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Cheryl Cole And Her Killer Legs Leaving A Salon In LA

Now those are some nice stems. I love these photos of a very leggy Cheryl Cole leaving a salon in LA because they’re just nice, casual shots that show off her beauty without making it look like she’s trying too hard. I don’t care for candid shots that look like they were staged or look like the celebrity in them starts trying to turn on the sexy as soon as they notice the cameras. Cheryl doesn’t do that here. She’s just going about her business, looking sexy as she does it. I love the outfit she’s wearing. It’s casual and breezy but still shows off those killer legs. Great pics of a very gorgeous woman.

Cheryl Cole And Her Killer Legs Leaving A Salon In LA

Cheryl Cole And Her Killer Legs Leaving A Salon In LA Cheryl Cole And Her Killer Legs Leaving A Salon In LA Cheryl Cole And Her Killer Legs Leaving A Salon In LA
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Cheryl Cole Goes For Casual Elegance At Cannes.

I don’t know if I possess the vocabulary to adequately describe how much I love the dress Cheryl Cole chose for the Cannes Film Festival. It’s a gorgeous color, a wonderful cut and complements her in every conceivable way. I love the fine details on the dress but I have to admit, I’m glad she chose something a little less prim and proper for her hairstyle and chose less dramatic makeup. I think a more formal hairstyle with dramatic makeup would’ve been too much with a dress like this one. All in all, Cheryl looks incredible. I’m not Cheryl’s biggest fan as a performer but I can’t argue with this woman’s sense of style.

Cheryl Cole Goes For Casual Elegance At Cannes.

Cheryl Cole Goes For Casual Elegance At Cannes. Cheryl Cole Goes For Casual Elegance At Cannes. Cheryl Cole Goes For Casual Elegance At Cannes.
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Sexy new performance pics of Cheryl Cole in Dublin.

I like Cheryl Cole. She’s a pretty woman with lots of talent even though I’m only really into a few of her songs. I still think she’s fantastic. In these photos from her performance on her tour in Dublin I think she looks great. I’m not sure I love some of the wardrobe changes but for the most part, I think she looks beautiful and probably put on a very entertaining show. I would go see Cheryl live. Even though I don’t love all of her music, I think the show itself would be worth seeing. She really seems to know how to entertain. I think Cheryl has what it takes to stick around in the music business, as long as she makes smart choices. Of course, I’ve been wrong before. I suppose only time will tell where her career will take her.

tn cheryl cole 5 Sexy new performance pics of Cheryl Cole in Dublin.

tn cheryl cole 3 Sexy new performance pics of Cheryl Cole in Dublin. tn cheryl cole 6 Sexy new performance pics of Cheryl Cole in Dublin. tn cheryl cole 10 Sexy new performance pics of Cheryl Cole in Dublin.
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Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right!

Cheryl Cole is like an angel, a very sexy angel who I want to have sex with. The only problem I have with her is that she doesn’t show off her hot body enough! But maybe that is about to change because she has provided us with some very sexy pictures.

The 28-year-old goddess was seen filming her new music video in downtown Los Angeles and she was wearing some very revealing outfits. She was dancing in the middle of a flood control channel of an L.A. river because; you know that is where all the cool music videos are being filmed now. Cheryl looks to be right at home in front of the camera, even after taking a bit of a break from her singing career.

The music video is believed to be for her first release off her third solo album. She announced earlier this year that her lead single will be called, ‘Call My Name’, and it is due to premier on BBC Radio 1 on April 20.

Enjoy all of the pictures below (we sure did) especially that nice shot of her bootay.

Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right! Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right! Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right! Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right! Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right! Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right! Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right! Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right! Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right! Cheryl Cole Starts April off Right!

A Very Merry Spank Bank!

So, look it’s Christmas and believe it or not I have people who actually want to visit with me on Christmas. This means that I don’t have time to try and find some current pictures of hot celebrities in bikinis, plus there are probably not a lot of pictures to choose from today. What does this all mean? Well, I am going to share with you the one celebrity I’d want under my Christmas tree. I have a lot of crushes, Cheryl Cole, Kate Upton, Vanessa Hudgens, Alison Brie, Yvonne Strahovski and the list goes on and on. However, there is one special crush that I’d pick over all of them… This person has legs that go on forever; they work out all of the time! This person is filled with love and is always bending over, so we can see their beautiful backside. This special someone helps others and helps a lot of charities. This person is hilarious, kind and sweats a lot. This person is…             RICHARD SIMMONS! Isn’t it great? Can you imagine having Richard Simmons greet you as you come running down the stairs on Christmas morning? He’ll scream, “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and then hug you with his sweaty manly chest. Happy Holidays everyone

First Cheryl Cole and now Steve Jones?

