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Cher’s Twitter Rant on Mitt Romney

Don’t you love it when celebrities who know nothing about politics try to talk about politics? It always makes for some very entertaining tweets. Cher is the celebrity who went off this time and she wasn’t holding back. Below are her tweets from yesterday…

“If ROMNEY gets elected I don’t know if I can breathe same air as Him & his Right Wing Racist Homophobic Women Hating Tea Bagger Masters,”

“TOO HARSH? That’s me Holding BACK! They care nothing about the POOR The OLD The SICK The HUNGRY CHILDREN & People striving 4 a Better LIFE!”

“Hi Lovelies!hope U R having GREAT Day or Nite! Sorry I Let The Dogs Out, But I Should Have Remembered 1 must watch what They Say These Days!”

This is a classic example of why celebrities shouldn’t talk about politics. They know nothing about them! It’s all emotional with them. They see one headline that says Romney hates puppies and they believe it. Just like the redneck down in Mississippi who still believes Obama wasn’t born in the US. Claiming that one side doesn’t care about the poor, the sick, the old and the hungry is just silly.

It’s not one side that is the problem; it’s the Government as a whole. Each side has major flaws, we need to focus on those flaws and stop focusing on which side has more. Cher’s Twitter Rant on Mitt Romney Cher’s Twitter Rant on Mitt Romney


Celeb Parents Set To Hit ‘Dancing With The Stars’

The first promos for the 11th season of Dancing with the Stars have been released!

Some of the women in the competition include celeb moms Brandy, Brady Bunch mom Florence Henderson and newly single teen mom Bristol Palin. Also hitting the dance floor are Dirty Dancing’s Jennifer Grey, funnylady Margaret Cho and The Hills‘ Audrina Patridge

Male contestants include celeb dads Michael Bolton, David Hasselhoff and Vanessa Williams' ex-hubby, Rick Fox.

Take a look through our slideshow and see the celeb parents in this seasons' competition.


Cheryl Tweedy’s Perfect Calendar

Mmmmm. Dates of the year.

There is nothing better than looking at the calendar and instead of feeling crushing depression and a loss of the will to live… you feel hard. That’s why we love Cheryl Tweedy’s amazing new calendar photoshoot. The year has never looked so attractive and never so jerk worthy.

Except for 1999. DAMN was that year hot.

Cheryl Tweedy calendar cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-01 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-02 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-03 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-04 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-05 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-06 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-07 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-08 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-09 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-10 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-11 cheryl-tweedy-calendar-2011-12

Celebrity Parents Rock The Emmy Awards

Call the babysitter, mom and dad are walking the red carpet!

Let's take a look at some of our favorite celebrity parents who were in attendance at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards last night (August 29) in Los Angeles.

Who was the best dressed? Who needs to fire their stylist?

Take a look through our slideshow and see who wore it best at last night's awards show.


Cheryl Cole offered £500,000 to strip for !

cheryl cole playboy offer
After luring Kelly Brook into posing nude for Playboy, Hugh Hefner has his eyes firmly set on another British bombshell... Cheryl Cole. The honchos at Playboy have reportedly offered Cheryl half a million pounds to pose nude for a centrefold shoot.

The Daily Star reports,

Bosses at 84-year-old media mogul Hugh Hefner’s publication think Cheryl, 27, has the perfect looks to be a hit in the States. They reckon her quirky accent and toned bod make her perfect to follow other famous centrefolds such as US reality star Kim Kardashian, 29. Bosses are said to have promised the Geordie babe half a million pounds to pose wearing nothing but her famous northern smile. They are on a mission to find gorgeous Brits after Kelly Brook, 30, proved hugely popular.

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Cheryl Hines & Husband Split

After 7 years of marriage, actress Cheryl Hines and her husband Paul Young have decided to call it quits.

A rep for the 44-year-old Curb Your Enthusiasm star confirms the news, telling People that the pair "will remain extremely close friends."

The rep adds that Cheryl and Paul will continue to raise their 6-year-old daughter Catherine Rose together.


Get Max Bratman’s Future DJ Look

Max Bratman strolled with his dad after dining at The Farm in Beverly Hills earlier this week. Max looked adorable in his 'Future DJ' tee, plaid shorts, and sneakers.

