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The Tiger Woods & Devon James Sex Tape is a Fake

To the surprise of absolutely no one, that whole Tiger Woods sex tape with porn star Devon James that we were all promised has proven to be an elaborate fake. Taneal Goyco, a relatively unknown cruiser weight boxer, was apparently employed as a Tiger Woods stand-in for the shoot, so that Devon James could make a few bucks off (presumably blind) sex-tape aficionados who can’t tell Tiger Woods from a guy who looks exactly nothing like Tiger Woods.

According to the Tiger doppelganger, Goyco:

I was in it to make a couple bucks and have sex with a pretty lady. I just thought I was fulfilling this woman’s fantasy of having sex with Tiger Woods, as she had said she wanted. I had no idea she was going to set up a tape of Tiger Woods. I wanted to make some money not ruin someone’s life.

Poor guy, he just wanted to bang a “sexy lady” and got that AIDS infected sperm bank instead.

that whole Tiger Woods sex tape with Devon James that we were all promised has proven to be an elaborate fake. Taneal Goyco – a relatively unknown cruiserweight boxer – was apparently employed as a Tiger Woods stand-in for the shoot, so that Devon James could make a few bucks off (presumably blind) sex-tape aficionados who can’t tell Tiger Woods from a guy who looks exactly nothing like Tiger Woods.

Porn Star Devon James Says She has a Sex Tape With Tiger Woods

I guess it was only a matter of time before a sex tape emerged in the Tiger Woods mistress bonanza. The first up to bat? None other than porn star extraordinaire Devon James, who Radar Online claims is attempting to sell the video for $350k. Apparently, her last double penetration flick didn’t do as well as she had hoped.

Tiger Woods’ porn star mistress Devon James is meeting porn star producer Vivid in the hope of selling an ‘explosive’ sex tape of the golfer, has exclusively learned.“The tape is 62 minutes long and 37 minutes of it is us having sex,” James told, before boarding a flight from Tampa Bay to Los Angeles, Wednesday.

Wait, wait, wait… hold on a second here. What the hell is going on in the other 25 minutes of the tape? There better not be any dialogue in this flick–straight and to the point, that’s what we want.

But maybe don’t hold your breath. There’s something about Devon James that seems just a teeny bit sketchy. Like the fact that she tried to claim in court that she had some secret, invisible Tiger Woods love child.

Also that her mother says this about the sextape: “My daughter is nothing but a pathological liar… there was no relationship with Tiger Woods.”Also, why the hell did she hang on to the thing for so long? I thought we were done with this whole thing. This is guaranteed to be a disappointment. Maybe just forget about it.


DNA Test Report Confirming Tigers Woods Not Father Of Devon James’ Son Is False Claims Source

SNN1827_02_280_1067587aThe DNA test which reportedly confirmed that ace golfer Tiger Woods is not biological father of the nine-year-old-son of porn star Devon James, are false, says a source close to Devon James, as reported by

The DailyNews report citing an anonymous source claimed that the tests were performed almost eight years ago on the son of porn actress Devon James as part of “an ongoing child support battle.” The source weighed on the fact that the tests were false.

“The DNA test done in 2001 was on a man who is a white guy, a complete white guy,” the source said. “His name is Matt. The test showed he is not the father, and Tiger has never taken a DNA test.”

Meanwhile, there has been no official response from Woods who is participating in the US Open after going through worst phase of life. The golfer had drawn wide attention after he asserted the infidelity charges and disclosed that he have had sexual relations with several women.

“She (James)s became pregnant, but she decided not to tell Tiger,” the source added. James, meanwhile, claims she was invited by another escorts to join in a threesome with Woods. The golfer allegedly paid the women USD 2000 each for the “dirty sex”. “She and Tiger both recognized each other,” the source said. “But she didn’t go, ‘Oh, guess what, I have your kid.’” Woods, the source said, “was huge by then, he was married. Devon was afraid he would take her son away.”

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Porn star Devon James claims she’s the mother of Tiger Woods’ secret love child

*Mar 23 - 00:05*

Porn star and escort/hooker Devon James is claiming Tiger Woods fathered her secret love child, according to RadarOnline. Which is probably complete bullshit for three reasons: 1) She gave birth to the kid in 2001, before Woods and Elin were married, so he/she is nine years old, but Devon never asked for a paternity test in all those years, or child support and never claimed she was the mother of his child before the scandal broke (apparently because she didn’t know you get paid handsomely when you say things like that). 2) Radar says there’s a “striking resemblance” but doesn’t even mention if the kid is black, or half black. So what, he/she has a striking smile and really, really white teeth? 3) She has a porn movie coming out that she needs to promote. Ok, guess we should have started with this one and left it at that.

Via RadarOnline:

James recently dished about her secret on the set of a forthcoming porn movie in Los Angeles, a source told

Her bombshell accusation comes just a day after headlines blared that Tiger had a secret love child. But those reports did not name the alleged mother.

Now has learned exclusively that James is claiming she is the mother of Tiger’s secret son and told him he was the dad in 2006 when she says they reconnected.

“She says Tiger is the father of her child,” one source told “And she’s insistent about it.”

James claimed to have had a two-and-a-half year affair with the superstar when he paid her and another woman $2,000 each for a “two-girl party.”

The pair engaged in unprotected sex and James became pregnant, a source told Yet it wasn’t until a chance encounter with Woods, six years later, that the Florida woman told Woods that she believed her son was his, according to the source. has found no evidence that Woods has paid James.

We previously were first to report that alleged “cougar” mistress Theresa Rogers tried to have Woods’ baby.

Rogers had a baby while she was seeing Woods, but sources close to her told that Tiger is not the father.


Tiger Woods had yet another mistress? Get outta here!


Meet Devon James, Tiger Woods’ 15th mistress and the latest to come out alleging she had a torrid affair with the master of anal sex. While we stopped pretending anything about Tiger Woods meandering ways with porn stars qualifies as news, this is still worthy of a post if only for the fact that Devon has a very interesting site in which, aside from holding a bearded guy’s penis in her mouth through most of the pages, she lists the things she won’t do. And get ready for this: she will gladly do threesomes, swallowing and the like, but she won’t do INTERRACIAL. Ok, so she must have done a concession when it came to Tiger Woods because he bewitched her with his poetry: “Greetings, behold The Tiger, I shall tear up thy ass”.

Via RadarOnline:

James called into the Bubba The Love Sponge radio show Tuesday, and dished on a two-and-a-half year affair she claims to have had with the golfer, spanning from the end of 2006 through 2008.

James claims that she met Woods when he visited her and another adult entertainer for a “two-girl party” — code name for a threesome encounter. James said Woods paid her and the other escort about $2,000 a piece. She said she walked into a room to find her co-worker and Woods mingling with XXX-rated movies playing in the background, and Woods introduced himself to her with a nonchalant, “Hi I’m Tiger, nice to meet you,” before the sex ensued.

“There was very little talk that first time,” she said.

James described the sex as “dirty,” and said Woods and gave her his personal number “immediately afterwards.” She said that Woods preferred to be the dominant partner in bed, and was well-endowed.

James said that Woods did bring up his wife, Elin Nordegren, on their second meeting, complaining that she didn’t want to have sex a lot.

Woods would send her text messages saying, “I want you to be my w****,” and other sentiments akin, James said.

James said she did not come forward earlier because she felt bad for him at the beginning of the scandal. She said she can prove the connection using old phone records, if need be.

As was first to report, Woods will return to golf next month, playing at the Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, which runs from April 5 through April 11.