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Cheryl Cole is the world’s most photogenic woman ever

cheryl cole
And here’s a quick one to wrap up the day in good spirits. British babe Cheryl Cole has been voted the “world’s most photogenic woman ever” in a poll conducted by Nikon.

Marie Claire reports,

The Girls Aloud lovely beat off competition from runner up Audrey Hepburn and third-placed Angelina Jolie to take home the title. During the survey, conducted by Nikon, 4000 British women were asked to rate their most photogenic woman ever. And the famous Mrs Cole - who fronts a beauty campaign for L’Oreal - came out top.

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Anna Friel likes to have Breakfast At Tiffany’s in the nude

Anna Friel naked on stage on stage for Breakfast at Tiffany-13

Someone must have told Anna Friel that Audrey Hepburn was totally lame as Holly Golightly in Breakfast At Tiffany’s because she decided to enrich her character by having her nipples and porcupine bush also get a lesson in manners and etiquette. The 33-year old mother of one loves to lose her underwear for her art as this is the second time in recent months she’s shown audiences a fair share of her deflated boobs (she played a prostitute for a BBC series). Anna is playing at London’s Theatre Royal and is apparently wowing fans with her performance…which is a polite way of saying that British men attending the play keep bumping into each other’s dicks on their way out of the theatre…