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Misery Loves Company: 9 People That Contributed To Paris Jackson’s Downfall


Sometimes family can lead to your demise quicker than a stranger on the street.

Here are 9 people that contributed to Paris’ downfall.

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Tuesday’s Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like — 1/10/12

Hello there, my junkie friends! I’m back for the third time with the Miscellaneous Junk You Might Like! So… let the fun begin!!! Dr. Conrad Murray, as we all know, was found guilty for causing the legend Michael Jackson’s death because it was he who prescribed the medication Propofol to the star. Now, Dr. Murray is basically being sued in a civil court by MJ’s fam for $100 million dollars. But, Dr. Murray is saying that he may have prescribed lethal meds to Michael, but it was Michael himself who administered the medication and therefore MJ is responsible for his own death. You know what? I agree. Just because a celebrity is a celebrity and they get whatever they want from whoever they want doesn’t make them any less responsible for their own actions. That Dr. was WRONG, but in the end, it was Michael who was responsible for his own actions — that’s what being an adult is all about. Enough with the heavy… So, do you guys remember that mega WWE star named Stone Cold Steve Austin? Yes, I figured you would. Well, those who are WWE fans — and even those who aren’t — will remember his saying ‘Austin 3:16 says I just whooped your ass!’ Well, TMZ caught up to Stone Cold and asked him if he would consider relinquishing his hold over the numbers to Tim Tebow. After finding out that Tebow threw a … miraculous… 316 yards in this last game, Stone Cold said that he would gladly give them up… if Tebow could do it again. Wow… so now, 3:16 isn’t associated with its original place, but with the saying of a WWE wrestler and now a football player?! Okay… I’m not going there… Baby Blue Ivy has been taken home! Beyonce and Jay-Z took their multi-million dollar bundle of joy to their multi-million dollar Manhattan apartment. Something you may not have known? At least part — or even most of — that million dollars was spent on renovation to the hospital itself! This included a swanky — and of course, private — recovery area, as well as a damn bulletproof door for Beyonce’s room!!! All of this for a three day stay! Wow… Kelly Rowland, former member of the Beyonce led group Destiny’s Child, stopped by the Lucky Wang baby boutique. For what exactly? To buy baby Blue Ivy a green Bob Marley onezie of course. That. is. just. stupid! You wanna know the really sad thing? I bet that scrap of material probably cost her — not just one — but a couple pretty pennies. As my friend and fellow Daily Fix author, Zachary Row reported to you all a few days ago, Russell Brand was Banned from the People’s Choice Awards. Why? Because, they didn’t want Katy Perry to feel uncomfortable around her estranged husband. Yeah… like that building’s not big enough for the two of them. But, no worries now, because Katy Perry has announced that she won’t even [...]

Conrad Murray found guilty of involuntary manslaughter

A jury found Michael Jackson’s doctor guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the 2009 death of the King of Pop.

Dr. Conrad Murray appeared stone-faced as the verdict was read Monday in a Los Angeles courtroom. The 58-year-old doctor, who is to be sentenced November 29, is facing up to four years in prison. He could also lose his medical license.

Jackson’s sister LaToya screamed out upon hearing the verdict, while his crying mother, Katherine, was consoled by her son, Jermaine Jackson.

Murray’s supporters looked somber over the news, with one shaking her head back and forth, mouthing the word “no.”

Jackson fans who had gathered outside the courtroom burst into applause and cheered as the verdict, “Guilty!,” was announced.

The decision was reached after less than nine hours of deliberation. The prosecution asked for Murray to be remanded into custody immediately. “He is now a convicted felon,” prosecutor David Walgren said.

Defense lawyer Ed Chernoff argued that he is not danger to the community before Murray was escorted out of the courtroom by the Sheriff.

During the trial it was revealed that Murray was also a deadbeat dad and a compulsive womaniser.

Desperate for cash to pay his mounting debts, Murray took the lucrative post injecting Jackson – no questions asked – with nightly doses of the knock-out sleep drug that ultimately killed him.

Murray’s $1.2m Las Vegas mansion was about to be repossessed after he fell $96,000 behind with the mortgage in 2009 when Jackson asked him to travel to London with him as his full-time physician, official documents reveal.

His two medical practices in Nevada and Texas faced $631,000 in court judgments and he was late paying a $64,000 personal loan and thousands of dollars in child support.His spiraling debts were the reason Murray demanded $4.8m from Jackson when he was first offered the job, said friends. He later settled for $160,000-a-month.

