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It Wasn’t Me! 10 Celebs Who Claimed Their Twitter Was HACKED [Photo Gallery]


“I was HACKED!” is every celeb’s go-to damage control when caught up in deliciously juicy Twitter beef or controversy over offensive tweets. Whether they were actually hacked or not, we rarely know, but “hacked” celebrity Twitters are usually wildly-entertaining and hilarious.

Here’s a photo gallery of celebs who claimed their Twitter was hacked. Take a look.

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Jersey Shore Trying to Fire The Situation and Snooki?

As we all know, Snooki is pregnant and The Situation has been in and out of rehab to treat his addiction to prescription medicine and perhaps alcohol. And the producers for the show are obviously worried about how this will affect season six of Jersey Shore.

MTV released a statement earlier this week after The Situation admitted to his drug abuse problem, claiming it expects the entire cast to return for season 6. But sources close to 495 productions say the company is very concerned about Snooki and The Situation and wants to keep things “fresh.” It could mean that they want to bring in a new member or two for season 6, while still keeping the old cast around.

We are told that 495 is planning on “limiting” Snooki and The Situation’s roles on the new season and plans on giving new members more screen time instead. They still seem some unsure about their decision, though. They realize that this could backfire on them, especially considering the fact this was expected to be the last season for the Jersey Shore crew. Fans clearly want one last season to say goodbye, do they really want new cast members ruining the season?

A decision better come soon. The new season begins filming this summer. Jersey Shore Trying to Fire The Situation and Snooki? Jersey Shore Trying to Fire The Situation and Snooki? Jersey Shore Trying to Fire The Situation and Snooki?


The Situation in Rehab?

Who saw this coming? Besides everyone on the planet. TMZ is reporting that the Situation recently checked into rehab for substance abuse after realizing his recreational habits had spun out of control. However, a rep for the Situation told E! “this is not the case.”

But as more reports continue to come in, it is looking like it is the case and the Situation did indeed go to rehab. Sources have been saying that that the reality star was showing signs of substance abuse for awhile but it got worse as the season went on. Supposedly several people started to notice his odd behavior in season 5 of Jersey Shore. They say he was constantly paranoid and point to the “camping” episode as a prime example.

In that episode, the Jersey Shore gang go out in the woods to camp and the Situation has a bit of a meltdown. He started sweating profusely and kept on saying how he felt like there was someone out there. It was so bizarre that many assumed it was just an act for the cameras, but apparently the Situation really did think there were some bad guys out in the woods.

His cast members are said to be relieved that he is getting help and hope that he is healthy enough to join them for season six of Jersey Shore. The Situation in Rehab? The Situation in Rehab? The Situation in Rehab?


Ozzy Osbourne talks some sense

Rock legend Ozzy Osbourne is on a self-proclaimed mission to educate people about the ills of walking on the wrong edge of the sword. The 61-year-old heavy metal singer, who’s life has been a toxic mix of substance abuse, casual sex and drinking, says he feels lucky to be alive and wouldn’t recommend his actions to anyone else.

Contactmusic quotes him as telling to CNN news channel,

With the drugs, it nearly killed me on a daily basis - I did a lot of heavy drug taking for a long time and I survived it by the grace of God. You might not be as lucky as me - I’m living on borrowed time. With the sexually transmitted diseases, what I was doing is playing Russian roulette with sex. When you’re on the inside looking, you don’t see it that way, but I suppose you’re right. I do have the power to change people’s lives.

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