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John Corbett Talks Adoption

Sex and the City star John Corbett recently chatted with Access Hollywood, where talk turned from movie-making to marriage and fatherhood.

Saying that he and his longtime love Bo Derek have discussed trying the knot, he added, “If you’re gonna have kids, you should ultimately be married. Nothing against people who aren’t, but I think it’s a good thing to do to give that kid a foundation that feels stable, not just mommy and daddy are boyfriend and girlfriend, but we’re beyond that, I think. We’re beyond that having kids.”

The actor hasn't ruled out adoption, though.

"Now, adopting kids, that’s a whole other thing. That’s not out of my realm one day to do,” he says. “Even though I’m 49, I still feel like I’m 25, like I just arrived to Hollywood. I mean, I’m always hustling to try to get my next job… One day, you know, when I settle down, I mean, I know everybody does it, but I’m just not everybody and if that day ever comes when I adopt a kid — if Bo’s into it — I’ll be moving less around the world, trying to make a buck."