Murray, who is married, has fathered at least seven children with six women, most of them out of wedlock.

According to court records, he has also been sued more than a dozen times for claims including breach of contract and unpaid child support.

In April, 2009, Murray was sentenced to 10 days in jail for non-payment of child support and was ordered to spend 25 days behind bars for the same reason in 2007. On both occasions, he eventually paid up to avoid going to prison.

He was also arrested twice on charges brought by former girlfriends, once for fraudulent breach of trust and once for domestic violence, although he was never convicted.

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Conrad Murray Gets A Pedicure And Other Junk You Might Like (10.04.2011)

It seems the strain of being tried for manslaughter is too much for our good physician. Hookers and Scotch after the pedicure and manicure.

Gwen Stefani celebrates her 42nd birthday by going about in London in her white see-through bra.

Jessica Simpson continues the tradition of the Cow Parade. And Erik Johnson is there to hold her hand because long cons take time and commitment, damn it!

Rihanna’s wax figure is about to be unveiled and as expected it is appropriately dressed to allow the nation to ass-grope her.

Vanessa Hudgens has just crossed the line of an acceptable amount of padding to doughy.

Kristen Stewart has a movie to promote, thus, the bikini and lingerie parade in various magazines.

Alicia Silverstone and her husband Christopher look like they just spent the night under a bridge.

Pippa Middleton’s royal cleavage at 4:30am.

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Michael Jackson’s corpse shown to jury as an opening to Conrad Murray’s trial


The highly anticipated trial into the death of Michael Jackson opened with an extraordinary moment yesterday afternoon as the prosecutor started his opening remarks by displaying a photo of the singer’s dead body.

As Conrad Murray appeared before the jury charged with involuntary manslaughter over Jackson’s death more than two years ago, deputy district attorney David Walgren displayed the picture that appeared to show tape or tubing over Jackson’s face.

The hearing became like a circus, as opposing fans of the King of Pop and supporters of Dr Murray gathered outside the courthouse in Los Angeles waving placards and banners as the whole Jackson family made their way into court for what has been billed as the trial of the century.

Below is an account of what happened in the court room:

Later, the prosecution played a tape of a healthy-looking Jackson giving his last ever performance – a rehearsal of his hit Earth Song – recorded a day before he died.

The lights in the courtroom were turned off and the singer was shown on a screen performing Earth Song at rehearsals at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, just hours before he passed away.

Jackson’s mother appeared to be in tears watching the clip.

‘Michael Jackson’s death was a homicide,’ Los Angeles deputy district attorney David Walgren told the jury in opening statements.

‘The evidence will show that Michael Jackson literally put his life in the hands of Conrad Murray… Michael Jackson trusted his life to the medical skills of Conrad Murray.

But Dr Murray’s defence attorney Ed Chernoff told the jury that Michael Jackson caused his own death.

Dr Murray wiped tears from his eyes as Mr Chernoff said that the evidence will show that the singer swallowed 8, 2 mg pills of Lorazepam and injected himself with a dose of propofol.

This ‘created a perfect storm in his body that killed him instantly,’ Mr Chernoff said.

Mr Chernoff said that Jackson, who was frustrated because he could not sleep and frustrated because his doctor refused to give him a drug that he wanted, ‘did an act that caused his own death’

‘He died so fast he did not even have time to close his eyes.’ Mr Chernoff said.

Murray ‘repeatedly acted with gross negilience, repeatedly denied appropriate care to his patient Michael Jackson and that is was Dr Murray’s repeated incompetent and unskilled acts that led to Michael Jackson’s death on June 25 2009,’ said the prosecution.

The prosecutor played disturbing audio recorded on Dr Murray’s iPhone of Jackson apparently under the influence of propofol a month before his death.

On the tape, Jackson sounded slurred and confused as he mumbled: ‘We have to be phenomenal… When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, “I’ve never seen nothing like this in my life. Go. Go.”‘

Mr Walgren said the audio was evidence that Dr Murray knew what was happening to Jackson and should have discontinued ordering propofol.

Mr Walgren attempted to paint a picture of the days leading up to the singer’s death.

On June 19th ‘Michael showed up for his rehearsal and he was not in good shape, he was not in good shape at all,’ Mr Walgren said.

