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Charlotte Gainsbourg is the naked mother of AntiChrist

EXCLUSIVE: Charlotte Gainsbourg Relaxing And Changing On The Bea

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this milk-coloured naked woman walking around on the beach in St.Bart’s sharing her beaver and titties with anyone lucky enough to own a set of eyes and even luckier to own a camera, let us make the introductions: She is most famous for trying to cut up her vagina, and she actually won the Best Actress Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for it.

British 37 year-old Charlotte Gainsbourg (she was raised and lives in France) stars in the most controversial movie screened at the Cannes Film Festival for years, “AntiChrist” (by the way, her mother is Jane Birkin, a swinging 60’s icon who had the high honour of having Hermes name a handbag after her - the ever-popular, but expensive, Birkin bag).

The film, directed by Danish film-maker Lars von Trier, explores a couple’s emotional crisis after the death of their only child as they enter a never-ending spiral of sexual and physical abuse.

Controversial scenes in Antichrist include Gainsbourg performing an act of gross mutilation on her privates while Dafoe tries to cut up his penis, although it was revealed later that a stand-in organ was used belonging to a German porn star named Horst.

One of the festival’s most-talked about incidents involved the film-maker of AntiChrist and a reporter from the Daily Mail who asked the director at a press conference to ‘explain and justify’ his film.

The film-maker responded by asserting he was the best director in the world and bigger than God.

Obviously he’s never met all those talented snuff film directors…he definitely must hook up with them and talk about new reproductive organ cutting tecniques…

And now back to the pasty-white Charlotte and her hanging pubes…