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David Arquette Welcomes Baby No. 2: Charlie West

*EXCLUSIVE* David Arquette and Christina McLarty go hand in hand

Congratulations are in order for David Arquette and Christina McLarty.

The Scream 4 actor, 42, and his girlfriend, 33, welcomed their first child together – son Charlie West - on Monday, April 28, Us reports.

Baby Charlie joins big sister Coco, 9½, Arquette’s daughter with ex-wife Courteney Cox.

News of a baby on the way for the couple – who have been dating on and off since 2011 – was confirmed last November.

“She’s really excited,” Arquette said of Coco being happy about big sisterhood. “It’s an amazing experience and she’s been such a trooper about it.”


David Arquette & Christina McLarty Head To ‘Sold’ Premiere

*EXCLUSIVE* David Arquette and Christina McLarty go hand in hand

David Arquette and a very pregnant Christina McLarty dressed up for an evening out in Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday (April 8). The two were heading to the screening of his film Sold.

The 42-year-old actor’s siblings Rosanna, Alexis, Richmond and Patricia, showed up to support him and the indie film. Courteney Cox also was in attendance with boyfriend Johnny McDaid.

According to People – David said he and 9-year-old Coco talked about the movie’s topic – which is about the global sex-trafficking trade.

“She’s too young to see the film, even though it is done very tastefully, but it opened up a discussion for what this film’s about and why she couldn’t see it. She’s getting to an age where she’s becoming a young woman and she needs to be aware of creepers.”

He added she can’t wait to meet her brother.

He said, “She’s really excited. It’s an amazing experience and she’s been such a trooper about it.”

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David Arquette & Christina McLarty Expecting Their First Child Together

David Arquette & Christina McLarty Paint The Town Red

Congratulations to David Arquette and his girlfriend Christina McLarty who are expecting a child together. According to E! News  a source confirms that Christina is four months pregnant.

Another source says they were trying to keep this private, but “it came as a surprise. They are excited and happy even though this was unexpected.”

In late October 2013 McLarty – who is currently an Entertainment Tonight correspondent – exclusively told Us that she and Arquette were not engaged after multiple rumors surfaced.

“We are totally happy and together in love, but we are not engaged,” she said. “It’s just a rumor that got out of control.”

David was on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live on October 1 when he said Christina was the “love of my life.”

Also on October 30 he drunk-dialed the Howard Stern Show declaring he was wasted.

“I’m wasted,” the Scream star admitted. “This isn’t the first time I called you [drunk]. I’ve called in a few times.”

When the topic of Courteney Cox came up – he admitted that he loves her with “all his f–king heart.” He also said Courtney – whom he raises 9-year-old Coco with – is “the most brilliant, beautiful friend that I’ve ever met.”


Have a Hangover? Take a quick shot of Gossip!

Happy New Year! I am sure most of you are waking up next to people who you don’t even remember meeting. Congratulations, you have successfully completed, “New Year’s Eve.” While you wonder how you’re going to get this stranger out of your bed, take a look at some of the latest gossip from today. There are a lot of small stories out there, so I decided to combine them into one post. Brad Pitt is building a new house! He is planning to take some time off from his movie career, so he can start building his dream house. Apparently, Angelina Jolie bought him some land with a freaking waterfall on it for Christmas; I didn’t even know that was legal.  Now that Pitt has the land, he is planning to embark on an extravagant building experiment. Brad Pitt is said to be in love with the design of Lloyd Wright’s 1939 Fallingwater. I just have one question…can you build a certain blogger a little shack out back? You won’t even know I am there. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes fly to New York together. The two have been dating since September and decided now was the perfect time to take a romantic trip to New York. I am sure they will spend almost all of their time watching themselves have sex in the mirror. At least, that is what I would be doing. Let’s just hope Ryan finally changes out of that shirt he has had on for the past two days. (pictures below) Lady Gaga does it big in New York! Lady Gaga put on a show last night in New York for the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Of course, she was dressed in some insane costumes. You can see all of the weird pictures below. I think the weird looking ball/cage/thingy around her head might be my favorite. I just wonder when this dressing “weird” thing will go away. Isn’t it kind of normal now? It’s not even weird anymore. If she would have came out wearing a shirt and jeans that would have been weird. And finally let’s congratulate David Arquette! He has been clean and sober for a year now! He wrote on his twitter, “Today marks 1 year of sobriety for me. I thank god for the strength and guidance and my family and friends for their love and support & I TY.” “TY” means thank you for you people new to the internet.