Max wore a Loyal Army tee ($8.48) that is only still available in a bodysuit. Check out Cafe Press for 'Future DJ' tee ($17). Target has brown plaid shorts ($7.99). Max wore L.A.M.B. Sneakers but you can complete the look with classic Converse All Star shoes ($23).


Cheryl Hines Teaches Daughter To Have School Pride

Cheryl Hines keeps us cracking up as Larry David’s wife on Curb Your Enthusiasm. The mom-of-one opened up to Breezy Mama about how her new reality TV show School Pride has positively affected her 6-year-old daughter Catherine, and her Curb plans this coming season.

On her new reality show, School Pride, which renovates and restores aging schools: "When you go into a classroom and you paint the walls and scrub the floor and you see a difference… You see the teacher walk in or the teacher is there with you – but you actually see the difference… you see the kids come in and feel good…"

On how the show has affected her daughter: "This is what she thinks life is all about – on the weekends, go out and help somebody. Every once in a while, she’ll ask, 'Why are we going to someone else’s school?'"

On if she'll be on Curb this coming season: "Yes. I will be a part of the new season."

Continue reading at Breezy Mama...


Cheryl Cole is fine

Here’s Chery Cole strutting down the streets in a sexy short shorts and giving out the message that she’s back to her hot self after being slowed down for a while by that damned malaria. And boy did we lose the fight by just a couple of inches! We just missed the golden chance of greeting that cute thigh tattoo. Anyway, I’m happy that Cheryl is back with all her hotness. Scope out the gallery after the jump.
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Cool Necktie Tees

Liam looked handsomely cool as he went to church with his family, Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott, and little sister Stella. Check some of these funky necktie tee picks for your little dude.

For $26 - $28 Psychobaby has a skull tie tee offered in short and long sleeve tees and onesies. Rock & Rattle uses 100% USA made American Apparel cotton tees for their white tie long sleeve tee, red tie long sleeve tee, and plaid tie tee. All for $24.99 each.
Cherokee's graphic tee is part of a 2 pack available at Target for only $9.99!


Cheryl Cole banned from having sex

cheryl malaria
Cheryl Cole is finally home after spending a week at the hospital and fighting off malaria, but she’s still away from receiving the all-green signal. Doctors have warned her to stay away from sex while she completely recovers from the potentially deadly disease. And that means no Derek Hough or at the bedside!

The Sun reports,

The frail singer survived by the skin of her perfectly straight teeth after a horror spell in intensive care and on Wednesday she returned to her Surrey home. But at least the X Factor judge had a good chuckle with her mum Joan Callaghan and Yank dancer pal DEREK HOUGH when she found out her high blood pressure meant booze and bedroom antics were off the menu. A source said: “Cheryl managed to summon enough energy for a giggle when she was given the news about a sex ban. It’s the last thing on her mind right now. “She has also been told to avoid alcohol for the coming weeks.”

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Cheryl Cole hospitalized with malaria

cheryl malaria
Cheryl Cole will be enjoying a sort of involuntary holiday for the whole of this week as a result of her recent trip to Tanzania. The Sexiest Woman in the Galaxy and internet’s “babe of the moment” is being treated in a London hospital after she was diagnosed with, of all goddamn diseases, malaria! Of course, it is believed that she brought it along from Tanzania because malaria virus is as good as extinct in developed countries.

People reports,

The British beauty, 27, who will be the opening act for select European dates of the Black Eyed Peas’ E.N.D. World Tour, collapsed Saturday during a photo shoot for her album. A spokesperson says she’s being treated in a London hospital for malaria, a mosquito-borne disease typically spread in tropical areas. Cole reportedly just returned from a trip to Tanzania, had to cancel all work this week.

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Lindsay Lohan is Going to Jail!!!

Our prayers have been answered! Coke-whore bitch Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to jail today by a Beverly Hills judge. The judge ruled that Lindsay Lohan violated the terms of her probation in a drunk driving case when she failed to attend alcohol education classes and sentenced her to 90 days in jail.

