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A-Rod’s penis is dinner conversation at the Hawn-Russell household

 *JUL 25 - 00:05*

We all knew this family was a bit wacky, but is giving poor old Kurt Russell a boner while eating his dinner really necessary? Does Kate Hudson feel it brings the family together by discussing how A-Rod rides her all the way to a homerun 12 times a day?

Well, according to US Weekly The ‘Bride Wars’ actress doesn’t hold back when it comes to telling those close to her – including mother Goldie Hawn and stepfather Kurt Russell - the details of how exactly she gets her daily dose of orgasms by New York Yankees baseball player Alex ‘A-Rod’ Rodriguez.

A source close to the star told ‘Us Weekly‘ magazine: “They love sex! They talk about it all day. Kate gets graphic talking about his body, even to her parents.”

Awesome! Bet Goldie Hawn can’t wait to make A-Rod her son-in-law so they can all talk about how he gives her daughter happy comings over Christmas gift-giving.