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Edward Furlong is a deadbeat dad

Terminator 2 actor Edward Furlong is accused of falling short on his child support payments for the second time in a year.

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has now ordered him to pay more than $15,000 in back child support to his ex-wife Rachel Kneeland.

Furlong, who appeared in The Green Hornet earlier this year, has reportedly only forked over $3,201 in support payments since December, according to court papers obtained by TMZ.

But that’s $12,000 less than he was previously ordered to hand over, plus he owes an additional $3,000 in interest and penalties on the missed payments.

Furlong and Kneeland, an actress whose stage name is Rachael Bella, were married in 2006.

But Kneeland filed for divorce three years later and sought custody of their young son Ethan, who is now five-years-old.

Last August, Kneeland was granted a temporary restraining order after she reported that her ex had allegedly threatened her current boyfriend.

Then In January, Furlong appeared in court and told the  judge ‘I’m completely broke’, insisting he couldn’t afford to keep up with the child support payments despite the fact he currently has several movies in production.


Edward Furlong allegedly in hospital lockdown after suicide threat


“American History X” and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” star Edward Furlong’s ex-wife, Rachael Kneeland, has alleged that he is “in lockdown after threatening suicide.”

In a temporary restraining order granted in Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday and obtained by Access Hollywood, Kneeland further claims that the actor has been violent with her.

“(He) grabbed me, bruised me, pushed me, made threats of more violence, left messages saying he would hire people to come and beat me with chains and bats,” the papers claimed.

According to the papers, Furlong was also allegedly using hard drugs.

“He is smoking cocaine and doing other various drugs. He is very unpredictable,” Kneeland alleged.

The temporary restraining order prohibits Furlong from visiting their 3-year-old son, Ethan. Kneeland filed for divorce on July 6. A hearing to make the restraining order permanent is set for Oct. 20.

However, in a statement to Access Hollywood on Wednesday, the actor’s rep disputed the allegations, including the charges of drug use.

“Mr. Furlong vehemently denies all allegations that have been made and is currently working with his legal team to have this temporary restraining order extinguished,” his rep said in the statement. “Unfortunately, the two parties are going through a very contentious divorce and custody battle. Eddie’s main concern is his son, Ethan, and moving forward with his life. Eddie has been sober for more than five years and is preparing to begin production on a new film.”