Prior to this hearing, Lindsay Lohan was bitching and moaning that the honorable Judge Marsha N. Revel hated her and was out to get her. The judge’s response? She stated several instances over the last few years in which the actress lied about taking drugs and drinking. It’s easy to see where the concrete, bullshit free evidence lies. According to the LA Times blog:

“It’s like someone who cheats but doesn’t think it’s cheating if they don’t get caught,” Revel said.

Before sentencing, a tearful Lohan addressed the court, saying “as far as I knew I was in compliance with my programs.”

“I wasn’t trying to get special treatment,” the actress said. “I have to provide for myself. I have to work. Having said that, I did everything to balance my jobs and showing up. I’m not taking this as a joke. It’s my life. It’s my career…I take responsibility for my actions. I’ve tried to do the best I can. It’s been such a long haul, I don’t want you to think that I don’t respect you.”

Prosecutors had argued that Lindsay failed to comply with the weekly attendance directive for her alcohol education classes (which is true). Even an operator of the class testified that Lohan had nine absences. Revel bitched out the  program operator Cheryl Marshall for failing to report Lohan’s absences to the court before the actress had her bail revoked when the alarm on her alcohol monitoring device was triggered on June 6. (That was the night that she attended the MTV Music Awards.)

Under questions from the prosecutor, Marshall told the court that Lohan did not sign in on some days the program claimed she had attended and that her signature was on a sign-in sheet on a day she did not attend. Marshall revealed Lohan never attended group meetings but opted for one-on-one sessions because of privacy concerns.

In considering her punishment, Revel said she considered whether Lohan violated her probation only for the actress’ failure to attend some scheduled alcohol education classes, not because the alcohol-detection bracelet that Lohan was ordered to wear had been triggered following the MTV Movie Awards.

On June 8, Revel issued an arrest warrant for Lohan after the alarm on her monitoring device was triggered. The alarm typically sounds when the bracelet is tampered with or if the person wearing it consumes alcohol. The SCRAM device, or Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor, checks for traces of alcohol in the air above the user’s skin.

Revel ordered Lohan to be fitted with the device May 24 after Lohan failed to show up the previous week for a mandatory progress review on whether she was abiding by the terms of her probation.

Face it fire crotch – fair is fair. You pumped yourself full of cocaine and went on a foaming-at-the-mouth chase on the Pacific Highway… then instead of attempting to do what’s right and perform penance for what you did, you just acted like the spoiled little coke bitch you are and failed to meet ANY part of your probation.

90 days in jails seems too short. Has anyone ruled out the death penalty?

Lindsay Lohan goes to jail Lindsay Lohan goes to jail Lindsay Lohan goes to jail Lindsay Lohan goes to jail Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel Lindsay Lohan in court with her lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley for Lohan's probation hearing with Judge Marsha Revel

Cheryl Cole Contracted MALARIA

Famous incredibly hot chick Cheryl Cole has recently contracted malaria and is currently being treated in hospital. Malaria, being one of the least common things that celebrities contract (unlike herpes and HIV). Malaria is a parasitic disease that involves high fevers, shaking chills, flu-like symptoms, and anemia. It’s most common in third world countries where dying of malaria and being eaten by a lion are neck and neck.

Cheryl recently canceled her work commitments for a week on the advice of doctors when on Monday she had fainted during a photoshoot for her second solo album. Then, she was diagnosed with exhaustion and gastroenteritis… which isn’t malaria. But then again, can you blame the doctors? How are they supposed to know the stupid twat picked up some parasitic disease that isn’t too common in areas with modern medical technology???

Oh that’s right, Cheryl Cole recently returned from a short break in Tanzania. That just sounds like a place one would get malaria.

Get well, Cheryl! We need more pictures of you looking incredibly gorgeous, therefore making our lives seem worse in comparison.

Cheryl Cole gets malaria Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems! Cheryl Cole Shows Off her Stems!

Cheryl Tweedy’s Happy Little Upskirt

I see London, I see France… I see Cheryl Tweedy’s hot as hell, teeny-tiny, white underpants! And let us just say -some high quality upskirtage is completely necessary. Too many Hollywood star slutlets have been flashing around their infected lady bits. Looking at HPV and crabs has slowly been losing it’s charm. (Sorry Lindsay.)

