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FP_5042747_Something_Borrowed_AAR_052010Here’s Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield making out on the beach at the Hamptons for the sake of “Something Borrowed” and we have three thoughts about this whole thing:

1) Damn buy viagra online, he looks like a regular-sized Tom Cruise in these shots (except Tom would require a heave bucket on set to alleviate nausea symptoms from rubbing against a vagina – and to hide in it after kissing time is over)!

2) Unfortunately, they covered her boobs with a bandana so the debate of whether she has the world’s tiniest implants or the whole thing is just an optical illusion still rages on

3) We’re assuming the two are already banging on the side. Buy viagra online: kate Hudson’s way of channeling her frustrations into a healthy activity (translation: “You, semi-random dude whom I’m kissing today, do me now because I’m this close to hitting Cameron Diaz in the vagina with A-Rod’s baseball bat!”)