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Daryl Hannah makes out with Jack Sparrow

article-1286551-0A07E49E000005DC-306_468x481Here’s 49-year old Daryl Hannah on the beach in Malibu yesterday making out with a gentleman we’re fairly sure hasn’t washed since 1995 because shampoo kills baby seals. Who knows, maybe they showed each other their lice infested pubic hair as a commitment to the environment and that got them horny. Funny, but we always thought Daryl’s soulmate would have branches growing out of its arms and bark fungus. Well, close enough.


Daryl Hannah gets nippy for the environment


Here’s Daryl Hannah at the EMA (Environmental Media Association) Awards looking all, well, sane and putting in a fine display of her unopressed environmentally-friendly (plastic free) mammaries. Although to be honest, we much prefer her naked and chained making love to an almost extinct tree-trunk.


Daryl Hannah arrested for sitting in the middle of a highway

Marsh Fork Protest

Daryl Hannah was amongst a dozen arrested on Tuesday for impeding traffic after sitting down on Route 3 at Coal River Valley in protest of mountaintop removal mining.

NASA climate scientist James Hansen and former Congressman and Secretary of State Ken Hechler were also cited.

The protesters attempted to cross onto the property of leading mountaintop removal coal mining company, Massey Energy—purposely trespassing to protest the destruction of mountains immediately above the Coal River Valley community.

The group was protesting Massey Energy in the wake of the Obama Administration’s announcement that the EPA will not abolish the aggressive strip mining practice.

We’re guessing the honeymoon between Daryl Hannah and her new prez is over…

Marsh Fork Protest


Daryl Hannah loses her pants at eco picnic


Daryl Hannah was probably trying to do her bit to save the planet when she attended the eco picnic and filming of the environmentally-friendly movie “Home” at Stella McCartney’s store…you know, less fabric, less waste of material, less pollution. And here we are, unconscientious bastards of the mother earth thankful there were chairs and not blankets at the picnic…because catching a glimpse of a 49-year old crotch would pollute our minds forever…ageing actresses can be very harmful to the environment after all…