During a filming of X-Factor, Cheryl was politely sitting, being attentive, and giving her pusspuss some fresh air. Who can blame her, though? Every vag needs some airing out during a humid summer, especially those of the wildly hot and slutty (AKA Cheryl Tweedy).

So thank you, Cheryl, for commemorating Michael Jackson and Ferrah Fawcett’s deaths with your pretty little pink.

Cheryl Cole upskirt cheryl-cole-upskirt

Tori Spelling: I see dead people!

Today Show Tori Spelling Dean McDermottTori Spelling’s hunger is getting to her brain matter, because she’s seen things. Dead things. Like Farah Fawcett who came to her for a chat: “Listen up Tori. Tell that fat bastard Ryan, nice going with Cheryl Tiegs. And going at it behind my casket at my OWN funeral is sooo not cool. Your testicles are mine to haunt forever!! Oh, and you should probably stick to sweaters. Darling, those things on your chest were never meant to see the day of light.”

Via Fox News:

While promoting her memoir “uncharted terriTORI” (her spelling, not ours), Tori Spelling spilled on one life experience that didn’t make it into the book.

She met Farrah Fawcett – after Farrah was dead.

“I was talking to a medium,” Tori told Access Hollywood Tuesday. “I was hoping my dad [‘Charlie’s’ Angels’ producer Aaron Spelling] would come through.”

Nope – she got former neighbor Farrah instead!

“Farrah Fawcett came through in my reading loud and clear,” Tori said. “It was really awkward for him as well. He’s like, ‘I have never had this happen.’”

Tori said she had known Farrah for years, as her dad had produced “Charlie’s Angels.”

So what did Farrah say? Tori’s not saying.

“She wanted me to give a message to her family about how she was doing,” Tori said.

Tori relayed the information from Farrah’s spirit to longtime compantion Ryan O’Neal and son Redmond.

“I haven’t heard from Ryan so I don’t know, you know, I’m hoping you know he understood what I was trying to say and doesn’t think I’m some loony.”


Cheryl Hines & Catherine’s Sunday Smiles

Cheryl Hines and her 6-year-old daughter Catherine (in jeans), along with a friend, had a blast at the 21st A Time For Heroes Celebrity Picnic sponsored by Disney to benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation in Los Angeles on Sunday (June 13).

The 44-year-old Curb Your Enthusiasm actress recently revealed one of her favorite things to do with her sweet daughter.

I like to get my nails done with my daughter. It’s cute. Usually she sits in my lap and we get our fingernails done together. It’s a real fun time for us. For Catherine, the brighter and the sparklier, the better. It is fun. If I’m not shooting, I’ll let her pick out my color. I’ve had some really nice, green fingernails before.”


Cheryl Cole is the Sexiest Woman in the Galaxy!

Here’s internet’s favorite babe of the moment Cheryl Cole looking absolutely stunning in a sexy animal-print short dress as she parades her heavenly hotness guarded by security personnels. Cheryl has topped so many “hotness” lists that I find myself too puny to jot some more adjectives in her praise or to write some more sentences in her honor. I have no words, I just have a strong desire that all those magazines - and people responsible for crafting/drafting those “sexiest woman” list - should come forward and unanimously declare her the “sexiest woman in the galaxy”. Love you, Cheryl! Check out the gallery after the jump.
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Arsenio Hall & His Premiere Pal

Talk show legend Arsenio Hall, 54, and his 11-year-old son Arsenio Jr. attended the Los Angeles premiere of The Karate Kid on Monday (June 7).

Arsenio Jr. is the actor's son from his previous relationship with former manager Cheryl Bonacci.

Arsenio is well known for his popular '80s talk show, The Arsenio Hall Show, which provided a forum for cutting edge comedy, politics and the television debut of such pop superstars as Mariah Carey, Snoop Doggy Dogg and Boyz to Men.


Ryan O’Neal was banging Cheryl Tiegs to get over his grief for Farrah Fawcett

Oscars Elton John Party

Listen, this should come as no surprise to no one. After all, this is a guy who admitted hitting on his own daughter at Farrah’s funeral and asking her to have sex with him (sure, we’ll buy the excuse that he hadn’t seen Tatum O’Neil in years and he passed her for a Swedish chick). As a matter of fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t sweep Cheryl Tiegs off her feet right there at the funeral: “Listen baby, my back is hurting from carrying a hearse with a dead body. Damn she weighs too much even as a corpse! So anyway, why don’t you and I book a nice room in a motel and you can rub those knots away for me?”

