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Chyler Leigh: "Family Is The No. 1 Priority No Matter What"

Chyler Leigh is one busy mama! She is spreading her wings in a Lifetime Original Movie, The 19th Wife, the story of '19th Wife' and fundamentalist polygamous sect First Church of Latter Day Saints. The movie airs this Monday (September 13) at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime Television. Celebrity Baby Scoop had a chance to speak with the Grey's Anatomy star and mom-of-three about her role as a wife in a polygamous community, making family her number one priority and sharing parenting advice with her Grey's co-stars.

CBS: Tell us about your three kids, Noah, Taelyn and Anniston. What are they like and what are they into?

CL: "That's a loaded question. My husband and I dropped my son [Noah] off for his first day of first grade. He's an an incredibly compassionate child who cares about the human condition. At such an early age, he asks very deep, thought-provoking questions. And he cares about his family. As much as he may bicker with his younger sister, the middle one, they get along really well and he cares about her well being so much. He loves the ocean. He's all things boy. He wants to play hockey because daddy played hockey. He's got an incredible sense of humor. He's going to be 7 in November.

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Chyler Leigh’s Balancing Act

Chyler Leigh may play a young single doctor on Grey's Anatomy, but in real life, the mom-of-three is far from it. The busy actress is mom to son Noah, 6, and daughters Taelyn, 3, and Anniston, 1, with husband of almost eight-years, Nathan West. In an interview with WebMD, the actress dished on why she feels like "the oldest 27-year-old on the planet," and how she balance it all.

On balancing work & home: "Nathan and I sit down on the weekends, and we go through all our appointments and whatever we have to get done that week, and plan our strategy. If I'm available in the morning one day and he is in the afternoon, then I'll take the kids to school that day. There will always be the occasional wrench thrown in, but when you plan ahead, you're better able to handle stuff like that."

On having alone-time with her husband: "Even though you're parents, you're still a couple. You need to take time and be together, talk about your dreams and plans, and just be in love."

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Kevin McKidd & Family Are Beach Bound

Kevin McKidd and wife Jane Parker took their two children, Iona and Joseph to enjoy the beautiful beaches while vacationing in Hawaii yesterday (November 22).

The 36-year-old actor is best known for his role as Dr. Owen Hunt on Grey’s Anatomy.

Kevin recently spoke with ET Online about the recent Grey’s baby boom:

There are a lot of babies around. I love babies, but my kids are seven and nine and I remember those sleepless nights. I don't want to go back to that any time soon. It is fun to have lots of babies around. What is great about having children on the set, and I love when my kids come, is at the end of the day, this is show business and it is meant to be fun. Sometimes you can take it all a bit too seriously. I think when there are kids around, it gives everybody a good sense of perspective. Everybody goes, "Wait a minute. Let's see what is important here."

Kevin's costars Chyler Leigh and Ellen Pompeo have both welcomed babies this year, along with Katherine Heigl who adopted in the fall.