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Hi Rihanna!: Behind The Scenes Of Breezy’s Girl Karrueche Tran For The Hundreds Magazine Cover [Video]


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Poor Breezy: The Boondocks GOES HAM On Chris Brown In Series Premiere

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.51.20 AM

Boondocks Destroys Chris Brown

The Boondocks made its return last night amidst all of the controversy that Aaron McGruder wouldn’t be involved. While the show wasn’t as funny as years past, it still made waves by blasting Chris Brown all episode. Naturally, Twitter had a lot to say.

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Rumor Control? Chris Breezy Thinks Rihanna Is Crazy For Burning His Apology Letter


Breezy, you did put her through hell and still ended up back to Karrueche. We see why she is upset.

Chris Brown Hurt Over Rihanna Burning His Letter

If Chris is smashing Karrueche’s cakes to smithereens, he doesn’t need to be writing Rih Rih letters.

According to Hollywood Life:

Chris, 24, is telling his friends that he was coming from a place of sincerity and love when he spilled his guts to Rihanna in his January, 2013 letter. The singer is understandably shocked that RiRi torched the precious words he had carefully thought out and put on paper for her.

“He’s paying her no mind and he thinks she’s crazy,” a source close to the rapper tells EXCLUSIVELY.

“He’s not sitting around, going through sh** she gave him and ripping sh** up. All the things he gave her were because he cared about her and loved her. He did that from his heart.”

Poor Chris! It sounds like Rihanna’s actions have really hurt him.

We’re told Chris is doing his best to ignore Rihanna’s hurtful gesture and leave that part of his life in the past.

“He’s over her and that relationship,” the source reveals. “He’s moved on, working on his new life and getting healthy and loving Karrueche [Tran].”

Yep, it’s time to keep it moving and let go of the West Indian box.


Chris Brown Pops Up Looking Strung Out And Twitter Has NO Mercy

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 2.02.45 PM

Twitter Clowns Chris Brown’s Look

Chris Brown had a new picture surface on the Internet and he looks as strung out as ever. We know times have been hard but we didn’t know it was this bad. Twitter wasn’t so kind as they went to town on Breezy and his look.


Enough Is Enough: 2013′s Most Played Out Celebrities


These are the most played out, most just-get-out-of-our-face, most overexposed celebrities of the year.

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Encore! The Biggest On Stage Temper Tantrums


The Biggest On Stage Temper Tantrums

Artists are prima donnas and we know it. That’s why when they get on stage they have these freak out temper tantrums. These artists hopped on stage, acted like babies and made everyone uncomfortable. Way to go.

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Family Feud: Breezy Unfollows His Mom And She Asks Fans To Keep His Shady Junkie Enabler Friends Off Her Timeline


Breezy’s bad habits are really causing big problems on the homefront. A source who claims to be close to Chris Brown reached out to BOSSIP regarding some big issues the singer is having with his mom and from what they had to say he is having a major struggle with drugs and the bad influences around him haven’t been of any help!

Here’s the details:

“The real reason Rihanna left wasn’t because of any female,” our spy tells BOSSIP. “It was because Chris’ crew, who he refers to as OHB are not good people. He wouldn’t get help for a drug problem, so she gave him an ultimatum and left.” From what the source says, Karrueche has also long been considered part of OHB.

Joyce Hawkins, Chris’ mom recently came to the same conclusion as Rihanna according to our source, and after a big blowout the singer unfollowed his mother on Twitter and she let it be known she wants nothing to do with his crew, asking that her followers not retweet “OHB” on her timeline.

“She’s fed up with Chris’ crew and when Chris came home for the first time last month, they completely disrespected her and he was high as a kite,” the source said of Breezy’s family feud with his mother. “She doesn’t know what else she can do for him, her nor Rihanna. They’ve tried to get him help and his drug dealing/gang banging friends keep supplying him with more drugs. He’s alienated his family and people who truly care about him for yes men and women who keep him high enough to use him.”

If that isn’t bad enough, our source says Breezy’s music career could even be in jeopardy!

“His album has already been pushed back because when he gets to the studio, he’s too high to hit notes,” the source told BOSSIP. “Everyone is just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Unfortunately it’s only getting worse.”

WOW! Do you believe it? We don’t see Breezy and Mama Joyce staying mad at each other for long though.

Hit the flip to see the tweets.

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Sorry Stans: Chris Breezy’s New Album Gets Pushed Back AGAIN After He Tells Poor Fans Not To Buy It


Does this mean the album is struggley?

Chris Brown Pushes Back New Album

Via HotNewHipHop reports:

It looks like Chris Brown fans will have to wait just a little bit longer for his long awaited album X.

Taking to twitter, Chris Brown announced that his project will no longer be released on November 19th , but will now be hitting store shelves on December 3rd. Due to this unfortunate set back however, Chris is making it up to his fans by releasing 5 new songs off the project on the original release date of November 19th. Let’s just hope this December 3rd date actually sticks now.



Breezy later told his fans that music is not necessarily a need but a want, so he doesn’t want anyone who is struggling to buy his new album:


Will you be buying X??