Via OK! Magazine:

Actor Ryan O’Neal has found love with former supermodel Cheryl Tiegs, almost a year after losing his longtime partner Farrah Fawcett to cancer.

The Love Story star, 69, reconnected with old pal Tiegs last June (09) when they paid their last respects to the tragic Charlie’s Angels star at her funeral.

But their relationship soon took a romantic turn as the 62-year-old beauty comforted a grieving O’Neal and they are now an item, according to the National Enquirer.

The stars went public with the romance earlier this month (May10) when they attended the Hollywood launch of Raquel Welch’s new book, Beyond the Cleavage, together at an event co-hosted by Fawcett’s best friend, Alana Stewart.

An eyewitness tells the tabloid, “He had his arm around Cheryl’s waist, and it was clear that they were very happy together.

“They both are in their 60s and have been around the block – but they are thrilled to have found each other.”

Fawcett died on 25 June (10) after a battle with anal cancer.


Make Baking Chic with Charlotte’s Apron

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Sex and the City 2 opens nationwide next Friday, May 27th! What you may not know is that Charlotte, the hostess with the mostess, and mother of two in the film, is rocking one of Unique Vintage's Cherry Cupcake aprons in the film!

This adorable Cherry Cupcakes hostess apron, designed by Jessica Steele, features a delicious cherry cupcake pattern with baby pink piping. It also has two convenient front pockets and bow detailing. The apron retails for $30 at

Unique Vintage is offering Celebrity Baby Scoop readers 20% off with the coupon code "hostess".

Photo courtesy of

Uploaded Picture: 

Cheryl Cole is pure fantasy

Here’s Cheryl Cole confirming her Sexiest Woman status with some sexy poses for the new L’Oreal ad campaign. The photos are pure delight, which explains why she was crowned the “world’s most photogenic woman ever” by Nikon. The perfection is just mind-blowing! And now I’m convinced that FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list is the real thing. Go Cheryl! Scope out the gallery after the jump.
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Cam Gigandet & His Gals Hit The Shops

Twilight's Cam Gigandet enjoyed a shopping trip yesterday (May 15) with girlfriend Dominique Geisendorff and the couples' daughter Everleigh Rae, 1.

The trio hit up Planet Blue in Malibu, Calif. while Everleigh relaxed in her stroller.

Gigandet, who also starred on The O.C., is keeping busy with a long list of films in-the-works, including Burlesque, co-starring Christina Aguilera and Cher.


Cheryl Cole’s brother arrested for armed robbery


The brother of singer and The X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has been arrested following an armed raid on a post office.

Andrew Tweedy was held just hours after the violent raid in which a gang of robbers waved a gun and machete at customers and staff before making off with thousands of pounds.

Last night, as detectives continued to question Tweedy, 29, about the robbery, his famous sister was said to be “in a state of shock”.

The brother of the 26-year-old Girls Aloud star was arrested 24 hours after Monday’s attack on the post office at Longbenton, Newcastle.

The raiders struck shortly after 4pm when the tills were full. In a series of raids police arrested nine people, including one woman, in connection with the robbery.

Tweedy’s sister has endured a rocky 2010 after her high-profile marriage to England footballer Ashley Cole crumbled amid allegations about his private life. She has consulted divorce lawyers over separating their estate and has kicked the Chelsea left-back out of their multi-million dollar London mansion. Recently, she has been linked to Black Eyed Peas star

Family friends say she is extremely worried about the effect her brother’s arrest will have on her parents. The siblings were close as youngsters but now are not on speaking terms. While his sister’s career took off, Andrew Tweety was battling drug, alcohol and solvent abuse and was suffering from panic attacks and depression.


Jessica Alba & Honor Get Groceries

Cute ponytail! Fantastic Four actress Jessica Alba and her adorable daughter Honor, 2 next month, were seen getting groceries on Mother's Day (May 9) in Los Angeles, Calif. Jessica shopped around while her tutu-wearing tot sat in the buggy.

