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Kevin Connolly is back to wearing lifts

41440PCN_KevinHere’s Kevin Connolly’s (Entourage) new girlfriend 24-year old Arielle Kebbel (Ok, it’s just her crotch, but you can tell she’s one of the nice girls you take home to mama just by looking at it, don’t you) and it seems he’s decided to say goodbye to midget sex for the time being (Hayden Panattiere just shed a tear and wiped it with his tiny boxer shorts) and hello to hidden heels (he’s 5.5, she’s 5.8). But who cares about height when we’re talking about true love, right Tom? *gets on a ladder and throws a knife at Nicole Kidman’s poster crotch*

PS:Arielle Kebbel was ranked number 48 in Maxim’s hot 100 list in 2009. Go elves!!