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Some Throwback Thursday Comedy: Chris Brown Does Hilarious Trey Songz Impersonation [Video]


Chris Brown Impersonates Trey Songz

Before he became the center of attention for all things negative, Chris Brown was known for being a jokester and this video of him impersonating his homeboy Trey Songz is pretty hilarious.

Check it out below:

We can’t help but laugh…


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Ouch!: Charlamagne Goes In On Chris Brown’s “Concubine” Karrueche (Cowabunga) Giving Her Donkey Of The Day [Video]

People that can’t stand Charlamagne are calling this his funniest bit ever!

youtube power105.1

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A “Lil Positivity”: Ray J Hosts Anti Bullying Basketball Game For ‘RockLife’ In Calabasas

Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even

Look at Ray J doing good and stuff… This weekend Brandy’s brother hosted an event in Calabasas for the RockLife anti-bullying campaign for kids. Ray J held it down on the basketball court alongside celebrities including Jamie Foxx, Chris Brown, Tank, Mario, Laura Govan and more (including his sister Brandy). The event was put together along with former NBA baller Mitch Richmond who is now co-wonder of the Sacramento Kings.


Brandy sat out the game with her fiancé Ryan Press right by her side.

Check out more photos below:

RayJBrandy RayJKid RayJTank RayMic Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Event Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Brandy Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even IMG_1543 Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Mario Ray J Tank Jamie Foxx Jamie Foxx Ray J Tank Ray J Celebrity Anti-Bulllying Even Tank

Cassy Athena


Hol’ Up Ho: Karrueche Fires More Subliminal Shots At Former BFF Blair After She’s Filmed In Breezy’s Hotel Room [Video]

Looks like Blair might be still smashin’ the homie…

Karrueche And Former BFF Subliminally Argue On Twitter Over Chris Brown

Earlier this summer, we reported on Breezy’s former ride-or-die girlfriend Karrueche and her shady former “friend” Blair Pena’s subliminal slander fest after Blair posted pics of herself hanging out with Chris Brown at his house solo and gassing up his car.

Despite Chris Breezy confirming a few months back that he’s single, it looks like Blair is still thirstin’ after his magic stick and recently quoted some of his new song lyrics that apparently “annoyed” Kae:



Later on that week, Chris and Blair were even caught on camera clubbing together and hanging out at his hotel in NYC, prompting this Twitter message from Karrueche shortly after the video & pic surfaced…


….and Blair apparently took it as a not-so-subliminal shot towards her:



SMH. Breezy stays having these chicks going at each other over him.

Hit the flip to peep the recent video and pic of Chris and Blair together that made Karrueche put her on blast again, along with more angry bird e-beef between Breey’s breezies..


Breezy Unchained: Chris Brown Fires Shots At Fashionista Rappers & LA’s “Racist” D.A. In Latest Twitter Spazz-Out


The huffy-puffy R&B diva SPAZZED OUT on Twitter (again) just weeks after suffering a seizure caused by “constant booger sugar snortage negativity.” Why he even has a publicist, no one knows, but it’s clear he’s furious about A) his community service being extended and B) fierce fashionista rapper A$AP Rocky likely smashing Rih-Rih (and wearing her clothes afterwards). Either way, things went LEFT quickly and we have it all here for you + Twitter reaction.


Here’s a photo gallery of “Beat em down” Brown’s latest widly-emo Twitter spazz-out. Take a look.

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Celebs Be Lyin: 8 Big-Name Artists Who Canceled Shows Due To A “Mystery Illness”


Neo-Soul GOD/recovering dope fiend D’Angelo recently canceled five shows on his tour due to a “mystery illness” that left him confined to a Maryland-area hospital. Whether it’s SARS, a legit sickness or drug-related, no one knows, but folks rarely believe artists when they claim to be “sick” and “unable to perform.”

Here are eight big-name artists who canceled shows due to a “mystery illness.” Take a look.

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Lawsuits: Chris Breezy Threatens To Sue Girl Who Says He Put Them Paws On Her In Nightclub Incident

chris brown

Chris isn’t taking this lying down.

Chris Brown Threatens To Sue Accuser

We think somebody pays people to mess with Chris. There’s just not this much trouble in the world put on one person.

According to Hip Hollywood

HipHollywood has exclusively learned that the allegations made by Deanna Gines, a fan who claimed Chris Brown intentionally shoved her to the ground at an OC nightclub, have already been proven to be false.

A source close to Brown tells HipHollywood that Brown’s camp has “already proved the allegations to be false, and that the singer’s team plans to sue Gines and hold her accountable if she proceeds.”

In a lawsuit filed in Orange County, Deanna claims she met Brown in the VIP section of Heat Ultra Lounge in Anaheim, California, and at some point the 24-year-old shoved her to the ground. The fan claims the alleged assault caused injuries to her left knee.

Gines is seeking unspecified damages against Brown, and is alleging battery, assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Chris needs to upgrade his security so thirst buckets can’t get to him…his friends seem to give him the 2 Chainz treatment when it comes to looking out for him.

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Los Angeles Prosecutors File Court Docs Asking A Judge To Imprison Chris Brown TODAY For Probation Violations!