The day before, Jessica and her hubby Cash Warren took their little girl out on a family adventure in Marina Del Rey, Calif.

Sounds like Jessica might have gotten spoiled today. On the morning of Mother's Day, Cash took to Twitter with this special message:

Hug your Mom today. Love your Mom today. Cherish your Mom today. Thank your Mom today. Happy Mothers Day to all the TweetMoms out there."


Fergie wants to bed Cheryl Cole!

cheryl fergie
Rapper Will.I.Am’s closeness to Cheryl Cole needs no introduction, but there’s another Black Eyed Peas member with eyes firmly set on the Girls Aloud hottie. Fergie wants to bed Cheryl Cole! Not only does she have a burning desire to bed Cheryl Cole, but Fergie is also confident that she’ll outpace fellow bandmember Will.I.Am and sleep with the Sexiest Woman in the World before he does.

The Sun quotes a source as saying,

Fergie has been telling everyone she’s more likely to sleep with Cheryl before will does. Everyone has been teasing him about his crush. But when Fergie came out with this, everyone fell about laughing. She’s mentioned it a few times now. And even Cheryl thinks it’s hilarious.

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Christina Aguilera’s full version of her new SEX video “Not Myself Tonight”. Oh, and there’s some singing too

08_voldoWe’ve had a couple of posts about Christina Aguilera’s much-talked about new video “Not Myself Tonight” from her new album Bionic and here it is, in its full 3-minute version. The title is absolutely dead on. Christina Aguilera is NOT herself, but rather imitating a bunch of stars and the sex they brought on to the screen either recently (Lady Gaga), decades ago (Madonna) or around the bubonic plague (Cher). We like a sexy video as much as anyone, but this is just a bunch of dirty images thrown together in hope they’ll somehow stick together and make it work as a cohesive and artistic piece of work. Christina Aguilera is definitely better to look at and with much stronger pipes than Lady Gaga, but she loses big on originality. Having said that, feel free to use this video on lonely nights when it’s just you and your inflatable.


Cheryl Cole is still the Sexiest Woman in the World!

FHM magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women List for 2010 is out. And guess what, the topmost spot is a reflection of the previous year. Cheryl Cole has been crowned the winner again! The Girls Aloud babe annihilated the competition to win the Sexiest Woman in the World title for the second year in a row.

Megan Fox came in a close second while Victoria’s Secret model Marissa Miller was placed in the third spot. The best part is my favorite babe Kelly Brook jumped 41 places from her position last year to claim the seventh spot and earn a standing among the top ten. Congratulations, Cheryl! Check out the top ten babes after the jump.
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Marcia Cross & Her Trike Tikes

Even mom took a turn on the tricycle yesterday as actress Marcia Cross and her adorable girls Eden (pink pants) and Savannah, 3, were spotted spending the afternoon at the park in Santa Monica, California (April 23).

There's been some off-screen drama on Wysteria Lane lately, with Marcia's former Desperate Housewives co-star Nicolette Sheridan launching a lawsuit against ABC and the show's creator Marc Cherry.

Marcia and the other stars responded this week, saying: “It would be irresponsible of us to let the public believe that being a part of this show from its inception has been anything but a blessing."


Chaz Bono steps out with new girlfriend after sex-change operation


Cher’s “son” Chaz Bono, 41, attended the 21st Annual GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Media Awards in California this weekend, proudly showing off his new girlfriend Jennifer Elia and look, we’re happy for the guy. But if you’re going to go through all that trouble and pain to become the man you always knew you were, wouldn’t you want to come out the other end of it looking like George Clooney or something instead of Chris Farley? Unless the new girlfriend finds a triple chin and a bypass really sexy. Somewhere in L.A Cher and Heidi Montag are holding hands as we speak crying for the lost opportunity.


