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Christie Brinkley’s Daughter Sailor: “I Can Make My Own Identity In The Modeling Industry.”


Christie Brinkley and her children Sailor, 15, and Jack, 18, grace the cover of Hamptons magazine’s Holiday issue. In the interview Sailor – who recently signed on to IMG Models – talks about her new career and the advice given by her 59-year-old mom.

Sailor said, “It hasn’t really changed my life in a way that people would think. I go to school; no one sees me differently. I’ve never been followed by paparazzi, except when I’m with my mom.”

She acknowledges that her mom is one of the reasons why she got into the industry.

“It got my foot in the modeling world, but otherwise it’s pretty normal. As much as people say we’re twins, I don’t think I look like my mom that much, so I think I can make my own identity in the modeling industry.”

Brinkley – who also is mom to 27-year-old Alexa Ray Joel – said she tells her youngest daughter to “have fun with this job but always be professional to ‘Show up on time and be respectful of everybody else’s time’”.

She added, “I told her, when you’re in a magazine, buy the magazine and look at it like 90 percent of the people who are going to see the story on you; don’t look online because the story will roll right into a comments thread, and those comment threads are an invitation for the bitter and disenfranchised to hide behind a fake name and try to tear you down—and nobody needs that in life.”

Jack shared that when he graduates from college he wants to do “something that has to do with media relations because I enjoy that part of the business. I’ve been exposed to media my entire life just growing up around my mom, my older sister, and now Sailor is getting into that world, too.”



Christie Brinkley loses a shoe

See, Kirstie Alley? It can happen to anyone. With a lost shoe and a hole in her stockings, Christie seems to have having a bad night in the wardrobe department. Hardly matters though because that red dress she’s wearing is smoking hot. Christie is proof positive that models of a certain age aren’t necessarily washed up. This woman is still so beautiful and fresh faced. She’s never been one of the super skinny, needs-a-sandwich models, which is a big part of the reason I’ve always loved her so much. She still has a killer body and a smile that can light up the room. The greatest thing about Christie is that she’s not just beautiful for her age. She’s just plain beautiful.

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Hollywood’s Next Generation: Celeb Kids Who Enter The Family Biz

Show business can be generational. Just look at some common-day examples like Gwyneth Paltrow (daughter of actress Blythe Danner & director/producer, Bruce Paltrow), Angelina Jolie (daughter of Midnight Cowboy actor, Jon Voight) and Lisa Marie Presley (daughter of Elvis & Priscilla Presley).

Let's take a look at Hollywood's next generation including up-and-coming actors/performers/models like Jaden Smith, Emma Roberts and Zoë Kravitz.


Christie Brinkley Remains Positive Despite Tough Times

Supermodel Christie Brinkley has had a tough year. She's been through a very long divorce with her ex-husband, chef Peter Cook; nursed her daughter, through an overdose, and she's also had to deal with her ill father, who suffers from both Parkinson's and scoliosis.

In an in-depth profile for Ladies Home Journal, Christie is described as "deeply devoted to her family." The piece reveals details of the night Christie called her daughter Alexa's cell phone and was instead greeted by one of Alexa's girlfriends, who told her that she and Alexa were en route to a hospital. Her strategy for helping Alexa through the pain of her was to listen. "Your job as a parent is to listen," she continues. "And to dole out as much love as you can. That includes tough love."

Despite the pain of her life recently, Christie still feels blessed. Her key to a positive attitude is to keep things in perspective. She says, "I am happy. I've dealt with a lot of stress and drama and trials and tribulations. But there are people who wake up with no legs or no eyesight. Everyone is faced with their circumstances. You try to appreciate what you have."


Alexa Ray: Mom Loves Her Unique Looks

Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, spoke to People this week about her recent bout with severe depression. Alexa, who was hospitalized on December 5 for an overdose, said those days were like "a black hole." She blames the depression on a rough breakup with her former bassist, Jimmy Riot.

While there were rumors that Alexa was depressed over a fight with her mother over her weight, Alexa denies the fight ever happened and says her mother appreciates her looks: "Nobody is more supportive of my physical appearance than [my mother]. She tells me – which I don't understand – that she wishes she looked like me, that I'm so much more unique than her."

Someone else also appreciates Alexa's looks: she's set to rep Prell shampoo, just like her mother did 25 years ago! Still, she wants to be known as just Alexa and not the daughter of celebrities: "And I like to think that my music and my voice are different than my father's and my look is very different than my mother's. Can't I just be me?"


Billy Joel’s daughter attempts to commit suicide


The daughter of Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley tried to kill herself by swallowing sleeping pills.

Ambulance turned up to Alexa Ray Joel’s apartment after a female friend called emergency from a cellphone to report a possible overdose, reports the NY Post.