David Arquette’s Ex-Mistress, Jasmine Waltz, Has a Sex Tape

David Arquette’s ex-mistress Jasmine Waltz, who has unfortunately been infected with a drug-resistant strain of Chronic Sexyface, might be pretending to be devastated by the fake accidental release of a tape featuring her and someone who is not even David Arquette doing grown up wrestling with each other.

Apparently the tape features naughty Valentine candy heart play, because there’s nothing sexier than covering your body with sugary, chalky residue and ruining a holiday (although, if they must ruin a holiday, I’m glad they ruined Valentine’s Day and not a cooler holiday like Halloween or the Fourth of July. Imagine the horrible things that could happen when stars combine genitalia and explosives).

Quoth she:

I’m absolutely shocked that the public is now going to see what I made with my boyfriend on Valentine’s Day. I’m not even famous which blows my mind even more, I’m just a girl in Hollywood.

Isn’t it funny how the tape just mysteriously got into someone else’s hands for profit? Suuuure, you had nothing to do with the video’s release. We believe that. And just when we had completely forgotten all about this chick and her 5 minutes of fame. Well, as much fame as banging David Arquette could possibly bring.

Besides, that quote sounds more like the voice over intro to a reality show that I would not admit to watching.


Courteney Cox Has a Nip Slipping Bikini Malfunction

Maybe she just feels liberated by her separation from David Arquette, but we’re glad Courteney Cox finally allowed us a glimpse of the goods. Really throws that whole Monica persona right out the window for good, right?

Plus, now we can definitely say that we are willing to be young, upstart deer to Courteney’s cougar anytime. We were already pretty down, but now we might start lying around in known cougar hunting grounds, looking vulnerable and available.


Jasmine Waltz and Her Tiny Awesome Ass in a Bikini

Jasmine Waltz is that chick who got some exposure last month for having been letting David Arquette bang her because Courteney Cox wasn’t giving him any and wanted a divorce. Well yesterday she was “spotted” on a California beach in a tiger print bikini showing off her little ass.

Speaking of which, do people in LA just randomly walk around the beach waiting for any peeping Tom with a camera to take pictures of them doing some outlandish poses (the last time I was in a pose like that I was about to get my temperature taken the hard way) or is this another case of a nobody-knows-skank hiring a photographer in the hopes of being the next Heidi Montag.

Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini Jasmine Waltz Shows Off her Ass in a Bikini

Jasmine Waltz Even Looks Sexy in Mugshots

Smile whore, you’re on camera! David Arquette’s cocktail waitress fling has a secret drug arrest past. Just days after the announcement of his separation from Courteney Cox after 11-years of marriage, it has been revealed that his new girlfriend has a rap sheet as well as a long list of past sugar daddies celebrity suitors. Jasmine Waltz, a bartender and wannabe actress who Arquette admitted this week to having mounted, was arrested back in 2000 for possession of 20 grams of weed.

I’m glad she’s hired some PR people to help leak out all the dirty info on her in the hope of makeing her famous for nothing more than taking a cock insertion from a married man. Because if there is one thing we really needed in this world it was another slut looking for her 15 minutes of fame. On the plus side this one is actually smoking hot.


David Arquette Split Up With Courteney Cox for This

Life & Style magazine has confirmed what has been rumored for some time: Courteney Cox and David Arquette have split up! In a press release issued by the publication it is revealed that Courteney and David have been separated for a couple months and David Arquette has already rebounded with serial celebrity arm candy Jasmine Waltz.

If that name sounds familiar it could be because of an extensive dating resume that includes Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney and Doug Reinhardt, or it could be because Jasmine, 28, was the waitress that supposedly punched out Lindsay Lohan at LiLo’s birthday celebration at Voyeur in LA!