Cast of Desperate Housewives throws Nicollette Sheridan under the bus


The actresses on Desperate Housewives have pledged their support for show creator Marc Cherry, who is accused of hitting their former co-star Nicollette Sheridan.  All four of the original housewives, Teri Hatcher, Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross and Felicity Huffman, have released a statement that describes their workplace as a wonderful place that has been a blessing to be a part of, which is far from the hostile work environment Sheridan claims in her lawsuit against Cherry. The statement reads:

It would be irresponsible of us to let the public believe that being a part of this show from its inception has been anything but a blessing. We have no first-hand knowledge of what Nicollette may or may not have experienced, but we would never characterize our set as a hostile environment.It is, in fact, the opposite. The friendships and support that Marc Cherry, the cast, the crew and the producers have shared for the past six years have made this a wonderful job that we are grateful for every day.

The statement also addressed Nicollette’s mention of Teri Hatcher in her lawsuit as ‘unfortunate and inappropriate’.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight after the statement was issued, Teri added: ‘While my adoration and respect for the classic and dynamic chemistry of the characters of Susan and Edie is indelible, I’m honoured to stand with Eva, Felicity and Marcia as a group and clarify that our set environment is nothing less than an amazingly positive experience.

‘I have never felt discriminated against. In fact, I have felt heard and respected by Marc and other executives in regards to both my professional and personal needs.’


World’s hottest celebrity bodypainting shoots

Bodypainting is the art of exposing without exposing. A pair of skillful hand and a tumbler or two of assorted paints can transform a hot babe into living canvas in no time and leave you struggling for breath. The only prerequisite is a flawless body that’s hot enough to speak volume for itself.

The popularity of bodypainting is evident from the fact that the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue carries a dedicated section for beauties draped in bodypaint. However, SI is not the be-all and end-all of bodypainting. There are other players too who have been experimenting with this deadly combo of paint and hot skin for long with success. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest bodypainting shoots featuring some of the hottest celebrity babes.
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Nicollette Sheridan sues over ‘Desperate Housewives’ firing, alleged assault


Nicollette Sheridan has filed a lawsuit against “Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry, ABC and Touchstone TV, according to court papers obtained by Access Hollywood.

In the papers, the actress claims that her former boss struck her “across the head and face” on the set – and once she complained, she was fired from the show.

“[Cherry] created a hostile work environment,” the papers continue, claiming that the producer “took her aside and forcefully hit her with his hand” on September 24, 2008.

The papers also allege that Cherry had harsh words for “Desperate” star Teri Hatcher.

“I hope Teri Hatcher gets hit by a car and dies,” Cherry allegedly told Sheridan after Hatcher allegedly went “above Cherry’s head to speak to ABC executives.

Sheridan is asking for $20 million for each of her seven claims, which include wrongful termination and assault.

The actress starred as Edie Britt on five seasons of the show, earning a Golden Globe nomination in 2005 for the role. Her final episode aired in April 2009.


Cher does not believe in surfing with a paperbag over your head. Our loss

article-1262438-08EDB6DD000005DC-772_468x558Here’s Cher looking like a cross between a burn victim and Karl Lagerfeld in the morning attempting to master the paddleboard in Hawaii yesterday.Granted, that plastic bag she was holding in front of her head the other day would be impractical in the water, but what ever happened to black diver hoods with tiny holes where the nostrils are? Cher, Cher Cher. The suicide of that dolphin swimming next to you could have been so easily avoided.



Cher finally wears something we approve of

FP_4745564_Cher_MOE_032410homDid you know that Chernobyl was named after Cher, because both ended in horrible human deformities? OK, that’s a lie, but the hideous creature we know today as Cher emerged yesterday from the mad scientists’ laboratories in Beverly Hills. Hidden behind what we can only describe as clever, Cher held a paper bag in front of her face, revealing a scar on her chin, which can lead one to only ONE obvious conclusion…she had another breast lift….bada bing. One can only hope that bag is only a starter bag and she upgrade to the larger one that fits OVER the head eventually.


Cheryl Burke sizzles in a tiny bikini

Guys, I think it’s Bikini Monday today. We started the day off with some drool-inducing bikini pics of Kelly Landry, and here we have some real sexy pics of Cheryl Burke showing off her groovy curves in a tiny bikini. This is what I call starting the day on the right foot! Now don’t ask me who Cheryl Burke is, she’s more famous than President Obama. Okay, the last one was a joke. But still, Cheryl is one real hot babe. Scope out the sizzling gallery right after the jump.
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Cheryl Burke of Dancing With The Stars in a bikini

Cheryl Burke Showing HOT Bikini (18)These are shots of Dancing With The Stars Cheryl Burke by the pool of her hotel in Miami over the weekend, and while we’re not experts at ballroom dancing (although we did play with our balls in a room at several occasions) we always end up pondering the question as to how a ballroom dancer can spend hours gliding on paddles of sweat and still manage to have a lower half that looks like it could operate as a snacks vending machine if you stuck a quarter in it.


