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Ben Affleck is an honest guy

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His younger brother Casey Affleck may never stand a chance to grace the podium of honesty (remember that Joaquin Phoenix mockumentary?), but elder bro Ben Affleck has proved that he’s a daredevil in this department too. The Oscar winner has been applauded for his honesty by a West Virginia casino owner after Ben returned a $250,000 cheque upon discovering he’d been mistakenly paid twice for an appearance.

Contactmusic reports,

The Oscar winner was mistakenly send two $250,000 (GBP166,670) payments for attending the star-studded grand opening of an $80 million (GBP53.3 million) casino at the famed Geenbrier resort in White Sulphur Springs on 2 July (10). And casino owner Jim Justice is heaping praise on the star for not pocketing the extra cash - because his accounting staff wouldn’t have spotted the error.

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Video: Joaquin Phoenix returns to David Letterman with an apology

Since director Casey Affleck has already revealed that Joaquin Phoenix’s supposed documentary I’m Still Here is not real, Joaquin decided to do a little work himself and set the records straight with David Letterman and reveal that he actually made a fool of him on his show last year. Hats off to Joaquin and Casey for the great performance. Check out the concluding part of this segment after the jump.
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Ben Affleck & His Pasadena Pals

It's a day out for the Afflecks!

A-listers Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were spotted with their two daughters - Violet, 4 1/2, and Seraphina, 1 1/2 - at The Huntington Library in Pasadena, Calif. today (September 2).

They were joined by Ben's little brother Casey Affleck, his wife Summer and other family members. The Affleck brothers were seen playfully pushing on each other while their children played outside the library at the water park.

Casey has recently been slapped with sexual harassment law suits from two different female employees who worked on his documentary I'm Still Here: The Lost Year Of Joaquin Phoenix.


The Killer Inside Me looks like an awesome film….if your into screwing and killing (w/video)


Check out this nearly six minute trailer for the new movie, The Killer Inside Me, staring Jessica Alba, Casey Affleck and Kate Hudson. Great to see Jessica loosen up a bit, thought she was going to be the next UN embassador for something the way she’s been carrying on down in Washington DC. This movie looks like 2 hours of softcore porn, abuse of women and murder. Sounds like a killer date with Chris Brown:)

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