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“Brady Bunch” star claims ex-girlfriend wants to kill him


Greg Brady’s got serious girl trouble.

In court documents posted on TMZ, actor Barry Williams claims his ex-girlfriend once pulled a knife on him and threatened to kill him after losing a beauty contest –- and “The Brady Bunch” star wants a protective restraining order to keep his abusive ex away.

Williams, 50, alleges a string of startling domestic disputes during the past year that grew increasingly violent, but the straw that broke the Brady’s back was when he discovered that Elizabeth Kennedy, 30, had allegedly swiped thousands of dollars from his bank accounts.

“I know that she will definitely try to harm me once she is aware that our relationship is now over,” he writes in the forms filed on Dec. 10 to Los Angeles Superior Court, where he requests a judge order Kennedy to move out.

“I know that if she is given notice she will destroy all of my personal belongings,” he states. “She will rage against me and hit me, she will use any instrument in the apartment as a weapon against me as she has demonstrated her will and capability in the past.”

Williams says that his estranged ex first made the death threats on Aug. 20.

“She was extremely upset about losing a beauty contest and threatened to kill herself,” he writes. “She said she would kill me along with herself.”

They got into a physical altercation on Sept. 25, where, he says, “She started screaming at me about having to move from our apartment –- and without warning, knocked my eyeglasses from my face.”

Then on Nov. 23, he claims, she became violent after accusing him of cheating on her with one of her co-stars.

“[She] ran into the kitchen, went over to the counter and attempted to pull a knife from the knife holder,” he writes. “I caught her from behind –- and she tried to kick me, but missed.

“Elizabeth Kennedy is extremely unstable,” Williams adds. “We have been seeing a therapist.”

He also accuses Kennedy of taking his personal identification number and stealing $29,000 from his bank accounts. His account holder, Wells Fargo, launched a fraud investigation after surveillance video allegedly caught her in the act at ATMs.

The judge granted the restraining order, which rules that Kennedy must stay 100 yards away from Williams as well as move out of their shared apartment. They have been living together for three years.

“This is an unfortunate situation and I appreciate all the good wishes from my friends and fans,” Williams told

We’re still at “Greg Brady manages to bang 30-year old beauty contestant and no money is exchanged”…so what if it comes with a little dose of crazy?