Chris Brown Court Appearance

Team Breezy, you just might have to start addressing your letters to an inmate number…

L.A. Prosecutors File Papers Asking A Judge To Put Chris Brown In Jail

Via NYPost

Prosecutors asked a judge to throw Chris Brown in jail for allegedly violating his probation during a fender-bender earlier this year, according to court documents filed today.

A judge should “remand the defendant and calendar the matter for further proceedings,” according to a motion by Deputy DA Mary Murray.

The judge could have Brown locked up when he makes his LA Superior Court appearance at 5 p.m. EDT.

Brown is on probation for his brutal 2009 beat down of his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

The R&B singer in hot water now for a May 21 hit-and-run accident in LA when he allegedly didn’t have a valid license.

Brown, 24, allegedly rear-ended another car.

Good luck Christopher, you’re damn sure gonna need it.

Image via Splash

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Who Looked More Bangin’ At The 2013 Billboard Music Awards?


Taylor Swift, Chris Brown and other stars came out in style to the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Check out their fashion steez.

chris celebs 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals US-ENTERTAINMENT-BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS-RED CARPET 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Roaming Show 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Roaming Show 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals US-ENTERTAINMENT-BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS-RED CARPET 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals jen 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Show 2013 Billboard Music Awards - Show



On The Party Scene: Chris Breezy Dances The Night Away To Rihanna’s “Only Girl In The World” At 2013 Met Gala

chris brown

Rihanna who? Looks like Chris Brown is on to the next one.

Chris Brown Dances To Rihanna Song At Met Gala

According to US Magazine

Chris Brown is putting himself out there in a big way following his recent split from on-again, off-again girlfriend Rihanna. Just days after confirming the couple’s breakup during an interview with Australian radio station 2Day, the “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer took advantage of his newly single status and partied with pals at the Standard Hotel’s post-Met Gala bash in New York City on Monday, May 6.

Never one to shy away from attention, the newly blonde star — who turned 24 on May 5 — “strutted in” to the fete in a bright red blazer and proceeded to make his presence known without even getting up to talk to other guests, an onlooker tells Us Weekly. At one point in the night, when the deejay played a hit breakup jam, he started loudly singing and jumping around to the music.

“He was putting on a big show, dancing and screaming to ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’ with lots of enthusiasm,” the eyewitness says. “It seemed like he was really into the message of the song.”

(Lyrics to the Gotye tune include lines like, “You didn’t have to cut me off / Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing / I don’t even need your love / But you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough.”)

Later, around 2 a.m., the club played a song by his ex-girlfriend, “Only Girl in the World,” and Brown hit the dance floor with a female friend. “He was dancing casually, not aggressively, body rolling in her direction,” the onlooker adds. (Rihanna, meanwhile, was in Boston for a concert and couldn’t attend the Met Gala festivities.)

Brown recently opened up about his relationship with the “We Found Love” singer, telling Australia’s The Kyle and Jackie Show that the two had parted ways, romantically speaking. “Imma do it solo,” he said, citing his erstwhile girlfriend’s busy touring schedule and his own full slate as factors in the split. “I mean, at the end of the day, shawty doing her own thang, she on the road. It’s always gonna be love. I’m a grown man, just gotta fast forward.”

“I’m always gonna love that person,” he reiterated. “But people have differences and people have different wants and needs. And at the end of the day, she’s a young girl. I can’t really be focused on wife-ing somebody that young…I need to be the best Chris Brown I can be, instead of worrying about whoever else is going to be in my side pocket.”

Hopefully Chris will find somebody special. He’s right, just because you love someone doesn’t make you right for them.


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Saturday Jam Session: Sevyn Streeter – “I Like It” [Video]

Hate or Love It?

Sevyn Streeter “I Like It” Video

Certainly not new to the music scene, 26-year-old sonsgtress Sevyn Streeter is one of a few R&B newcomers signed to Chris Brown’s record label CBE.

She’s been putting in work behind the scenes as a song writer for a handful of music industry heavyweights in including Kelly Rowland, Alicia Keys, Estelle and Chris Breezy himself for a while, but now she’s stepping into the limelight as a vocalist.

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video for latest single “I Like It,” below.

So, what do you think of Sevyn, Bossip fam?



Is Chris Breezy “Getting Served” By NY Nightclub Waitress Despite Being Booed-Up With Rih-Rih??

Musicians Chris Brown and Rihanna perform during the Z100 Jingle Ball in New York

Damn Chris, you JUST said you were “a respectable guy” now…

Chris Brown Has Allegedly Been Seeing A Nightclub Waitress Behind Rihanna’s Back

Via NYPost

There could be a reason that Rihanna wasn’t with Chris Brown in court Friday — sources tell us he’s been “hanging out with a beautiful New York waitress.” We hear Brown hit it off with stunning server Karizma Ramirez at Finale when he visited the club Easter weekend. A source said, “They hit it off and headed out together. They also spent Easter Sunday together.” Despite this, Brown said he and Rihanna are still together during a “Today” interview that aired April 1.

Christopher was in court so that judge can rule on whether or not he cheated the system for 180 hours of community service he was sentenced to.