‘He had chills, he was trembling… he was rambling.’

Kenny Ortega, the manager of Jackson’s proposed This Is It tour, expressed concerns about Jackson, but Dr Murray allegedly told him and others that Jackson was ‘physically and emotionally fine’.

‘Don’t let it be your concern, I am the doctor,’ Dr Murray allegedly said.

The prosecutor also laid out the order of events from inside Jackson’s house on the night that he died.

Mr Walgren accused Dr Murray of failing to call 911 as soon as he realised that there was something wrong with Jackson.

He said that an emergency call was not made until 12:20pm, at least 24 minutes after Dr Murray is believed to have discovered Jackson unconscious.

The prosecutors claimed that phone records showed that Jackson was left unattended for too long.

‘It will be clear that Conrad Murray abandoned Michael when he needed help,’ Mr Walgren said.

‘It was Conrad Murray’s gross negligence, it was Conrad Murray’s unskilled hands and his desire to obtain this lucrative contract of $150,000 a month that led Dr. Murray to not only abandon his patient, but to abandon all principles of medical care.’

Mr Walgren also showed images of Jackson’s bedroom to show how medical monitoring devices typically used when someone is under anesthesia were not there or appeared unused.

A blood pressure cuff was still in a box and an oxygen tank had no oxygen, Mr Walgren said.

But as the defence made their opening statements, Murray wiped away tears as Mr Chernoff described the doctor and Jackson as ‘friends first’.

‘Dr Murray is no celebrity doctor. He is a cardiologist. He literally saves lives. That’s who he is,’ Mr Chernoff said.

He said that on the day he died, Jackson had told Murray that he not slept for 10 hours and that if he did not sleep he would not be able to rehearse and would disappoint his fans.

Dr Murray agreed to give him a 25 mg injection of propofol mixed with lidocaine.

Mr Chernoff said that such a small dose would ‘dissipate in ten minutes’.

He said that the amount found in Jackson’s body, more than 100 mgs, was consistent with major invasive surgery and was administered by Jackson himself.

Jackson ‘self-administered an additional dose of propofol and it killed him like that, there was no way to save him,’ said Mr Chernoff.

His death was a tragedy, he added, but Murray is not responsible. Murray is ‘not perfect… but in this criminal court, we believe he is not guilty,’ he added.
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Michael Jackson was revived in hospital according to lawsuit


Michael Jackson miraculously established cardiac rhythm in the Los Angeles hospital and didn’t need to die, according to startling new claims being made in a shocking 13-page lawsuit filed by the late King Of Pop’s father, Joe Jackson, against doctor Conrad Murray.The Jackson patriarch claims that his son would still be alive today if he had arrived at the hospital sooner and Dr. Conrad Murray — who has been charged with manslaughter in relation to Jackson’s death — had come clean about injecting the music legend with the powerful anesthesia Propofol.

The lawsuit was first revealed by Britain’s News of the World, and states that medics managed to restart Michael’s heart a full hour after he “flat-lined” following his cardiac arrest last June. Jackson’s very weak pulse was sustained for ten minutes before the pop superstar faded.

“This evidence is damning,” Joe Jackson told News of the Word. “They should lock him up and throw away the key. It’s disgusting what happened here,” he said referring to Murray.

A report by the hospital doctor who worked on Jackson, Dr Cooper, filed one day after Jackson’s death shows that Murray did not tell her about the daily Propofol injections Michael was receiving.

Also amongst the most damning parts of the new lawsuit is the confirmation that bodyguard Alberto Alvarez was told to hide the Propofol bottles before calling paramedics to the Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills.

Dr. Murray has not yet responded to the new lawsuit. In a report filed by TMZ on Sunday, Murray reportedy still believes he is innocent in the case, and has not apologized to the Jackson family.

Meanwhile, newly unsealed search warrants detail an array of skin-whitening creams and medical items found in Michael Jackson’s home on Friday.

The documents were unsealed following a legal motion by The Associated Press. They show detectives found four bottles of anesthetic and dozens of tubes of skin-whitening cream in a cupboard in Jackson’s room.

Jackson had the skin condition vitiligo  that creates patches of de-pigmented skin. The skin-whitening cream can be used to cover patches of skin that have retained their color and give a more even appearance.

Detectives found 19 tubes of hydroquinone and 18 tubes of Benoquin among the drugs and medical items in the singer’s room.