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In “WTF?” White Folks News: Adam Levine Goes Bleach Blonde…Are You Feelin’ This Look?


Adam Levine Dyes His Hair Bleach Blonde

Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine recently made a drastic style change and needless to say, many of his fans aren’t feeling his new look. Adam, who also serves as a judge on NBC’s “The Voice” took to his Twitter to reveal his new bleach blonde hair over the weekend with this photo and caption:


Once the unfavorable reactions started rolling in, Adam responded with this Tweet:


Are you feelin’ Adam’s blonde-hair-don’t-care steez?


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Drugs Are Bad M’Kay: University Of Virginia Student Dies From Overdose On Molly At D.C. Nightclub



Student Dies From Drug Overdose

Let this be a lesson to young people who think poppin’ “molly” is cool.

According to The NY Daily News

Rave drug molly is being blamed for the death of a gifted University of Virginia student who suffered an overdose at a Washington, D.C., club last week.

Shelley Goldsmith, 19, a sophomore on scholarship at the prestigious school, took a lethal dose of the designer drug before collapsing at a rave at the club Echostage after midnight on Aug. 31, police sources told The Washington Post.

She was pronounced dead later at a local hospital.

The promising young student’s shocking death came on the same day two others died from overdosing on molly at the Electric Zoo music festival on Randall’s Island in New York.

Investigators in Boston have said they believe a bad batch of the drug, often described as a “pure” form of ecstasy, was being sold throughout the Northeast, leading to more than a dozen late-summer overdoses at clubs and music festivals in Boston, New York and D.C.

Three people OD’d on Molly at the Boston House of Blues on Aug. 28, one of them fatally.

The Northeast Washington club released a statement saying they were “saddened” to hear about Goldsmith’s death and that managers were cooperating with police.

Goldsmith, of Abingdon, Va., attended UVA on a Jefferson Scholarship, reserved for the school’s top students, and spent her free time volunteering at a food bank and her church youth group, according to her obituary.

“Shelley deserves a legacy of being someone who cared for people, someone who achieved, someone who contributed, and not a druggie who died,” her father, Robert Goldsmith, told The Post.

“That’s not who she was. But if her death can open someone’s eyes, then we need to talk about it,” he said.
Washington authorities were awaiting the results of a toxicology test to determine an official cause of death.

Prayers go out to her family.


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Are You Feeling These Get Ups? Jessica White And Cynthia Bailey Spotted Sporting Suspect Outfits At The “Men In Blue Sweet” Fundraiser In NYC


Did the stylists take the night off??

Jessica White And Cynthia Bailey Attend NYC Fundraiser

Supermodel Jessica White and RHOA reality star Cynthia Bailey both attended last night’s “Men In Blue Sweet” Event held in NYC at the Classic Car Club of Manhattan.

There’s no argument that Jessica and Cynthia are both easy on the eyes, but these outfits are another story. Are you feeling either one of these get ups?

Cyn2 Cyn1 CynJessfeat JWhite3 JWhite2 JWhite1


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Rihanna Drops New Jawn “Cold Case Love” And Sports Mop-Top

sideways mullet

Rihanna will soon be able to tuck that sideways mullet into her shirt pocket. She dropped a new track and was spotted in Paris smiling and canoodling.

Pop the top to peep the new jawn and to see more photos

Also, check out this video that was put together of Rihanna’s recent photo shoots and she almost gets jump by the baby feline…