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Debbie Harry is into sadomasochism now

Debbie Harry was part of an exhibition at MOCA’s Art Gala in L.A last night when she first made an appearance on a stretcher wrapped in plastic and then proceeded to butcher a life-sized model of herself and eat its bloody heart. The shocked audience started yelling “Violence against women!”, and Dita Von Teese who was a guest along with Gwen Stefani and Nicole Richie  said on Twitter: “This must be art because it sure ain’t entertainment!”. Funny, all I could think about was that Debbie’s vagina was sparkly and that her 67-year old nipples were pretty perky, and I’m assuming here the doll is an exact depiction of her. I’m a simple man. Cake anyone??

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Marilyn Monroe voted the greatest blonde of all time

monroe xray
Here’s another fresh reason for Marilyn Monroe fans to celebrate and feel proud. The legendary Hollywood icon slashed some of the most famous blond heads to clinch the top spot in a new poll to ascertain the greatest blonde of all time.

Contactmusic quotes a spokesman for Clairol Nice ‘n Easy - the company which commissioned OnePoll to carry out the survey - as saying,

Marilyn Monroe has always been known for her iconic blonde hair. But it’s amazing to think that even now, almost half a century after her death, she has still beaten modern blondes to the top spot. Her hair is synonymous with 1950s glamour but it has stood the test of time against hair styles and colours which have come and gone over the years.

So true! Anyway, congratulations to all the winners. Hit the jump to see the top twenty blonde babes of all time.
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