On Friday, Brown sat in court as lawyer Mark Geragos met with an LA County Superior Court judge behind closed doors in the probation-violation case. The judge ordered Brown back June 10 because lawyers need more time for “additional discovery.” Prosecutors accuse Brown of not completing 180 days of community labor ordered when he pleaded guilty to felony assault in his infamous Rihanna beating. Geragos has argued that the prosecutor’s wrong and Brown’s been “tortured” during his probation. Brown’s mother was in court Friday, but Rihanna, who attended his last court date, was not.

A waitress??? Even if she is a banger, are you REALLY gonna risk your A-list, Grammy winning girlfriend for a piece of a$$ that brings people drinks??? Señor Breezy got some ‘splainin’ to do…

Image via Splash

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SMH: Police Chief Who Cosigned Chris Brown’s Community Hours As “Legitimate” Resigns

chris brown brian norwood

SMH. Breezy shole is gone need more people now!

Via NY Post:

The embattled police chief of Richmond, Va., resigned today, after he was accused of sloppy work that allowed Chris Brown to allegedly fake his way through community service.

Bryan Norwood, who had been his city’s top cop since 2008, came under intense scrutiny last week when Los Angeles prosecutors said R&B crooner Brown logged hours of work in Richmond that he couldn’t have possibly done.

Brown was sentenced to 180 days — or 1,440 hours — of labor in his 2009 plea-bargain deal for savagely assaulting girlfriend Rihanna. After doing 581 hours in LA County, Brown was given permission to finish his debt to society in his home state of Virginia, where he claimed to have finished all court-ordered work.

“As of today I’ve accepted the resignation of Bryan Norwood from his post as chief of police for the city of Richmond,” Mayor Dwight Jones announced.

“He has offered leadership that has brought us a little bit further in our endeavors to improve public safety. In many ways the Richmond Police Department and the city is better off because of his dedication.”

Ray Tarasovic, who had previously served as Richmond’s assistant chief, was talked out of retirement and elevated to Norwood’s old job.

“We’ve reached, however, a mutual agreement, at this time, that his time as Richmond police chief has come to an end,” Jones said of Norwood. “We certainly wish Chief Norwood much luck in his endeavors going forward.”


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Coupled Up: Amber Rose, Wiz Khalifah, A.Keys, Swizz Beakz, Chris Brown, Rih-Rih And More Love It Up At The 2013 Grammy Awards


Couples On The 2013 Grammy Red Carpet

We already showed you who rocked the red carpet solo at the 2013 Grammy Awards, now here’s a look at the couples.

Taylor Gang guru Wiz Khalifa was spotted with his babymam-to-be Amber and their lil Wiz bud in waiting, along with Alicia Keys and her bearded-boo thang Swizz.

Peep a few more coupled up red carpet flicks including some of Breezy and Rih-Rih all hugged up in the audience, on the flip…

bossiprss?d=yIl2AUoC8zA bossiprss?i=TkGsBhZyrr0:4aLEZdrge18:D7Dq bossiprss?d=qj6IDK7rITs bossiprss?i=TkGsBhZyrr0:4aLEZdrge18:gIN9

Gay: Lance Bass On Chris Brown “Being A Black Man He Should Know The ‘F’ Word Is Just Like Calling You The ‘N’ Word!!!”

lance chris

Former N’Sync singer Lance Bass is calling Breezy out for being a gay hater.

Via Celebuzz reports:

Lance Bass is calling Chris Brown out — about a certain word the R&B star should toss from his vernacular.

After a history of the letting the word “f**got” fly, whether it be in his hit “Look At Me Now” or an alleged attack on a fan, Brown has again come under fire for the homophobic slur. In the wake of Brown’s brawl with hip-hop artist Frank Ocean in late January, Ocean — who came out in late July — revealed to investigators that he was called the “f” word by a member of Breezy’s crew during the fray. And that simply doesn’t sit well with the openly gay Bass.

“Calling people fa**ot and that stuff, I mean, he may not even mean what he means, but it’s a derogatory term that people throw out there and without even knowing why they are saying it,” Bass told Celebuzz. “But when it comes to Frank Ocean and knowing that he’s … very out … it was definitely meant to hurt him. It’s never good to throw those words out there that mean so much.”

And it upsets Bass all the more that the slur is being thrown around by a minority.

“[Brown] should understand that being a black man himself. He should know that the F word is just like calling you the N word in a very derogatory way,” Bass said. “When you come from a minority like that, being gay or black or whatever, it’s like there should be an understanding, like we all get each other. But you don’t see that a lot, which is really sad.”

Given Brown’s brushes with the law — dating back to his 2009 felony assault of recently reconciled girlfriendRihanna — Bass sees the singer striding down a bad path.

“I think there are a lot of people out there that have anger issues, and you can definitely see that in Chris Brown. I hope he gets the help he needs,” said the former ‘N Sync member, who now hosts a live SiriusXM radio show called Dirty Pop with Lance Bass. “I hope Rihanna understands what she is in. I see it happen so many times in couples, where it’s like an abusive relationship and you don’t know it’s an abusive relationship.”