According to TMZ:

Arquette explained that he and Courteney stopped having sex around one month before they started shooting “Scream 4″ in Michigan … and drifted from there.He also claims Courteney was the one who insisted they try separating right after their 11th wedding anniversary back in June … after she told David that she was “tired of being your mother.”David claims he still loves Courteney — and calls her one of the most amazing people on the planet.David is also adamant that he never cheated on Courteney before the split — but admits he has had sex with rebound chick Jasmine Waltz … his “one conquest.”

Most people need to have sex. People who cut off their partners from sex will be cheated on and/or dumped. Pretty simple Courteney. Especially if they meet someone who looks like that, HOT DAMN!

Jasmine Waltz Jasmine Waltz Jasmine Waltz Jasmine Waltz

Just One Pic: Courteney Cox

jop courteney cox
David Arquette tweeted this pic of his wife Courteney Cox riding a mini-Cadillac Escalade. The caption reads,

Courteney celebrating Michael Jackson’s Birthday. Wearing a Captain EO shirt - hilarious.

There’s no doubt that Courteney is such an adorable woman and David is an amazing husband, but it’s the caption that’s giving me the jitters. Tell me, how many of us actually remembered the King of Pop on his birthday on 29 August?!


David Arquette: Daughter Coco Might Be In ‘Scream 4′

David Arquette will soon be reprising his role as Dewey Riley for the upcoming Scream 4. And set to star alongside him? Wife Courtney Cox Arquette – she'll be slipping back into her role as reporter Gale Weathers. The two met on the set of the original Scream almost fifteen years ago.

So with both David and Courtney starring in the movie, will we be seeing daughter Coco, 5, appearing on screen alongside her parents?

"She may be in a picture somewhere," David hints, in an interview with E! News.

If Coco does make her big screen debut in the flick, chances are mom and dad won't let her see the movie – the last Scream installment was rated 'R.'


Courteney Cox-Arquette & David Arquette Team Up For A Good Cause

A team both on-screen and off, Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette recently announced that they are collaborating on a new project for a good cause.

The Cougar Town star and her hubby of 10 years, who are parents to 5-year-old daughter Coco, have partnered with US jeweller Satya to create a new line to raise money and awareness in the fight against Epidermolysis Bullosa, a rare and sometimes fatal genetic disorder characterized by extremely fragile skin. The butterfly-adorned pieces range in price from $24 to $348.

"There is a beautiful child named Brendon, the son of one of our dear friends, Andrea Pett Joseph, who was born with Epidermolysis Bullosa or EB," David tells "We were not aware of the condition until it affected us personally but, of course, once we got to know this incredible child we wanted to do whatever we could to help."

David, who also works closely with Feeding America and LA-area food pantries, says that their daughter Coco inspires him and Courteney want to do whatever they can to help others.

"I think becoming a parent redefines your understanding of love and compassion. Beyond spirituality, it is about being a good person and doing what you can to make a difference and make this world a better place. It is important to do positive things in your life."


Are you ready to ‘Scream’ again?


Horror of horrors!  Wes Craven is bringing back his Ghostface killer from the dead in order to create another sequel to the Scream franchise.   And two of the biggest stars from the series have just thrown their hats back into the bloody ring.  According to E! Online:

It’s official! David Arquette and Courteney Cox have signed on to reunite with the Ghostface killer.

“We are going to be doing Scream 4,” Arquette said. “Kevin Williamson is writing the script at this moment, and hopefully Wes Craven is going to direct.”

In the original horror trilogy, Arquette played Deputy Dewey Riley with Cox as a tabloid television reporter Gale Weathers…

Rumors began several months ago that the two were in talks for the fourth installment.

“I fell in love with my wife on Scream, so the opportunity to bring [Dewey] back to life and for my wife to play that really bitchy character again, it’s just going to be really fun,” Arquette said. “It’s just great.”

While Williamson recently revealed that Neve Campbell has turned down the chance to reprise her role as Sidney Prescott, Arquette said, “I hope Neve does it. I really hope so.”

As for a new storyline, Arquette laughed: “Kevin has sort of put out the broad strokes, but I don’t think I’m at liberty to share any of that.”

Source: E! Online