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Lindsay Lohan throws drink at imaginary boyfriend’s girlfriend


Lindsay Lohan “threw a fit” Saturday night in a New York City club, tossing a drink into a model’s face, according to a New York Post source. The model was with New York Rangers player Aaron Voros.

Voros, his girlfriend, and Rangers teammate Sean Avery were seated at a prime table at club 10ak. Lohan “wanted to be at their table near the DJ,” one of the Post’s multiple witnesses reports. LiLo didn’t want to sit with Voros, alleging he was her ex-boyfriend and she didn’t want him near her.

Voros denied knowing Lohan, pushing her over the edge to throw a drink into his model girlfriend’s face. Lohan demanded the entire table be moved out. Bouncers refused her and Lohan left shortly after.
“There was total drama for absolutely no reason,” a Post source said.

There are two explanations for this “drama”. Either syphilis is messing with Lindsay Lohan’s head and she genuinely thought Voros was her boyfriend, or it was really dark that night when she met his penis under the table (plus he only saw a mass of hair moving up and down) so he genuinely couldn’t place her. Either way, all this is behind her now and Lindsay is off to Cannes to promote her new struggling movie Inferno in which, as we reported before, she plays porn star Linda Lovelace. We’re guessing her promotional efforts will gravitate towards this direction:”Oh, mon Dieu, iz ziz Linzay Lohan on ze pavement? Pourquois iz she making love to a stheet dog? Oh, mon Dieu! Did she just made poo on ze pavement?”Oui, now we will see ziz movie of hers.”