“I know he’s just doing some dumb moves right now,” Bass continued. “I think he needs to take responsibility for it. I don’t know if it’s drugs and alcohol and that type of stuff, but I really hope he comes to think that he’s really making dumb decisions right now.”

“I think everyone can change, [and] I hope that he can change his tune. [But] we have all seen he hasn’t rehabilitated himself whatsoever,” Bass said. “But you look at Lindsay Lohan and different celebrities that keep getting in trouble and keep getting in trouble. There is obviously a problem there. Really, the only way to solve that is, you are going to have to go to jail. They are going to put you locked up for a long time for you to really learn a lesson.”

Lance does have a point. Breezy, do you hear him though? He’s saying you are in the same league as Lindsay Lohan!


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Chit-Chatter: Momma Rih-Rih Says She’s ‘Proud’ Of Her Daughter’s Relationship With Breezy


Rihanna’s Mother Says She Approves Of Chris Brown Relationship

Despite all the constant drama and endless controversy surrounding Rihanna deciding to reunite with the boyfriend who beat boxed her face four years ago while the world watched it all unfold, there’s one important person who says she thinks it’s the right decision: Rihanna’s mother Monica.

via The Hollywood Life

Rihanna’s mother, Monica Braithwaite, is supporting her daughter’s relationship with Chris Brown. In Rihanna’s recent Rolling Stone interview, her mother was asked her opinion on her daughter’s relationship.

No matter what anyone else thinks of her daughter, Monica believes in Rihanna’s ability to make the right decisions. “I know her,” said Monica. “I’m very proud of her.”

Monica believes that her daughter is headed in the right direction and is very conscience of the decisions she is making.

“She has her head on straight. I have to let her make her decisions, and I can only sit back and hope and pray for the best,” said Monica.

Monica’s decision to support her daughter throughout her roller coaster relationship with Chris just adds to the constant motherly love she provides to Rihanna. Monica tells Rolling Stone that she is amazed by her daughter’s ability to make the right decision.

While it’s always important for mothers to support their children even when it seems that the rest of the world is against them, momma Rih-Rih has to have some reservations about her daughter running back into the arms of her former abuser.

What say you Bossipers? Is it more important to support your child or more important to speak up when you think their decisions have the potential to create disaster, even if they seem happy and confident?

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Chris Brown Breaks Up With Girlfriend Because Of Rihanna

After new pictures surface of Rihanna and Chris Brown hanging out together, dancing together and even cuddling; Chris Brown has decided to come clean,

“I have decided to be single to focus on my career. I love Karrueche very much but I don’t want to see her hurt over my friendship with Rihanna. I’d rather be single allowing us both be happy in our lives.” Brown told

This news doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Gossip sites all over the internet have been talking about this all week, and it seemed clear to everyone that Chris Brown and Rihanna might be getting back together. It just looks like they cannot stay away from each other, but is that a good thing? Are they toxic for each other? Will another incident happen a few months down the road? Only time will tell.

However, for right now things appear to be going great between Brown and Rihanna. They spent three nights together this week. On October 1 they were seen “kissing” and “hugging” each other at nightclub Griffin. On October 2 they were spotted at 1Oak, and on October 3 they were seen cuddling with each other at Jay-Z’s concert.

Brown’s ex Karrueche Tran says she feels betrayed by Chris and knows that he and Rihanna are more than just friends. She claims that she was truly in love with Chris and states that the relationship was going great until Rihanna came back into the picture. Chris Brown Chris Brownn Chris Brownnn


Chris Brown Fails Drug Test: Rihanna Offers Support

Chris Brown is in trouble again…sort of. The 23-year-old singer/dancer failed a drug test by testing positive for marijuana back in June when he was doing court-ordered community service in Virginia. Failing a drug test while on probation is usually a big no-no, but Chris Brown just got off with a “stern warning” this time.

Judge Patricia Schnegg decided not to revoke his probation because she never ordered for Chris Brown to undergo mandatory drug testing as part of his probation. However, the judge did order the case to be relocated to California where Chris Brown currently lives. She also ruled that he must meet with his probation officer within 72 hours to sort out a discrepancy in community service hours.

So, it’s clear that Chris Brown still has a long road ahead of him and he clearly has a lot of growing up to do, but he can always count on that one special someone standing by his side; Rihanna. Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend and ex-punching bag tweeted a message of support to Chris Brown on Twitter the other day,

“Praying for you baby, my best wishes are with you today! Remember that whatever God does in our lives, it is WELL DONE!!! #1Love”

Apparently, God is the one to blame for all the dry, tasteless steaks I get at steak houses. I’m sorry God, but sometimes I want things done no more than medium rare! Chris Brown Chris Brown1


Rob Kardashian and Rihanna?

Rihanna must have some weird thing going on that attracts her to douche bags. The 24-year-old singer spent the entire day with Rob Kardashian; they went go-kart racing at Racer’s Edge Indoor Karting in Burbank, California. The two have been friends for awhile and have been rumored to be dating in the past, but nothing has ever been official.

