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Jerry O’Connell’s Ice Cream Cuties

*EXCLUSIVE* Jerry O'Connell chooses 'Death Before Disco'

Actor Jerry O’Connell was photographed with his adorable 5-year-old twin daughters – Dolly and Charlie – in Woodland Hills, Calif. last week. The trio were seen grabbing some ice cream treats at Baskin Robbins.

The father-of-two recently took to Twitter to poke fun at Gwyneth Paltrow‘s unique divorce statement


Meanwhile, mama Rebecca Romijn shared some precious pics of their lil’ graduates via Twitter.

“They are very good friends,” Romijn recently said of the twins. “They are each other’s best play dates.”

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Happy 5th Birthday Charlie & Dolly O’Connell!


Names: Dolly Rebecca Rose O’Connell & Charlie Tamara Tulip O’Connell

Parents: Rebecca Romijn-O’Connell & Jerry O’Connell

Date of Birth: December 28, 2008

Siblings: None


♥ The girls were conceived without the help of in vitro fertilization or the fertility drug Clomid

♥ They were born in Los Angeles, Calif.

♥ Dolly was named after famed singer Dolly Parton

♥ Charlie’s name was chosen to honor Jerry’s younger brother Charlie

♥ They celebrated their 4th birthday at Disneyland


“They fought over their first article of clothing this week, which is crazy because they have such different styles.There’s a pair of tie-dye leggings that they both bee-lined for, and it was a knock-down drag-out fight. They took turns wearing them. Dolly wore them on Monday, Charlie wore them on Tuesday and Dolly wore them on Wednesday. They dress themselves. We had a little last minute wardrobe panic as we were leaving because Dolly said that she wanted a dress that looked more like mine. She was wearing a gray ruffle dress and she said she wanted one that looked more like mine, so we quickly grabbed this one.” – Rebecca on her independent twins.

“I’ve had to cut down on wine drinking, big time. I’d fall asleep for an hour, and then be wide awake! Every once in a while, I’d toy with the idea of, ‘I can be a cool mom: a party girl at night and a mom in the morning.’ But I’d regret it every time. Because those girls wake up at 6 a.m. no matter what time you come home! Sleep is so important. But as soon as you become a mother, you’re always a little bit awake, because your one ear is always sort of listening.” – Rebecca on motherhood.

“I’m trying to force them into the entertainment industry. My wife is a little more, ‘Let them find their way.’ I would love for them to be on the Disney Channel. Maybe with a twins show of their own. Maybe they’re the new Olsen twins!” – Jerry jokingly professing his desire for his daughters to follow in their parent’s footsteps.


Jerry O’Connell & His Karate Cuties

*EXCLUSIVE* Jerry O'Connell picks up his Karate Kids

Jerry O’Connell picked up Charlie and Dolly, nearly 5, from karate class in Calabasas, Calif. on Sunday (December 1).

The We Are Men actor held both of his girls’ hands while exiting.

He and wife Rebecca Romijn both had their shows canceled during their first season. They also are done with having any more children.

The King & Maxwell star recently said, “I’m done having kids. Two was always the goal, and we got that and here we are.”

She also told US Weekly that the girls “are very good friends.”

“They are each other’s best play dates. They keep each other such great company and they play so well but they also fight and it turns on a dime. I’m constantly admiring them and then breaking up fights but they are each other’s best company.”

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Charlie & Dolly O’Connell: Karate Girls

*EXCLUSIVE* Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell miss their twin daughters' first Karate class

Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell’s 4-year-old twins Charlie and Dolly went to a karate class in Calabasas, Calif. on Tuesday (September 17).

While getting into their car they found a lucky dollar bill on the ground!

Jerry has joked about having twin girls.

He told The Huffington Post, “It’s hell! It’s a living hell”, adding, “I have a lot of friends who are like ‘Hey man, I’m thinking about making the jump and having kids,’ and I’m like, ‘Why?’ No, I mean, my kids are really cute, but they’re nuts. And I have girls so they really tell me what to do.”

