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Sexy Ashley Olsen rocks a bikini in Maui

I have always been a fan of the Olsen Twins and by always I mean dating way back to their days playing Michelle Tanner on “Full House”. I wasn’t always in love with the movies they did together but I’ve always admired their work ethic. In the last little while, we haven’t been hearing as much about Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen but they’re still out there running their empire and that’s great. Mary Kate has always been my favorite Olsen twin but that doesn’t mean I have anything against Ashley. Here in Maui, Hawaii Ashley looks as beautiful as ever in her bikini and that’s great to see. I love Ashley and wish nothing but the best for her.

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WTF is This Broad Wearing????

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen hit up the premiere for the movie “NINE” last night in NYC. We’re not sure what you guys think, but that furry, floofy coat thing that Ashley is rockin is straight hideous. Hopefully no animals were killed in the process of making that bullsh*t.

Flip the script for a few more ‘white folks’ at the event, including a new and improved “Mini-Madonna”…

Lourdes two years ago:

Check out the thumbs to see her now:

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Megan Fox has Wal-Mart-a-phobia


Megan Fox refuses to step into supermarket Wal-Mart after she was caught shoplifting as a teenager.

The sexy Transformers star, 23, admits she was once busted for stealing make-up from the Olsen twins’ cosmetics line and was subsequently banned from the chain store.
Fox, who escaped with a light punishment, has no idea if she is still unwelcome in Wal-Mart, but she has never been back since.

She says, “I don’t know if the ban was for life, but when I was 14 or 15 I did get caught and convicted of stealing Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen cosmetics from a Wal-Mart.

“They actually took me into the court and I had two choices and I took the second choice, which was wrapping (gifts) for Christmas, which was awesome, it wasn’t really a punishment. The other one was they were gonna make me wear a sign that said I stole from Wal-Mart and stand outside Wal-Mart for three days.”


Heather Graham’s breasts hanging over during Hangover premiere


It was a star-studded event on Tuesday during The Hangover’s premiere, and Heather Graham looked really excited to be there…especially her boobs who seemed ready to jump off the tiny balcony she confined them to (poor things must have been suffocating in the two sizes smaller bustier of the red pencil number she chose to wear)…we just wish she would confine/chain her geeky boyfriend on the balcony of their love nest instead of bringing him everywhere with her…he is so distracting…

Talking of distracting, and equally puzzling boyfriends, or to be more correct in this case, fiances,  recently engaged Jamie Lynn Sigler (she got the ring on her birthday, May 28) was also at the premiere with her vertically-challenged, oh, who are we kidding, everything-challenged man, Jerry Ferrara (yeah, we know the dude can be funny, and we’re all for disadvantaged funny dudes scoring a hot chick, but the guy looks like he belongs inside a toll-booth at the subway in NYC).

Also present were Kendra Wilkinson (who must be going through tough financial times because she keeps recycling cheap department store dresses), lilliputian Ashley Olsen, deer-with-highlights-caught-in-permanent-headlights Audrina Patridge, and a snakeskin-clad, but otherwise boring to look at Kristen Bell.