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Jermaine Dupri has Done it AGAIN New Music by New Artist: You’re the One by DONDRIA

JD found himself a YouTube sensation. Since all hope for Mariah is gone, he has started from scratch and molded his own. Dondria Nicole Fields, the newest R&B artist on So So Def, is bringing back the sound of real R&B. Her new single, You’re the One, was released yesterday. Kind of makes you want to give that ol’ flame another chance.

Take a Listen You’re the One… Hate it or Love it?!?!?!:

Pop it for Dondria’s Studio Session

Dondria definitely gives you the feeling that R&B still has a chance. With singers like Monica, Alicia Keys, Deborah Cox, and etc, still helping R&B hold on, it’s nice to know that there is new and upcoming talent that will be able to hold it down.