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5 Celebrity Grandparents: The Joys of Generations


Let’s hear it for Grandma and Grandpa!

In celebration of National Grandparent’s Day on September 8, we’re taking a look at five famous grandparents and their joys of watching the generations grow.

  • Garth Brooks:

Country crooner Garth Brooks recently entered the grandparents club this summer when his middle daughter, 19-year-old August Anna Brooks and boyfriend Chance Michael Russell, welcomed their first child – a girl named Karalynn.

Grandpa Garth, 51, has since issued a statement since his first grandchild’s birth:

“Our family would first like to thank everyone for their warm wishes and sweet celebration of Baby K’s arrival,” he said. “Our children’s lives have always been extremely private and they have been endlessly encouraged to be their own people. We have always wanted them to be individuals and NOT be known as ‘someone’s daughters.’”

He added: “I have been amazed and grateful how the press has always respected this. I now ask that respect to please continue as this young family begins the greatest days of their lives.”

  • Goldie Hawn:

Legendary actress Goldie Hawn, 67, and her ex-husband Bill Hudson have two grown children and five grandchildren.

After the recent birth of her fifth grandchild – her only granddaughter – the Academy Award-winning actress announced the joyous addition to her growing family.

“Welcome Rio! Our first baby girl to join our family!” Goldie proudly tweeted. “Oliver and Erinn thank you for bringing so much JOY to our lives! #happiness.”

According to the Private Benjamin star, being a grandmother is “Love with a capital L!”

“[I hope to teach them] to become as resilient as they can,” she added. “We all get knocked down, but the measure of the man is how fast you get up. And I think that’s what I’d really like to instill in the kids. We’re all going to fail, we’re all going to mess up, but it’s not as much about that as it is learning from your mistakes and getting up real fast.”

  • Alana Stewart:

Alana Stewart and her rocker ex-husband Rod Stewart have two grown children: daughter Kimberly Stewart and son Sean. Kimberly and Academy Award-winning actor Benicio del Toro are proud co-parents of daughter Delilah, who turns 2 in August.

Alana, 68, recently talked to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the joys of being a “Nana” and her “strong-willed” granddaughter.

“I just spent most of the weekend with Kimberly, my daughter, helping her with Delilah,” Alana said. “She’s been a full-time mother 24/7 and by the weekend she really needs Nana (that would be me!) to give her a break now and then.”

She added: “Delilah is a barrel of energy. She’s just adorable and quite a little character. She’s very strong-willed, stubborn, and doesn’t like to take “no” for an answer. I guess you could say it runs in the family.”

  • Ron Howard:

Legendary filmmaker Ron Howard and his high school sweetheart, Cheryl, have been married for 38 years. They are proud parents to four grown children and two grandchildren.

The Happy Days alum, 59, opened up about the “profound” experience of being a grandfather.

“My daughter Bryce has a son … and I love being with him,” Ron gushed. “I didn’t remotely understand how profound the experience of being a grandparent is until you become one. It’s interesting, when you become a grandparent you start bumping into other folks who have had that experience. And there’s this sort of wink and a nod like it’s sort of a club or something.”

  • Blythe Danner:

With both Emmy and Tony awards to her name, Blythe Danner has played many memorable parts over the years. But it sounds as though her favorite role to date just might be that of doting grandmother.

The Meet the Fockers star, 70, said she loves the time she spends with her daughter Gwyneth Paltrow‘s kids Apple and Moses.

“I don’t feel like a grandmother with them,” she gushed. “I get on my hands and knees and act like a complete fool! We have a lot of fun together.”

And it sounds like she’d love the whole family – including famous son-in-law, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin - to live a little closer.

“I would love them next door, banging away on the drums, and Chris writing new songs,” she added.


Hollywood’s Next Generation: Celeb Kids Who Enter The Family Biz

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Gwyneth Paltrow: Apple Wants To Be A Singer Or A Baker

Iron Man 2 star Gwyneth Paltrow recently paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show and dished on her globetrotting children, 6-year-old Apple and 4-year old Moses with Coldplay frontman/husband Chris Martin.

Paltrow's mom, Blythe Danner has said that she could see a future in showbiz for her grandchildren, and the doting grandmother may not be that far off! The 38-year-old Academy Award winner said that Apple is a "really good singer," though when Ellen pressed if Apple would like to be a singer when she grows up, Paltrow laughed, "I don't know, she says she either wants to do concerts like Beyonce, or be a baker."

When Ellen commented on the talent surrounding the children such as good friends Jay-Z, Beyonce, and Madonna, Paltrow added, "It's a crazy life, I wonder what they're gonna think about it when they're older."

The Paltrow/Martin clan call both London and New York home, which has given the children interesting accents. Paltrow shared, "I'm hoping I'll work a little New York accent into their British. It's sort of schizophrenic. My son sort of has a weird mix, and my daughter is totally English as school, and totally American at home."

When Ellen questioned Paltrow about plans to expand the family, the seemingly laid-back mama replied, "Whatever the plan is, I'm down for it."


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Blythe Danner Foresees Grandchildren Entering Showbiz

Doting grandmother and legendary actress Blythe Danner has a family that is brimming with talent. Daughter Gwyneth Paltrow won an Academy Award while in her twenties, son-in-law Chris Martin is the frontman in arguably the biggest band in the world, Coldplay, son Jake Paltrow is a film director, and apparently there is a new star in-the-making, granddaughter Apple Martin! Danner gushed to In Touch, “I definitely think she has that certain something. She’s very funny and beautiful. She adores her mother, and I think she likes me, and I think she probably likes to follow in footsteps."

The actress, 67, says of her grandchildren, including grandson Moses who just celebrated his fourth birthday, “It’s in their blood.”

Of her daughters parenting, Danner told OK Magazine, "Gwyneth really invests herself in an unusual way. She’s incredibly patient. She spends a lot of time with them. She answers everything. She anticipates. She never surprises them. They’re well-prepared for all the travel and all the things that go on. They’re very happy kids.” As for more grandchildren, Danner says, "I have no idea. I don’t pry.”

Up next for the film star is a slew of films, including her newest, Waiting For Forever, and the much anticipated sequel to Meet The Fockers.


Gwyneth Paltrow & Her Birthday Boy Bunch

Happy Birthday Moses Bruce Anthony Martin!

Gwyneth Paltrow and her two children - daughter Apple, 6 next month, and Moses, 4 today - along with her mother Blythe Danner and some friends were seen spending some quality time together today (April 8) in New York City. Gwynnie's hubby, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, was not seen with the group.

Gwyneth, 37, recently admitted that she loves cooking for her family and plans to write a cookbook.

[T]hat’s partly because I have this whole other passion, which is home-making. I always have done, since I was little. As silly as that sounds - it’s not 1955, after all - it’s really important to me, all that stuff, sitting round a table as a family.”

I wonder if she whipped up a cake for the birthday boy?