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Damage Control: BeBe Winans Brings his Kids to the Red Carpet

With his domestic abuse charge behind him, BeBe Winans put on his “Sunday Best” and hit the red Carpet for BET’s Celebration of Gospel over the weekend.  He brought his kids along to add some family values back to his image.  Flicks of Fantasia, Elise Neal and more under the hood.


Dude, Where is My Stylist? Oh, There He is Rockin the Sandals and Blonde-Do

LisaRaye and Elise Neal hit up celebrity stylist joe eXclusive’s (pictured with the ladies) birthday party in LA last night.

SMH at dude’s get-up…check on the flippy for more images.


Out and About D-List BFF’s Claudia and Elise Walk Hollyweird


These two broads Claudia Jordan and Elise Neal were spotted roaming the streets of Hollywood somewhat dressed to kill but it also looked more like the walk of shame. 

More Details of What These Two are Doing Under the Hood


We hear that Elise, Claudia and Melyssa Ford have all teamed up for a reality show that will showcase black women in Hollywood in a positive light. This is definitely a good look for Melyssa Ford and no name Claudia Jordan but for Elise Neal, we thought she already had a career, so why is she teaming up with these two???