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Accusing Photos Leave Billie Piper Fuming

Billie Piper has infuriated anti-smoking campaigners after photographs of her puffing on a cigarette near her 21-month-old son Winston surfaced online. Billie, her husband Laurence Fox, and another couple were enjoying a day out in a pub garden in London this week when the snaps were taken. In the published photos, a cloud of smoke surrounds her toddler's head.

A spokesperson for The Secret Diary of a Call Girl star insists that the pictures are "misleading" and sent out this statement:

Billie is a responsible parent who values her child's health above all else. Though a smoker, she is careful to only do so outside and with consideration to those around her. Due to the angle from which it is taken, the picture is misleading. It does not give a true sense of perspective in relation to the proximity of her son."