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Supermodel Daniela Urzi topless in Punta, Argentina after nude ban lifted;Catholic Church in uproar


Supermodel Daniela Urzi is an Argentinian patriot. Aware that her country is facing a deep recession, she rushed to the once elite resort of Punta and got naked (almost) in hope it would attract the much needed tourists. You see, the local government is hurting and in a bid to attract more wealthy visitors, it cut ice-cream prices at the beach, and decided to finally allow titties to bounce freely on the sand.

However, the announcement that topless bathing would be allowed brought a strong negative reaction from the Roman Catholic Church of Uruguay and, as Uruguayan businessmen eagerly hoped, a news media frenzy in Argentina. Literally every television show in Argentina is covering the topless bathing in Punta and Gente, Argentina’s version of People Magazine has devoted its cover and multiple pages to the sinful body of Daniela Urzi sunbathing without her nipple pasties in Punta.

BTW, for those that don’t know Daniela Urzi, she was once the girlfriend of John Stamos and has been a model for Victoria’s Secret, Armani, Cavalli and many other designers.