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Christy Turlington & Ed Burns’ Nice Departure

Gorgeous group! Model mom Christy Turlington, her husband Ed Burns and their two adorable kids - Grace, 6 1/2, and Finn, 4 - were spotted departing the Nice, France airport on Sunday (May 23).

The genetically-gifted couple recently debuted films at the Tribeca Film Festival. Ed premiered his flick Nice Guy Johnny while Christy debuted No Woman No Cry.


Ed Burns Says Christy Is “A Great Mother”

Christy Turlington and Ed Burns - parents to Grace, 6, and Finn, 4 - are set make waves during New York’s Tribeca Film Festival. Ed's film Nice Guy Johnny debuts on April 23 and Christy's film No Woman No Cry premieres on April 24.

The Brothers McMullen star talked to OK! about his "sweet" wife who encourages him to follow his dreams, and how he dines out with his lovely wife every night.

These days just to be able to go out to dinner without the kids – that’s a highlight. I love eating in a different restaurant every night," Ed says. "That’s what I like to take advantage of. There’s so many. There’s a great little place called Max’s on Duane Street in Tribeca. Best lasagna in the city.”

Ed went on to say that Christy has always encouraged him "to not give up my dream."

“I’ve had temptations over the years to go and direct a studio romantic comedy, and she’s said ‘just stick to what you do, who cares if it’s small?’ When someone has your back where it relates to your dreams, that’s invaluable.”

He continues to gush about his supermodel wife.

“She’s really nice to me,” he says. “She’s sweet — a great mother.”


5 Celebrity Dads Who Take On The School Run

We all know, generally speaking, that mothers do far more than their fair share of parental duties. From dinner to diapering, moms usually end up having to do more kidcentric tasks than those dear old dads out there. So, it’s always refreshing to spy a man, and a famous man at that, taking care of their offspring. Whether it’s pushing the stroller, carrying their infant in a BabyBjorn or just going to the park, it’s a heartwarming thing to see.

One task that traditionally goes to the gals is doing the school drop off or pick up, but here are five celebrity dads who have, on occasion, taken on the job of bringing their children to school themselves . Check out who makes the journey here. Let's hear it for the boys!