View Slideshow »» *EXCLUSIVE* Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell miss their twin daughters' first Karate class *EXCLUSIVE* Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell miss their twin daughters' first Karate class *EXCLUSIVE* Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell miss their twin daughters' first Karate class *EXCLUSIVE* Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell miss their twin daughters' first Karate class

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Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn’s Calabasas Cuties

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn each toted a twin as they headed for a family brunch in their Calabasas, California neighborhood this morning (September 19). While a sleepy-looking Dolly cuddled her dad, Charlie and her model mama looked sweet in matching stripes.

This is the second sighting of the happy foursome this weekend - on a separate outing the adorable sisters took turns swinging with their parents.

Rebecca recently revealed that the girls, who will be celebrating their second birthdays in December, have hit the so-called "Terrible Twos" a bit early:

The horrific, horrible terrible twos have already begun! If they don't wanna go, they'll just drop and wait, both of them! It's like a sit-in protest. They're like, 'Nope, we're doing a sit-in.' It's so annoying!"


Jerry O’Connell & His Barefoot Babes


Hands-on dad Jerry O'Connell toted his gorgeous 16-month-old twin girls, Dolly and Charlie, to an indoor playground in Los Angeles on Thursday (April 29). The Stand By Me actor went casual in a fire department zip up sweater, while the girls went barefoot.

The girls' mother is Jerry's wife of nearly 3 years, model and actress Rebecca Romijn.


Jerry O’Connell Totes His Twins

Doting dad Jerry O'Connell had his hands full as he toted his gorgeous girls Dolly and Charlie, 1, back to the car after running errands in Los Angeles, California yesterday (April 10).

Just last weekend we saw the hands-on dad, who is married to model and actress Rebecca Romijn, enjoying a day at the farmer's market with his adorable daughters.


Charlie & Dolly O’Connell: Berry Sweet!

Doting dad Jerry O'Connell treated his twin girls Dolly and Charlie to berries from the LA Farmer's Market as the threesome made their way home after doing some shopping today (April 4).

Last week Jerry and his wife Rebecca Romijn were spotted enjoying a date night, taking in a performance of the Las Vegas burlesque hit Peepshow. Also in the audience that evening? New parents Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett!


Dolly & Charlie O’Connell Are Calabasas Cuties

Jerry O’Connell, 35, and wife Rebecca Romijn, 37, enjoyed a relaxing brunch with their 13-month-old twins, Charlie Tamara Tulip and Dolly Rebecca Rose, at The Canyon Bistro in Calabasas, Calif. on Sunday afternoon (February 7).

Charlie and Dolly were looking as cute as ever in their Sunday stripes and seemed to be dressed exactly the same except for their shoes.

Recently, Jerry commented on how he and Rebecca, who have been married since July 2007, still make time for the occasional date night:

We throw the kids at their grandparents and then we’ll take off for a couple of hours and go out to dinner. Sounds pretty tame, but when you have kids, you can’t fly off to Bora Bora for a weekend. Even a quiet dinner at Chili’s away from the kids is a relief.


Rebecca Romijn & The Twins: Got Milk?

So cute! Actress and model mom, Rebecca Romijn, unveiled her milk mustache with her adorable 1-year-old twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, in the newest ad for the famous Got Milk? campaign.

The 37-year-old Ugly Betty star is also a spokesperson for The Great Gallon Give, a campaign that will donate 200,000 gallons of milk at to raise awareness of its importance in building strong families.

We just spotted Rebecca and the twins out for lunch with daddy, Jerry O'Connell, last week.


Jerry O’Connell & Rebecca Romijn’s Double Date

Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn were spotted dining with their adorable 1-year-old twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, at The Bakery in Los Angeles on Sunday (January 3). The girls looked so cute in their matching booties and warm sweaters as they dined out with mom and dad.

The O'Connell twins just celebrated their first birthday last Monday (December 28).

Proud papa Jerry recently talked about the differences between the twins.

One is good with anything, you put her down, she’s cool with it. One is just a little more demanding, and wants her way. If you have something shiny near you, she wants it and if you don’t give it to her she gets very upset. I shouldn’t say which, but one is a little more diabolical than the other one, but I like that, it shows spunk.”