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Lady Gaga’s clitoris speaks out at the Brit Awards


For those of you whose wish before they died and surrendered their soul to Lucifer was to catch a glimpse of Lady Gaga’s super-freakish vagina, we got you covered. In a move that was surely calculated and was meant to upstage her earlier appearance as an 18th century lampshade, Lady Gaga took her pussycat out of the box and let it roam freely on stage, meowing and purring to front row seaters who would rather have their exposed balls hanging through a seatless chair and getting them whipped every 60 seconds than touch it. Now if you think this provides sufficient proof that Lady Gaga is indeed NOT a hermaphrodite, do know that sneaky testicles do at times prefer to hide in a cozy corridor corner than hang out from the vagina like a two-headed beast. So the debate is really still on.

PS: We also got stills from Lady Gaga’s upcoming Telephone music video in which she hooks up her brain to phone cable wires, installs a junction box on it and proceeds to take phone calls from the beyond, but we’re guessing you’re still in a trance caused by her clitoris and all you can think about is how to check out the NSFW pics for  a better look without getting fired.


Lady Gaga makes for a fantastic lampshade


Here’s Lady Gaga at the Brit Awards last night (Feb. 16) looking like Marie Antoinette mated with her bedroom’s curtains and gave birth to a white, cascading lampshade 9 months later. Which is exactly what happens to scarecrows who are more into abusing meth than chasing crows away. Soon after, Lady Gaga did away with the heavy drapery and let her naked ass cheek do all the talking as she went up on stage to receive her three awards. Never say this one doesn’t like to keep things interesting. Or bend and break penises with her mere stare.