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Brooke Burns: “Children Are Mirrors Of One Self”

Jennifer Morrison and Joel Edgerton at The Word Premiere of Warrior in Hollywood

Former Baywatch star Brooke Burns stars in the Lifetime TV movie A Sister’s Revenge, premiering Saturday, April 27 at 8pm. The actress, 35, plays Suzanne Dunne, a modern day femme fatale in the upcoming film.

Brooke opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her engagement to film director Gavin O’Connor and her upcoming TV show, Where Have You Been All My Life? She goes on to talk about her 13-year-old daughter Madison who shares her obsession with The Vampire Diaries, and the greatest joys – and challenges – of motherhood.

CBS: Tell us about your new Lifetime movie, A Sister’s Revenge, and your character.

BB: “A Sister’s Revenge is a bit of a thriller. I play a mentally unwell woman who is single-minded in her desire to avenge her sister’s death…at any cost. The man she holds responsible has no idea the depth of Suzanne’s (my character) dark intentions towards him, nor why she has them.”

CBS: Did you enjoy working with the rest of the cast? What was it like on set?

BB: “I loved the cast. Tim Rozon and Ashley Jones were a pleasure to work with. So much so that, at times, it was difficult to re-enter the mind frame of having deep hatred for someone, when in actuality, you enjoy their company so much. [The] set was too much fun. When working on intense material, I find it necessary to blow off steam with laughter.”

CBS: This year you will also be hosting a new game show on GSN called Where Have You Been All My Life? How has it been updated form The Dating Game?

BB: “We incorporate social media into this game show. With online dating becoming the norm, we added certain elements of that, mixed with a life-span view of someone’s life. We ask the contestants questions from their childhood, teen, and young adult years.

I loved The Dating Game growing up, and love talking about dating and relationships. I’m not sure about the airdate just yet. I’ll keep you posted.”

CBS: You have one daughter, Madison. She is almost a teenager, what kinds of things is she into?

BB: “Madison and I are obsessed with The Vampire Diaries. Obsessed. After she finishes her homework, it’s TVD time. On the weekends, we do marathons, since we are only on Season 3.”

CBS: Has your parenting style changed now that she’s older?

BB: “Absolutely. It has to. Kids evolve in their development, so we as parents have to do the same. She’s becoming more and more independent, and it’s beautiful. I love watching her grow up. I love the dance we share in learning about life, teaching each other, and being able to trust one another in a deeper way as she emerges into her teen years. It’s wondrous.”

CBS: As a young girl, you had big dreams of being a professional ballerina, then later got into modeling. If Madison wanted to pursue a career in dance or modeling, would you be supportive?

BB: “I will support Madison in anything she desires to pursue. At 4-years-old, she told me, “Don’t get me wrong mom, I love to dance, but ballet is WAY too much hard work.” That was the end of that.”

CBS: When you were growing up, you were fortunate to travel the world through missionary work and modeling. What destinations would you like to share with Madison and what would you want her to learn from the experience?

BB: “I’ve already taken Madison to Africa, which was the greatest experience of our lives. It changed both of us. How could it not? She learned so much about the way the rest of the world lives. It made her realize how fortunate we are to live in America, with all the opportunities and abundance this country has.

Madison has an enormous heart, so it bred an even deeper level of empathy for those that have been given less. But it also showed her how much people can do with very little, and that joy has nothing to do with the things one possesses. It’s my goal to continue to expose her to as many of these rich experiences as possible.”

CBS: What have been your greatest joys of motherhood? What have been your greatest challenges?

BB: “Motherhood, in and of itself, is my greatest joy. My greatest challenges have come when Maddy reflects back to me the things I don’t like about myself. Children are mirrors of one self, and when you see a reflection that is ugly, it’s heartbreaking and sobering. I suppose it is also life’s greatest gift, because you are given an opportunity everyday to be better, and change the images you aren’t fond of.”

CBS: What does Mother’s Day mean to you? Do you have any special ways you like to celebrate or spend the day?

BB: “I’m very sentimental about Mother’s Day. First of all, my mother was/is the most wonderful, loving, understanding mom. A true example in word and deed. I love that there is a day that reminds me to verbally honor her.

Also, when I was young, I was told I might never be able to have kids. So, I usually make Maddy look me in the eyes and I give her some speech that starts, and ends, in ‘happy tears.’ She’s used to it. Xoxoxox!

I also make it a point to tell all my mommy friends how incredible they are, because no one really knows how hard, demanding, beautiful, exhausting, and painfully rich motherhood is, except another mom.”

CBS: How do you balance career and family life?

BB: “Family first. Period. When I die, my legacy as a mother and a wife, and in the way I love, is all that truly matters to me.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

BB: “I’m getting married!!!”


The Spank Bank for 12/28/11

Story time. Today, I went to get my haircut and I sneezed right in the middle of it. Needless to say, I feel very lucky to be alive. But, you want to know what flashed before my eyes as I faced certain death from getting stabbed with a sharp pair of scissors? IMAGES FROM MY SPANK BANK! Moral of the story? Always fill up your spank bank here; you never know when you might sneeze while getting a haircut. First up today… Brooke Burns: Ah, yes another Baywatch star is showing off her bikini body. They are just camera whores aren’t they? And, we love them for that. She is 33 years old and looks great. I didn’t include any ass pictures because she doesn’t have one. Emily Sears: I believe she is a model from Australia and apparently she has been on the cover of Zoo Magazine a lot. Here are some special photoshopped pictures of Emily…with Emily! Don’t you just love the computer? Irina Shayk: Raise your hand if you don’t think Irina Shayk is hot…no hands? I thought so. She is absolutely beautiful. The type of woman you think about while masturbating, but then apologize afterwards because you feel so ashamed. Mischa Barton: WHAT? I just included Mischa Barton in the spank bank? Yes, yes I did. I know there have been some unflattering pictures of her, but she doesn’t look bad here. Plus, I always feel bad for her when I see pictures of her. She always seems so lost and depressed.

Saturday Siren – Brooke Burns

Brooke Burns is this week’s Saturday Siren, and boy am I glad I got this spirit-booster post just before winding up the weekend! It was the exact thing I needed to flush out the gloom that was forced into my head by some real unfortunate news all through this forgettable week. Anyway, here’s Brooke flaunting her hot and tight body in some unidentified photoshoot (as if I really care for the details!) and giving out a loud message to Pamela Anderson that maintaining your Baywatch figure never hurts. Brooke was on Baywatch as lifeguard Jessie Owens from 1998 through 2000. Keep it up, Brooke! Scope out the gallery after the jump.
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Brooke Burns & Her Smiley Sweetheart

Funky duds! Brooke Burns and her animated daughter Madison, 10 next month, were spotted lunching in Los Angeles on Friday (May 21).

The mother-daughter duo were seen linking arms after getting out of the car and smiling all the way inside the restaurant. What a sweet pair!

Madison's dad is Brooke's ex-husband, Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon.


Brooke Burns & Madison: Pretty In Pink

Actress Brooke Burns and 9-year-old Madison Elizabeth made a pretty pair as they stepped out to run a few errands in Los Angeles, California on Sunday (March 1). The former Baywatch star and her daughter made a stop at the video store before heading to a local Chinese restaurant for a bite to eat.

Madison's dad is Brooke's ex-husband, Nip/Tuck star Julian McMahon.