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AnnaLynne McCord’s bikini-filled summer isn’t over yet

annalynne wet republic

With summer nearly at a close, AnnaLynne McCord and her look-alike sis took advantage of the remaining warm weather by hosting a Wet Republic pool party at the MGM Grand on Sunday (August 30).  The blonde actress wore a hot pink bathing suit and cozied up to her older sister Angel as she blew kisses up and down the ‘blue carpet’ at the event.

Meanwhile, it seems like things aren’t quite over between AnnaLynne and her ex, Kellan Lutz.  The New Moon actor was seen slipping into her poolside cabana, despite trying to hide his face with a baseball cap.  The couple, who broke up in early August, kept the curtains drawn while spending time with one another, but didn’t seem to want to be caught ‘together’.

AnnaLynne reportedly gave him the axe when Kellan didn’t get her a gift for her birthday, so we can only hope he was giving her his belated ‘gift’ in that cabana.