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Heidi Montag celebrates her birthday… style

heidi bday
Even as they are approaching their 15th minute (of fame) at full velocity, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are doing their best to steal some memorable moments to cherish when they are forgotten by the people. In the latest, the couple celebrated Heidi’s 23rd birthday yesterday (Tuesday 15) and disgraced a singing icon in the process. Well, Spencer gifted her a 9-week-old pup, and the couple named it “Dolly”, after country singer Dolly Parton. I know Spencer has a bigger share in it, but technically they are partners in crime.

People quotes her as saying,

Spencer gave me the best gift ever, a maltipoo puppy that we have named Dolly. I’m so excited today is my birthday. Thank you, God, for every moment you have given me and blessing me with my wonderful husband.

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Bret Michaels:Dolly Parton’s boobs more important to the Tonys than my face


We think Bret Michaels getting hit by a stage prop at the Tonys was a good thing for him. Think about it…his mouth is all swollen up and full of cuts…which means he will have to take a break from ingesting all those toxins from the transgender sluts he incessantly licks up and down in his reality show. Think of it as a week’s worth of purification treatments at the Spa called Ho-listic Cleanse…courtesy of the Tonys.

Nonetheless, Bret is hurting, and the pain is mainly emotional because he’s not getting the same respect as Dolly Parton’s milk factories. Here’s what he had to say via his spokesperson:

“I find it surprising that a Tony spokesperson would brush off this incident with a comment stating ‘Mr. Michaels missed his mark’ with no mention of concern for his condition. If everyone at the Tonys were aware that Bret missed his mark then they should have been aware enough to stop the set piece from hitting him or at least slowed it down until he cleared the stage. I feel had this incident happened to Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton or Elton John the Tonys would have at least issued a letter of concern. Bret has performed live, with Poison or solo, for over 20 years and on a daily basis is around pyro, lasers and a moving light show. He understands that there is always an element of risk in any live performance, but Bret entrusts his safety to the crew whose job it is to make sure the show goes off without a hitch and should any member of the band be in harm’s way that they do not complete the gag. However in this situation Bret was not on his stage but was at the mercy of the Tonys. He was performing on the Tonys stage and had the reasonable expectation that that safety of the artist was a priority and at no time did he do anything over the top or outlandish that would have put himself or others in a dangerous situation.”

Wow. Who would have thought…A stage prop far more dangerous than the following props Bret uses in Rock Of STDS:

-AIDS / HIV Types 1 and 2
-Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV), Types 1 and 2
-Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
-Hepatitis B
-Molluscum contagiosum