After their go-kart adventure, Rihanna and Rob spent the rest of the night at the Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood. It’s being reported that Chris Brown was also in that same club, but the two didn’t talk to each other. Rob Kardashian has allegedly been dating singer Rita Ora, but neither of them have confirmed those reports.

So, basically…we have no idea what the heck is going on. Are Rob and Rihanna dating? Are they just friends? F**k buddies? Is Rob dating Rita? Or is he just in a relationship with himself in the mirror? We have a lot of questions, but not a lot of answers.

We’ll let you know when we have more information. In the meantime, go outside and enjoy your life; I hear that there are trees and stuff out there. Rihanna Rihanna1 Rihanna2


Joan Rivers Wants to Slap Rihanna!

You can always count on Joan Rivers to say something stupid. The extremely old “comedian” didn’t like Rihanna’s interview with Oprah that aired last Sunday. She especially didn’t like the part where Rihanna said that she still loves Chris Brown — and she let the whole world know how she felt about it…



A little harsh, don’t you think? I don’t think slapping Rihanna would help her get over Chris Brown; if anything it would make her miss him even more. Plus, Rihanna said in the interview that Chris Brown has a new girlfriend and made it clear that they are not back together.

Rihanna responded to Joan’s tweet by telling Joan to “slap on some diapers.” It’s nice to see that they are both keeping things classy. Apparently, they are letting Andy Milonakis write their jokes for them. It’s kind of funny when celebrities comment on other celebrities’ lives, especially when you remember they get mad at us for doing the same thing.

People need to realize that life would be a very boring place without gossip. Stop acting like you’re “above” gossip; we’re all addicted to gossip.

Just embrace it! Joan Rivers Joan Rivers Rihanna


Rihanna Talks Chris Brown with Oprah

Rihanna got real emotion while talking to Oprah about her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. She talked about that horrible night back in 2009 when Chris Brown assaulted her. Tears started to roll down Rihanna’s face when she began to think about that night, but not for the reasons you may think.

“It was a weird, confusing space to be in…because as angry as I was, as angry and hurt and betrayed, I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help, and who’s going to help him? Nobody’s going to say he needs help. Everybody’s going to say he’s a monster without looking at the source…and I was more concerned about him.” she told Oprah during the interview that will air Sunday night on OWN.

She told Oprah that she lost her best friend that night and that her whole life changed. It just goes to show you just how close they were before that terrible incident took place. You can kind of get where she is coming from, but it’s hard to feel sorry for Chris Brown. It’s not like he has changed completely since that night; he has had multiple episodes since then.

But, I’m not rooting against him; I hope one day he does change completely. Heck, he might even put out some quality music one day, too! As little J.P. from Angels in the Outfield might say, “It could happen!” Rihanna Rihanna1





W.i.P. Nightclub to Tony Parker: You’re Crazy!

As we reported the other day; Tony Parker is suing the nightclub where Chris Brown and Drake had their huge brawl. Tony got hit with shards of glass and injured his eye during the fight and he claims the nightclub should have seen it coming. But the nightclub feels the lawsuit is baseless and that there is no way they could have known what was going to happen that night.

Tony is claiming that it was “obvious” there was bad blood between Chris and Drake and that the staff should have been prepared. But sources close to the club say Chris and Drake are not prone to violence. The club feels like the fight was out of their control and that it could have happened anywhere. “Chris Brown and Drake are not Biggie and Tupac.” the source said.

The club is also denying the rumors that claim they didn’t have enough security in the club. The club says they had 15 security guards that were working the night of the brawl.

Who will in this battle of douchebags? Only time will tell. W.i.P. Nightclub to Tony Parker: You’re Crazy! W.i.P. Nightclub to Tony Parker: You’re Crazy! W.i.P. Nightclub to Tony Parker: You’re Crazy!


Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out!

Lil Wayne wants the whole “Drake vs. Chris brown” thing to blow over…fast! Not because he cares about their friendship or anything, but because he is worried about his cash flow!

Sources say Drake has received multiple calls from Lil Wayne, Birdman and Mack Maine — urging him to reach out to Chris Brown after last weeks bottle throwing brawl in NYC. Wayne is worried that the fight will affect business, since Brown is on several tracks with Young Money members and Lil Wayne knows Brown is a money maker.

Drake doesn’t want to hear it, though. He wants to hear Chris Brown say that he doesn’t blame him for what happened last week, which probably won’t happen considering Brown’s lawyer is blaming the whole thing on Drake.

Sounds like middle school, huh? They will all make up eventually. Plus it’s bad for Chris Brown’s image, you know? First he hits Rihanna (a woman) and now Drake (a crippled boy in a wheelchair).

Gee, pick on someone your own size! Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out! Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out! Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out! Lil Wayne wants Drake and Chris Brown to hug it Out!


Tony Parker Injured in Chris Brown-Drake Brawl

Who saw this one coming? Tony Parker (from the San Antonio Spurs) was injured in the bar fight between Chris Brown and Drake! Parker was having a good ol’ time inside the nightclub Wednesday before all hell broke loose. He suffered a serious eye injury during the bottle throwing fight and it could have been a lot worse. The injury could have even been career ending, but luckily it wasn’t that serious.