The friend told 911 operators Alexa had taken eight pills and wanted to die, but felt funny and then wanted to live, sources said. When rescuers arrived, they found she was having difficulty breathing, Fire Department officials said.

Alexa was rushed to nearby St. Vincent’s Hospital, where she was in stable condition, a family spokeswoman said. Her situation was not life-threatening and she was released last night, a source said.

The family has released no further details on the young woman’s medical condition or her mental state. But Alexa, who has been through a series of bad breakups with her on-again off-again former boyfriend and bandmate Jimmy Riot, recently blogged about being a lonely singleton in the city.”I don’t like dating!!! Wish I could be in a relationship again without having to date,” she wrote in August. “I HATE going out!!”

Despite having been a prolific songwriter since her early teens, Alexa — who dropped out of NYU to start a music career has also struggled to find mass appeal for her music and had yet to land a record deal with a major label.

But this past March, she wrote about the difficulties of being an independent artist and being alone.

She has long struggled with her self-esteem, feeling as if she couldn’t measure up against to her supermodel mom and musical superstar dad, a source close to the family said.

“I’m never going to be a blonde model, when are you going to accept that,” she once lashed back at Brinkley, who often “badgered” Alexa about her weight, the source said.


Alexa Ray Joel Heads Home From Hospital

According to Us, Alexa Ray Joel, who was admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital yesterday (December 5) after reportedly overdosing on sleeping pills, has since been released.

Though Alexa’s father, Billy Joel, was not present at the hospital, he told Newsday late Saturday night that his daughter was “going to be fine”.

“Billy didn’t go so it didn’t become a circus atmosphere,” said a friend of the 60-year-old singer. “He was in constant phone contact.”

Alexa is the only child of Billy and his ex-wife, Christie Brinkley.


In White Folks News: Billie Joel’s Daughter Hospitalized For Attempted Suicide

Alexa Joel is Billie Joel’s 23-year-old daughter who was just rushed to the hospital after an attempted suicide:

Alexa Ray Joel, the 23-year-old singer and daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, was hospitalized Saturday in New York City.
“She is stable and her doctors are assessing her needs,” a rep for Alexa Ray and her father, Billy Joel. The singer was rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital after a caller placed a call to 911 Saturday afternoon.  The singer is scheduled to perform twice on December 10 in New York City, according to her Twitter page.

Alexa once said… “It’s very hard to be Billy Joel’s daughter.” That hard??



Update: Alexa Ray Joel: Hospitalized, Stable Condition

Update: Alexa Ray Joel’s father, Billy Joel, has spoken out about his daughter’s condition following her hospitalization Saturday afternoon (December 5): “She is going to be fine,” he told Newsday late Saturday night.

Bill Joel’s daughter, Alexa Ray Joel, was rushed to St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City tonight (December 5) and is currently in stable condition after a possible drug overdose.

“She was admitted, and doctors are assessing the situation,” a rep for the songwriter tells Us. “We have no further comment.”

According to the New York Post, Alexa’s roommate made the 911 call just before 12.30pm today after the 23-year-old songwriter allegedly swallowed a large number of sleeping pills in what police are considering a suicide attempt.

According to other sources, she was conscious at St. Vincent’s and is expected to survive.

Alexa, the only daughter of Billy Joel and supermodel Christie Brinkley, was scheduled to appear in the tree-lighting ceremony at the New York Stock Exchange this Thursday.


Christie Brinkley & Sailor: Honorary Angels

Supermodel Christie Brinkley and her daughter Sailor Lee, 11, attended the launch of Tea Party Angels held in New York this afternoon (Novmber 7).

Tea Party Angels is a national fundraising program designed for mothers and daughters to host tea parties in order to raise money for girls in need around the world, and to teach social responsibility among young women.


Business is booming for Christie Brinkley’s porn addicted ex

christie brinkley tennis

Uptown girl Christie Brinkley took her tennis racket out to Queens for the Grand Slam Winners Tennis Exhibition Match, part of the on-going festivities of the US Open.  The 55-year-old all-American model, who looks at least a decade younger, proved she’s still got it by posing for some playful pics.  Despite going through a nasty divorce with ex Peter Cook last year, Christie’s famous face doesn’t have a single worry line or wrinkle.

Speaking of that bitter break-up, during which Christie accused her architect hubby of a porn addiction and banging a teenage assistant, it seems her ex is doing well these days.  Even with all the negative press he got, Peter recently revealed his business is booming.

“I had the best two years of business during my divorce for some reason, maybe it was because I had some international business as well. After all I went through, not even a ripple in my business,” he told the New York Post.

We just hope he isn’t spending all his profits on porn.