Well, I have never shared this with anyone before, but I cried for a whole week after I learned the X Factor USA fired Cheryl Cole. I cried because I wasn’t going to see her beautiful face every week, I cried because I wouldn’t be able to hear her beautiful voice every week. It was a very sad time for me. Cheryl Cole is probably one of my biggest celebrity crushes. I have such a big crush on her that I can’t even say anything nasty about her, what the fuck is that? Anyway, the point is that I was very sad. And, now there are reports that the host of X Factor, Steve Jones is not going to come back for a second year. A source told the Daily Mirror… “Steve keeps saying that living in LA is a dream come true. He loves the weather and the women, and loves working on X Factor – it’s just a shame that the US public has not warmed up to him. He got terrible reviews from critics when he started and things haven’t got better. There have been mistakes and just doesn’t seem to have the knack for dealing with contestants. The executives at Fox have already decided not to renew his contract and so, short of a miracle happening, it is pretty much a done deal that he will not take part next season.” Wow, they have short leashes over there at Fox, huh? But, I can’t blame them on this one. Steve Jones is like Carson Daly, and that is not a compliment. They are both so dull and douchey. So, I don’t really care at all that he is not coming back. However, I am still not over Cheryl Cole leaving, so maybe they could think about bringing her back and dumping the pussycat.

Can X-factor judge Cheryl Cole win over American audiences?


cheryl cole 123

One of the most photographed and recognized British style icon and also a judge on the British singing competition X Factor, Cheryl Cole, is currently visiting Los Angeles, U.S. A popular model, dancer, song-writer and singer Cheryl has always been endearing to the audiences throughout the world, courtesy her solo performances as well as those with the popular girls group Girls Aloud. Courtesy her soaring popularity Cheryl has now been also nominated as the judge for the American version of X-Factor.

Set to co-judge along with an equally famous music personality, Simon Cowell is no doubt a tough job. But then, Cheryl has managed to win accolades from the music mogul himself as well. Cowell, during a recent interview after the auditions for the famed Fox show started, was upbeat about his co-judge Cheryl. Praising the Geordie star, he said that unlike British people who are usually rude and mean, Cheryl has been totally the opposite and that’s probably the reason why the American audience are also warming up to her.

However, post Cheryl’s positive appraisal Cowell couldn’t resist taking a dig at the hairstyle Cheryl was sporting during her first day on the job at Los Angeles. He likened it to be equivalent to a get-up the hair would result in, if she stood in the middle of a hurricane after using five gallons of hairspray! But well, anything looks good on Cheryl and everyone knows that. Not for anything is she also referred to as a fashionista by the press. Anyways, let’s see how many more fans Cheryl manages to garner with her cherubic appearances every Wednesday and Thursday nights on the Americanized version of X-Factor.

Image: CuteCherylCole

Via: Mirror


Cheryl Cole in body hugging white dress

So it seems Cheryl Cole has jumped ship on the UK version of ‘The X-Factor’ and followed Simon Cowell to the US for the US version of the show. She’ll reprise her role of judge alongside Cowell, Cowell’s ‘American Idol’ co-judge, Paula Abdul and legendary producer L.A. Reid. How is the show going to turn out? I have no idea. What I do know for certain is that Cheryl Cole is a babe and she knows it. I don’t actually like the dress she’s wearing as she leaves the Martinez Hotel but I love the way it compliments her body. She looks incredible. She has a very womanly body – curvy and sexy without being frighteningly thin. I can’t wait to see her on ‘The X-Factor’.

tn cheryl cole 3 Cheryl Cole in body hugging white dress

tn cheryl cole 2 Cheryl Cole in body hugging white dress tn cheryl cole 4 Cheryl Cole in body hugging white dress tn cheryl cole 12 Cheryl Cole in body hugging white dress
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Cheryl Cole bags £3 million US deal!

cheryl cole x factor deal
Here’s one wonderful bit of news for Cheryl Cole fans. Our favorite hottie has reportedly landed a £3 million deal to join the judging panel on the US X Factor. Her “good looks” and “chemistry” with Simon Cowell finally got the job done for this beautiful babe.

The Sun reports,

Cheryl met with bigwigs from US network Fox in London and Los Angeles in recent weeks. The Girls Aloud singer, recently divorced from love-rat footballer Ashley, has been spending time in LA with dancer pal Derek Hough, 25. But she has been back in Britain beside fellow judges Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Dannii Minogue for the X Factor climax. Fox bosses were in London to watch her in action on Saturday night before they finally rubber-stamped the deal. Cowell then broke the news to Cheryl.
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Cheryl Cole is pure fantasy – Part III

Do you remember this sizzling hot swimsuit pic of Cheryl cole that I posted in Just One Pic last week? Well, consider yourselves lucky because that hot pic happens to be one from the set of promo pics of her new album Messy Little Raindrops. And today we’ve got our hands on the rest five! So enjoy. Check out the hot gallery right after the jump.
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Just One Pic: Cheryl Cole in sexy swimsuit

jop cheryl cole
When it comes to drooling over Cheryl Cole’s heavenly hotness, I seriously don’t know how much is too much. I know people curse me for tilting the scales too much in her favor, but then, I also know they are either dumb or have a hidden agenda against every honest person on earth. The whole situation can be summed up in a simple sentence - Cheryl Cole is the sexiest woman in the galaxy and the haters can’t digest this simple fact. Thanks a ton for the tattoo show, Cheryl!