Lindsay Lohan Sues E-Trade, Accomplishes Nothing


Lindsay Lohan must not really know how the judicial system works. She is attempting to sue E-Trade over the pain and suffering caused by a Superbowl commercial. If you don’t remember Lindsay in any E-Trade commercials, it’s because she wasn’t in any. However, a baby in the commercial, named Lindsay, was called a “milkaholic.” According to Lohan, E-Trade was using her name and character illegally- as if “Lindsay” is a household name. Well know that we think about it, it is a household name, it just doesn’t have anything to do with Lindsay Lohan. It is one of the most commonplace names and everyone, even homeless people with AIDS, know at least 5 Lindsays. Newsflash: you are not special.

Via the New York Post:

Lohan’s lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia, said the actress has the same single-name recognition as Oprah or Madonna.

“Many celebrities are known by one name only, and E-Trade is using that knowledge to profit,” Ovadia said.

Sorry, Lindsay, but no. Your name doesn’t cause awareness and recognition like Oprah or Madonna or Cher or Prince. When most people read this article about you suing over an E-Trade commercial, they probably won’t realize the name “Lindsay” was even used in the commercial until we beat it into their skulls and they go to YouTube to see for themselves. After all, you didn’t copyright your name:

Ovadia said E-Trade has violated Lohan’s rights under New York state civil-rights law and used her “name and characterization” in business without paying her or getting her approval.

Your “pain and suffering” over a nonexistent case of libel is not worth $100 million. We’re not sure who is worse- Lindsay, who is making a stupid and lame attempt to garner some interest and money… or the lawyer who is 110% ridiculous for representing Lindsay. If Lohan is so desperate for some cash (presumably to buy some crack cocaine) then she should just start selling her body for money. It’s how girls do it on the street, and she’d definitely fit right in.


Ron Howard: Being A Grandparent Is A Profound Experience

Legendary film maker Ron Howard is making a behind-the-scenes return to TV in NBC's Parenthood, years after finding fame on The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days. Married for 35 years, Ron and Cheryl Howard are proud parents to four children - daughters Bryce Dallas, 29, twins Jocelyn Carlyle and Paige Carlyle, 24, and son Reed Cross, 22 - and grandparents to 2 1/2-year-old grandson Theo. Ron opened up to Parade about how he has grown since becoming a father and the profound experience of being a grandparent.

On his personal growth since having children: "Humor is unavoidable. It might not feel funny in the moment, but more often than not there's a light at the end of the tunnel and you can personally look back and find the laughs in being a parent. I felt pressure about being a father, more pressure than I would have ever imagined -- trying to do it right, to be what I should be to my kids. At the same time, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I think I've probably learned more and grown more because I'm a father than for any other reason."


Cheryl Cole dumps her British version of Tiger Woods via text

Apparently, Tiger Woods has a twin, his name is Ashley Cole, he lives in England, he’s a sportsman, is married to a hot piece of ass, namely Cheryl Cole and also likes his Sunday all-you-can eat whore buffet. Granted, he has not amassed as great a number of mistresses to be able to put together an entire slut parade on a short notice and rival that of Rio De Janeiro during Carnival week, but The Sun has already reported uncovering a third mistress over the weekend, so who knows, given some time, the sky is the limit.

According to British tabloids, Cheryl found out of his most recent cheating ways when she discovered he texted nude pictures of him to two women. She then dumped him over text saying “Move Out. It’s Over” and flew to L.A to get away from it all (see pics). Which is actually disappointing if you think about it, because we were expecting her to morph into a mutant ninja with a talent at bashing faces with a soccer ball, then realize the scent of money can mask the cheap slut perfume still lingering on her husband’s nut-sack and proceed to engineer a public apology out of him that is as exciting as watching a turtle with three legs attempting to run a 13k marathon.