“I was there with a bunch of friends when a fight broke out. They started to throw bottles about. I got it all. The cornea has been touched. I can’t do anything for seven days. But I was lucky. The injury won’t prevent me from competing in the Olympics in any way.” Tony Parker said.

Geez! Who is next? Joan Rivers? Are we going to find out that she was partying with Chris Brown, as well? Although, I doubt she would get hurt, I think her face is unbreakable. Tony Parker Injured in Chris Brown-Drake Brawl Tony Parker Injured in Chris Brown-Drake Brawl Tony Parker Injured in Chris Brown-Drake Brawl Tony Parker Injured in Chris Brown-Drake Brawl


Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It?

As we reported yesterday, Chris Brown and Drake got into a huge brawl at a bar in New York. Bottles were thrown and glass was scattered all over the bar floor. Several people had minor injuries, including an innocent bystander who had to get 16 stitches put in her head.

So, what caused all of this mayhem? Well, it all goes back to Rihanna, of course. However, it appears like a “middle finger” is what really got things going at the bar. It’s being reported that Drake gave the middle finger to one of Chris’ bodyguards and that is when things really went downhill. Chris’ bodyguards were pissed off and a shouting match started between the two groups.

‘You be on that ho sh*t on Twitter n***a’ Drake was heard shouting at Chris, referencing a recent Twitter war between Chris, Drake and Meek. Sources say Drake didn’t actually throw any punches…or bottles in the brawl, but his mouth and finger are what started it all.

Geez, what are they? 12? Since when do adults get that mad over someone giving them the middle finger? IT’S A FREAKING FINGER! Fighting is never acceptable…unless someone steals the last Oreo cookie, then and only then is it acceptable. Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It? Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It? Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It? Chris Brown and Drake Brawl: What Started It?


Chris Brown vs. Drake: Entourage Edition!

Chris Brown just loves drama and drama seems to love him. They kind of have a cute little relationship together, you know? It won’t be long before Chris Brown snaps and beats the sh*t out of drama.

Anyways, Chris Brown got into a little fight last night after he and his entourage exchanged words with Drake and his entourage. The picture you see above is a picture Chris tweeted, showing off a nasty little gash on his chin from the fight. He claims that the gash came from bottles being thrown by Drake’s entourage.

“How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol…Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!.” Brown tweeted after the incident. The police were called to the scene but Drake and Chris had already left before the police arrived. No critical injuries were reported just a few cuts and bruises. Witnesses say the brawl started after an argument over Rihanna, of course. No arrests have been made.

Why do all these “hardcore rappers” need an entourage to protect them everywhere they go? Can they only beat up women? Weak. Chris Brown vs. Drake: Entourage Edition! Chris Brown vs. Drake: Entourage Edition! Chris Brown vs. Drake: Entourage Edition!


Rihanna and Drake Dating?

We know, Rihanna has been rumored to be dating almost every human on the planet. I think last week her and the pope even got together for a one night stand.

But, apparently on Sunday night Rihanna was spotted with Drake at a Miami hotspot and they were getting hot and heavy, “Rihanna was all over Drake this weekend. They were holding hands and dancing all close on the dance floor.” an onlooker said.

This wouldn’t be the first time that Drake and Rihanna were romantically involved. Back in 2010, Rihanna admitted on a radio show that her rumored romance with Drake was real, even if it wasn’t serious,

“We weren’t really sure what it was. I definitely was attracted to Drake, but I think it is what it is, or like what it was. We didn’t want to take it any further. It was a really fragile time in my life, so I just didn’t want to get too serious with anything or anyone.” Rihanna said.

Don’t you love it when celebrities break out the “it is what it is” line? What does that even mean? What is it and why is it what it is? Sounds confusing.

Anyway, it looks like they’re back to being f**k buddies again. Congrats. Rihanna and Drake Dating? Rihanna and Drake Dating? Rihanna and Drake Dating? Rihanna and Drake Dating?


Justin Bieber Beaten To A Pulp

Thank God these images of Justin Bieber getting bloodied were fake!  I was so concerned for her.  No woman deserves to be beat,  no matter how annoying she is.  (You hear that Chris Brown?!) The photos were taken during a recent interview she gave to,  where she talked about her relationship with girlfriend,  Selena Gomez.

I for one think young lesbian love is a beautiful thing and wish them both the best.

bieberkini biebermakeup bloody bieber bloody bieber1 justin bieber topless justin-bieber-girl justin-with-selena wtfbiebertotallybelievable



Rihanna Gets Thug Life Tattoo and a Shhhh…

Sometimes you see a tattoo and think to yourself, “What were they thinking?”  Apparently Rihanna was thinking of paying tribute to the late rapper, Tupac Shakur.  I get it.  What I don’t get is why across your knuckles?  I think tattoos are sexy if done tastefully and if they are an extension of who you are…Thug Life across your knuckles Rihanna?  Again, I don’t get it.  I do love the “Shhhh…” tattoo.

Speaking of stupid, Chris Brown also has a slew of ridiculous tats,  like the happy face on his back and the rest of the garbage he’s got randomly inked across his chest and arms.  How does this guy even still have a career?  I don’t care what you say, he’s nothing more than a Michael Jackson wanna be who likes to hit girls.

