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Rihanna is All Smiles Despite Chris Brown Landing Another Interview

Freaky Rihanna arrived at LAX last night and was greeted with confirmation news of Chris Brown landing and uber-interview with a huge audience:

ABC says Chris Brown will appear on its “20/20″ newsmagazine Dec. 11. In what’s billed as an in-depth interview, the singer will discuss his assault of ex-girlfriend and recording superstar Rihanna in February. He is on probation for the beating. Robin Roberts, anchor of ABC’s “Good Morning America,” conducts the interview. It was taped last weekend.

ABC spokesman Jeffrey Schneider says clips may also air on “Good Morning America.” He says Brown will not perform live. Brown is scheduled to release his album “Graffiti” on Dec. 8. He has previously spoken about the attack on MTV News and “Larry King Live.” Rihanna was interviewed this month by ABC’s Diane Sawyer.

Does Rihanna look upset?


Rihanna Speaks on Kickin’ it with Drake, Obsession with a Woman’s Boobies and Destorying Breezy’s Career…

Rihanna is on the promo roll and doing more interviews than we care to hear. In a recent interview with Angie Martinez, she addresses the rumors about sabotaging Breezy’s career, the signs she saw during the relationship and rumors of her and BFF Melissa serving each other up…

On the flack from the Diane Sawyer Interview
I expected that. It’s an obvious thing to do. They think that I have an agenda to destroy his career and that’s not what that interview was about for me. There are more creative ways to do that. That interview was solely about these young girls. Just inspiring them and being the voice for them and talking about my situation so that they can have something to hold on to. The hotline went up crazy because finally they had the courage to call the hotline and say “I’m going through this, I want to get out of this relationship”. I mean women who wanted to commit suicide so say what you want but we are saving lives here.

On her break up with Chris Brown
It was difficult. It was a difficult process and a long one. Also my music helped me alot. Being in the studio was therapeutic. I got to vent. There was no cameras, there was no media. You don’t even realize when you are okay cause in your mind it’s just a fight non-stop with yourself trying to get through it and then one day you’ll see something and it doesn’t have the same effect on you as before, it’s like “wooooow”. I’ve gotten over it and now I’m free of that.

On taking responsibility for being in a dysfunctional relationship:
It was a learning experience for the both of us. There was alot of insecurities and control issues but it was definitely a learning experience because in relationships in the future I know to watch out for certain things. Alot of those were signs. I learned that in the end. There were signs..

On Dating Tristan, Drake, Rasheed, & Andrew
I don’t have [Tristan's] phone number. Give me someone that’s hot and older. Me and Drake are still friends actually. [We hung out] a few times but no, never. Rasheed Lewis. Never even met him but apparently I was trying to break up his family. Andrew Bynum, we went on two dates apparently. Never met him either. I’m actually not dating. I just flirt…

On the pics of her grabbing boobs online:
There are tons of those pictures. I grab boobies all the time, I’m obessesed. I don’t have much so anytime I see a good rack I’m like “wow, I wish mine looked and felt like that”. Women are beautiful. I’m not into them but they are hot.

Here is the Audio of the Full Interview:

Part 2:


Video: Rihanna talks some sense… finally!

After months of silence since the February assault incident, Rihanna has finally decided to tell Chris Brown how big a jerk he is. RiRi tells Diane Sawyer in an interview that aired on Good Morning America Thursday that she’s ashamed of herself for falling in love with Chris Brown. “I fell in love with this person, that’s embarrassing,” says the Umbrella singer. Now don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming. Watch the video carefully and listen to her words. You’ll end up loving her even more. Well done, RiRi. Better late than never.

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