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Rolling Stone dinosaur Ronnie Wood and his Russian mail-order babe


If you have the tendency to vomit when you see or smell foul, then quickly, look away. It’s 61 year-old Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood making out with his 20 year-old Russian girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova (ok, she didn’t order her via mail from Russia, but he might as well have…she’s a struggling waitress eager to find her sugar-daddy…even if that entails washing her body and mouth with bleach after he’s down drooling all over her).

Ronnie and his “girlfriend” were out partying until the early hours of Wednesday morning in the Whiskey Mist bar in London early this week…and not everyone was approving. Apparently they got the cold shoulder from the owner and staff of the club and were forced to get out of the VIP area and mingle with the rest of the partygoers (the owner is friends with Ronnie’s estranged wife Jo who has just filed divorce papers seeking half his Rolling Stone fortune).

This did not faze Ronnie who got absolutely wasted and had to be carried by helpers into his car and into his home. Nonetheless, he had enough strength and wits about him to man-handle his Russian babe on the way there (come on, he’s a Rolling Stone, what did you expect? These guys will get mummified when they die so their groupies can still have sex with them).

Here are a few more pictures for you to cringe at.