Anyways back to Rihanna,  I hope you enjoy your knuckle tattoos when you’re 60.  Just sayin.  Ok, well I hope you enjoy her tats in the gallery below along with a few other stupid tattoos I found.

beavis butthead Chris Brown Dumb Ass ChrisBrown-smileyfacetattoo Chris_Brown_tattoos coinslot tattoo dot-to-dot_tattoo Hope You Never Have To Use It Popeyes Chicken Pussy-Eater-Face-Tattoo rihanna-banner rihanna-shhh rihannas-tupac-tattoo sega Stupid Greenday Tattoo Systsem the_thong ToMArrow




Russell Brand and Chris Brown: The Double Standard

Chris Brown has an ugly past, we all know that. A lot of people despise him and you know what? I can’t blame them; they have plenty of reasons to hate him. But is there a big double standard? Just recently Russell Brand grabbed an iphone out of the hands of a paparazzo and fired it toward a local law firm, the phone ended up smashing through a window. But where is the outrage? Where are all the media sites talking about how much of a douche bag he is? And how his temper is out of control?

You won’t find many sites saying that. Instead, they are rolling on the floor over this tweet made by Russell Brand, “Since Steve Jobs died I cannot bear to see anyone use an iphone irreverently, what I did was a tribute to his memory.” Some sites are calling him a “genius” and applauding him for standing up to the paparazzi, but I find that a little strange.

Chris Brown stole a woman’s phone for the same reason….he didn’t want his picture being taken. Brown was RIPPED for it, I’ll even admit to being apart of the ripping. I think what he did is wrong and I still think Chris Brown is a huge douche, but I also like to be fair. Where is the Russell Brand outrage? At least Chris Brown broke a window and stole a phone on completely different days. Russell managed to steal a phone and break a window within a matter of minutes!

Sure, he offered to pay for the window and he has never hit a lady (that we know of) but he still lost his temper. He still grabbed someone’s phone and smashed it through a window! Why isn’t he being questioned? Why is it that when Chris Brown stole a phone the media said that he was stupid and horrible, but when Russell Brand does the exact same thing…he is a hilarious hero? Really?

To me, they are both douchebags. Russell Brand and Chris Brown: The Double Standard Russell Brand and Chris Brown: The Double Standard Russell Brand and Chris Brown: The Double Standard


Rihanna Showing Her Breasts in New York!

Have you ever went to dinner and decided to just wear a see-through top for no reason at all? No? Well, Rihanna did! She went out to eat in New York last night and showed a little too much and by a little too much, we mean just enough.

She went to eat at Da Silvano, it’s an Italian place and we’re sure each meatball costs about $75 each. But Rihanna probably received her meal for free with that outfit; I’d give her the keys to my house if she showed up at my door wearing that.

Rihanna has been in a lot of hot water recently. Her friends don’t like the fact that she is spending time with Chris Brown again and she seems to be in some sort of feud with Chris Brown’s current girlfriend. She certainly seems to love to be the “bad girl” but her former bishop doesn’t like it at all. Her former bishop from her hometown in Barbados said that he has been “praying” for her. “A lot of people have been praying for her and hoping that she will drop these bad habits” He told the sun.

Oh, boo-hoo! Don’t listen to him, Rihanna! Keep wearing those sexy outfits! We love them. Rihanna Showing off the Puppies in New York! Rihanna Showing off the Puppies in New York! Rihanna Showing off the Puppies in New York! Rihanna Showing off the Puppies in New York! Rihanna Showing off the Puppies in New York!



Chris Brown Accused of Drive-By Robbery! Warrant Coming Soon

Just when things start to look up for Chris Brown…they come crashing back down again. Chris Brown has been accused of angrily snatching a girl’s iPhone outside a nightclub in Miami this weekend — and taking off with it!

Miami Beach Police confirm that an incident report was filed and the Florida State Attorney’s Office is preparing a warrant for Brown’s arrest on suspicion of “robbery by sudden snatching.” Christal Spann is the woman who filed the police report. She claims that she followed Chris out of the nightclub early in the morning and snapped a picture of Chris getting into his Bentley. She told cops that Chris flipped out when he saw her camera phone — then grabbed it through the car window, saying: “Bitch, you ain’t going to put that on no website.”

Really Chris? You’re going to risk going to jail again because someone took a picture of you? We always knew you were a douche, but we thought you at least had some common sense.

Brown is still on probation for the Rihanna beat down and if he’s arrested he could be thrown in jail on a probation violation. It’s also being reported that the L.A. District Attorney’s Office is aware of the robbery and they are waiting on the L.A. County Probation Dept. to recommend what action to take.

If officials determine the allegations are true, then his probation could be revoked and he could go to prison for 4 years! Chris Brown Accused of Drive-By Robbery! Warrant Coming Soon Chris Brown Accused of Drive-By Robbery! Warrant Coming Soon Chris Brown Accused of Drive-By Robbery! Warrant Coming Soon Chris Brown Accused of Drive-By Robbery! Warrant Coming Soon