Video: Cheryl Cole – [Live on X Factor]

Check out this scintillating video of Cheryl Cole performing her new single, Promise This, live on the results show for The X Factor on Sunday (October 24). Cheryl looks amazing throughout her electrifying performance and it’s a real treat for her fans. Enjoy the video.

By the way, there’s a heated debate going on between Cheryl’s fans and haters on the YouTube page of this video on whether she actually sang live or just mimed the song. I know it’s a silly thing to do, but the war of words is quite entertaining.

Best moment: Play it in a loop!


Cheryl Cole’s wax figure will set your heart on fire

The Sexiest Woman in the Galaxy has been honored with her own replica figure at the prestigious Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. Cheryl Cole, 27, unveiled her wax figure at Madame Tussauds in London, England on Wednesday, October 20 and there’s no doubt that the wax artists did a brilliant job this time. Not only does the wax figure stand as sexy and photogenic as the original Cheryl Cole, but it is just perfect enough to make you go bonkers trying to pick out the real Cheryl Cole. Any guesses? The one in the red Jean Paul Gaultier gown is the wax figure! I know you missed it. Now just hit the jump and check out the stunning picture gallery.
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Cheryl Cole is pure fantasy – Part II

We may get a couple of new babes every year with the “Sexiest Woman in the World’” tag hanging around their neck, but there is no denying the fact that Cheryl Cole will always remain the true sexy babe and the most photogenic woman in the world. Here are some new pics of Cheryl (from her just-released photographic book, Though My Eyes??) to support my claim that no one will ever replace Cheryl. Check out the gallery after the jump.
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Cheryl Cole On Divorce: Grateful There’s No Children

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole opens up about her divorce from Ashley Cole in the October issue of British Vogue. She married the soccer player in 2006 and was granted a quickie divorce in London's High Court last week. Their union fell apart after allegations of multiple infidelities surfaced.

On the split she optimistically says, "'I've just got to be grateful that I've got so many good things going on. I have. And there's no children you know?"

However she does want to have babies someday.

"That's definitely something I want to achieve. It's the toughest job in the world - but I know it must be the most rewarding too. I'm ready now. I'm 27. I'm a woman, not a girl any more. Thinking about yourself constantly isn't so healthy.


Cheryl Cole is still the Sexiest Woman in the World!

FHM magazine’s 100 Sexiest Women List for 2010 is out. And guess what, the topmost spot is a reflection of the previous year. Cheryl Cole has been crowned the winner again! The Girls Aloud babe annihilated the competition to win the Sexiest Woman in the World title for the second year in a row.

Megan Fox came in a close second while Victoria’s Secret model Marissa Miller was placed in the third spot. The best part is my favorite babe Kelly Brook jumped 41 places from her position last year to claim the seventh spot and earn a standing among the top ten. Congratulations, Cheryl! Check out the top ten babes after the jump.
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Cheryl Cole 2010 Calendar

When Cheryl Cole topped FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women list for 2009, there was a section of elites who cried foul over the poll results. I would like to kindly request all those “morons” to take a good look at Cheryl’s 2010 calendar and comfort their shattered souls, because from hereon it’s going to get more worse for their lame egos. Cheryl Cole IS the Sexiest Woman In the World, and there’s no doubt about it. Scope out the calender after the jump.
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Cheryl Cole’s near upskirt moment


Another day, another X Factor audition to attend to.  Thank God Cheryl Cole is constantly wearing short skirts.  We no longer count the days as they go by, but instead recall days in relationship to how many inches of leg the British beauty is showing.  And today was a good day.  Cheryl did her best to keep proper but one sneaky pap captured the glorious hint of her ass as she descended the stairs at her hotel.  That little slice of heaven is enough to keep us going until tomorrow.


Birthday girl Cheryl Cole gives us the gift of seeing her in a mini skirt


Happy Birthday Cheryl Cole! The X Factor judge flashed her tan legs as she left her hotel en route to the Birmingham auditions Monday (June 29), giving us all an early birthday present in honor of her turning 26 this week. The beauty, in a mini skirt and over-sized glasses looked like a hotter version of Kate Beckinsale (and without even needing any plastic surgery!).

It was recently announced that the former ‘Girls Aloud’ singer will embark on her long-awaited solo career soon. In our mind, she’s been performing solo for years. Well, solo except for the accompanying whipped cream and lingerie.

Cheryl is working with of the Black Eyed Peas and he said of her forthcoming album, “We did two songs and we’re getting back together to do two more in July. Cheryl is a sweetheart, I really like working with her. We did this one song and it was “wow”. It was great.” We can’t wait to hear – and more importantly, see – how it’s all going to turn out.