on Wednesday. CNN’s Steve Brusk tweeted that Cooper was “punched in the head” ten times.

Anderson said he was punched 10 times in the head as pro-Mubarak mob surrounded him and his crew trying to cover demonstration

Good to see he actually counted how many times he was hit. Bet it was in-between cumming in his pants after  each punch. ONE! Oooh! TWO!!!! Weee! FWEE! OOOH! FOWAH! WEEE! Etc.

The incident came as pro-Mubarak supporters attacked protesters calling for the Egyptian president to step down. Speaking on “American Morning” after the attack, Cooper said that he and his crew had been trying to go to a neutral zone between the two groups.

“They at first started going for the cameras; they didn’t want any pictures taken,” Cooper said. “The crowd kept growing, kept throwing punches, kicks … suddenly a young man would look at you and punch you in the face.”

You don’t say, a gay man getting hit in an Arab country. What is the world coming to!!!

Here is his interview from American Morning:

Now at first we weren’t all that surprised that Anderson Copper takes a fisting well. But then we saw the photos from the incident and realised that what CNN calls “getting punched” or “attacked” is what we here at TDF would refer to as getting “gently poked by a guy in a pink shirt”. These are the pictures from the actual incident, you be the judge yourself if CNN is making way too much out of nothing.