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Were We Close to Getting More Naked Pictures of Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton already has a sex tape out, but apparently she still might have some “naughty” stuff on her cell phone. Because when it went missing at a party she “lost it” at least that is what the New York Post is reporting… Paris Hilton flew into a panic that her personal pictures could be leaked after she lost her phone while partying at the Simple Life House, the scene of Sundance’s late-night soirees. A source told us, “One phone was found full of pictures of girls in porn-style poses. Everyone thought that was Paris’ phone, but it wasn’t. Another phone, with a dead battery, was later recovered and was handed back to Paris 24 hours later.”   Hey now! We don’t know for sure that she was flipping out cause there were nude pictures on her phone. Maybe she was just freaking out because she lost her cell phone? A lot of people would be freaking out if they lost their cell phone. Cell phones gets treated better than the mailman these days. …That was my best attempt at trying to have her back. I think we all know she probably has some pretty naughty pictures on her cell phone, it’s Paris Hilton! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a couple of new Paris Hilton sex tapes floating around, but people are just not interested enough to buy it. They’re probably on the clearance aisle for sex tapes. No one cares about Paris Hilton or her tits anymore. Plus her sex tape was pretty boring…at least that is what I have heard. I didn’t watch it or anything.  

Alicia Silverstone is All Kinds of Pregnant

So apparently Alicia Silverstone is about to give birth to a little Cher Horowitz. I’m  judging this by the fact she looks like Britney Spears from the neck down and neck up like anyone featured on Faces of Meth… also known as being pregnant. Some people might say it’s not fair to post or comment on candid photos of a pregnant woman who, in her defense, looks less likely to go into labor than say, Kirstie Alley. However, I don’t give a shit, so there is that.

Meh I guess I can write something nice about her, how about she still looks hot in that un-showered, pregnant, no bra, fat, crocs wearing sort of way.

Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant Alicia Silverstone is Pregnant


Johnny Depp and french wife are chronically rancid


Apparently, Johnny Depp has fulfilled his requirements for a permanent residence visa in France: support pervs in the name of Art (Roman Polanski) and never take a shower unless absolutely necessary. And by necessary we mean your eye boogers are seriously threatening to steal your eyesight away and you’re critically close to developing a crustacean shell. So ladies, next time you start getting moist at pictures of Johnny Depp shirtless, remember this: he makes love to a soap only on Bastille Day and Christmas. Ok, and maybe when he celebrates the French Revolution.

Via Fox411:

Johnny Depp and his wife, French supermodel Vanessa Paradis may look like a gorgeous couple on the outside, but sources who work with the two tell Fox411 that they aren’t as clean as they sometimes appear.

“Johnny usually smells because he rarely showers,” sources say.

“He isn’t big on personal cleanliness and Vanessa isn’t much different.  They found their perfect match in each other – it’s hard to be around them.  Their personal hygiene is not their priority.”

And while Johnny is known as a movie hunk and was even named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive last year, sources say he takes pains to cultivate a different image in his personal life.

As for his gorgeous girlfriend, we hear she is just like her man.

“Vanessa is the furthest thing from a supermodel every second that she isn’t on a big photo shoot.  No makeup and unruly hair – she’s a bit of a mess normally.”

Johnny’s new co-star, Angelina Jolie, will certainly get a taste of the real man while they film “The Tourist” together in Paris this month.

“When Johnny shows up for work or travel, he’s usually in rough shape,” sources say. “If he’s showing up for work on set, he’ll be a total professional, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be shiny and clean.  He entrusts his movie looks to his hair, makeup and costume team.  He’s quite a character in person.”