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Audgrina Patridge’s dead stare and lively breasts in Maxim

Audrina Patridge in the latest Maxim Magazine-81

Just a few days before her 5-second affair with the silver screen hits theatres (September 11…just because you twisted pervs can’t get enough of the dead dear corpse-lying on the side of the road for days-look) Audgrina Patridge’s “you’d waste your money on roofies, i’m already there and getting bored” stare hits us in the face through the pages of Maxim’s October issue.

Now, while the rest of you simple minds might be enthralled by Audrina giving her crotch a  simulated roller coaster ride by sitting on a washing machine, we have been spellbound by what she had to say about it all: 

Apparently, she’s all grown-up now and sick of all the drinking and partying on The Hills and is ready to move on…to her own reality show that will follow her around as she drinks and parties.

We also get to find out that Heidi Montag’s been pestering her to go to Bible study with her…we’re guessing spreading for Playboy brought her closer to God and she’s thinking Audrina must have also felt His presence during her own Adam and Eve (ok, Adam took a hike) shoots…does she not know by now that Audrina’s mind travels in parallel universes and is never in the same place as her physical matter?

On her movie experience: “It was pretty gruesome, I mean [the fake blood] was very sticky and it was so cold outside that night, we were all huddled together, we had heat packs that we’d tape onto our backs…We were in lingerie and heels and trying not to shake, blood gooping out and going everywhere, while I had to hold it in my mouth and try not to swallow it so I could spit it out!”

Ok, we were tempted to just let this one go since dirty minds think alike, but just in case there’s a couple of you out there that are pure and unsoiled, we’ll just spell it out: whoever did the casting? Great job at picking talents in taking it all in and not swallowing…