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Someone Please Hire Kirstie Alley!

Kirstie Alley is desperately looking for a job, and the search is getting pretty ugly. You will not believe which show she is begging to get on now.

If you want to read all of the sad details, then click on the following link.

God Bless her! Someone Please Hire Kirstie Alley! Someone Please Hire Kirstie Alley! Someone Please Hire Kirstie Alley!


The Lorax – Taylor Swift Boobies!

Sorry No Swift Boobs Here ya pervs…

So I saw The Lorax this weekend with my family…Here’s a review in less than 250 words.  Enjoy.


Boy likes girl and girl likes trees.

Boy wants to get the girl a real tree but, there are no more in the land of Theed.


Enter the Once-ler in a wacky flashback

…fish, bears, marshmallows and some strange crazy ass hat. (And of course the Lorax, let’s not forget about that.)

The Lorax appears when the Once-ler cuts down a tree with his axe…The Lorax tells him to leave and to never come back.


The Once-ler makes a promise never to harm another tree,  but ends up cutting down every single one…it’s a story of greed.

The animals and the Lorax hurt by the broken promise, leave to find a new place to dwell.

The Once-ler lives for many years alone, until the boy appears knocking on his door and ringing his bell.


The boy well, he ends up with a miracle,  a miracle seed.

And with the Once-lers help, he begins a quest to replenish the world with trees (and to make right his former bad deed).

It was a little slow this movie about trees,…Lots of fun for the kids, they got what they need.

It’s also available in IMAX 3D… plenty of trippy colors for those that smoke weed.  ;-)

Cut Tree Danny Devito As The Lorax Lorax Banner Lorax Marsh Lorax Marsh2 Taylor Plays Audrey The Lorax and The Once-Ler The Once-Ler The-Lorax-Unless2 Zac Plays Ted

Taylor Swift is Going to Be in a Movie That Will Ruin Your Childhood

One living person (or possibly just a mannequin come to life) beloved by children is attempting to sully the work of a dead person beloved by children, and only one can be victorious in the end.

Professional feelings-haver Taylor Swift has signed on to lend her voice to the animated movie Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. “Hm… there’s no young girl in The Lorax,” you may be thinking to yourself. Well, fear not. They’ve figured that out: “Swift joins Danny DeVito, Ed Helms, Zac Efron, Rob Riggle and Betty White in the tale of a boy who searches for a way to win the affection of the girl of his dreams. He comes across the story of the Lorax, the grumpy yet charming creature who fights to protect his world. Swift will play the dream girl of the idealistic young boy (Efron). DeVito is voice of the Lorax while Helms voices Once-ler, who in the book is never shown except for his hands and arms. Riggle plays a greedy entrepreneur while White will voice Efron’s wise grandmother.” Um… OK. Can we change the title then to something like A Movie About ‘The Lorax’ That Is Not Actually ‘The Lorax’? Because that is not The Lorax.

Meh, sounds to us like the makers of The Lorax are true lovers of Dr. $eu$$.


Betty White Kicks Ass & Wins an Emmy

Age will never stop THE Betty White. She just won an Emmy Award for best guest actress in a comedy series for her turn as “Saturday Night Live” host. The honor came Saturday – which was the Creative Arts Emmy Awards -  which is the precursor to the main August 29 Emmy show.

The trophy is the fifth prime-time Emmy received by the 88-year-old White, according to the TV academy. Her previous honors came for classic sitcoms including “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “The Golden Girls.”

So far this year, besides the “SNL” gig, White made a splash with the new TV Land sitcom “Hot in Cleveland,” scored with a clever Super Bowl commercial and played a mad librarian on ABC’s sitcom “The Middle.”

It looks like Betty White’s career keeps picking up. Who knows, maybe she’ll be making a guest appearance on the “Jersey Shore” next!


Molly Shannon & Kids Land At LAX

Funnylady Molly Shannon was spotted with her two children - Stella, 7, and Nolan, 5 - at the Los Angeles International Airport after a long flight from New York City. The Saturday Night Live alum had just appeared with Betty White in the Big Apple. I loved their muffin sketch!

Molly, 45, who was well known for her hilarious Mary Katherine Gallagher character on SNL, was joined by fellow former cast members Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph and Ana Gasteyer. Betty, 88 1/2, and the girls brought SNL its biggest ratings this year. You go girls!