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Fergie’s Wax Doll Is Not At All Realistic

Here’s Fergie last night fondling her breasts at the unveiling of her wax figure at Madame Tussauds Las Vegas at the Venetian Hotel, and we can understand why she was thrilled. The doll looks nothing like her. And by that we mean she does not possess Hugh Hefner’s neck and most importantly is penis-less. Oh, and Josh Duhamel would hit it in a second. Because well, let’s be honest, having to remove Fergie’s genital duct tape every time they have sex is getting kinda tiresome.

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Lady Gag Gag – Poke Her Face!

If you, for some reason that seemingly defies logic and any heterosexual urges, want to bone the shit out of Lady Gaga’s face you’ll finally have a chance to do so. The Lady Gag Gag love doll gives you the opportunity to use your disco/vertigo/pogo/human flesh stick all over her plastic whore mouth. When not choking back bile and the urge to defecate in fear, realize that this gets the world one step closer to real, customizable sex robots.

Then we’ll see who won’t take who to the Sadie Hawkins Dance, Elsie Hopper from Saint John High. Just you wait.

Lady Gag Gag Lady Gag Gag