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Chardonnay Confronts Kelly Over Who’s Better For Jason! – The Game [Video]

Swirly scorn on deck!

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Sway Falls In Love With Crying Brittany Daniels While She Explains Keenan Ivory Wayans Relationship! [Video]

Sway loves him some… ripe women.

BET’s ‘The Game” star Brittany Daniel stopped by Sway in the Morning to discuss the shows new episode. Additionally, he talked about dating and working with the Wayans. Additionally, she revealed the real reasons why she left the show a few seasons ago. She also discussed how she saved her money when she was out of work. Additionally, she took calls from listeners who wanted to share their health stories as well. Catch the show on BET every Tuesday at 10/9C.

Swaysuniverse youtube

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Brittany Daniel gets marked in Thailand


Here’s Brittany Daniel trying to chase the pain of getting two tatoos away by pretending she’s a genie who can float on water…bet she regretted not taking a few shots down before the marking. Britanny had her tats done by famous Thai tattoo artist Ajarn Nu in Nonthaburi province…way more authentic than getting it done by someone named BadBoy Mike with a batty eye and a really hairy arm in the bathroom of a fine establishment such as a biker bar…not that it happened…we’re just saying…