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Eliza Dushku Dated Seth MacFarlane. Isn’t That Weird?

Ya know, Seth MacFarlane – the creative mind behind “Family Guy”, “American Dad” and “Ted”? He dated this girl. I’m not sure why I find that so weird but yes, I find it weird. Currently (or last I heard, anyway), Eliza Dushku was dating Rick Fox, which I also find weird. They’re both funny guys so many Eliza’s just turned on by a sense of humor. I think that makes me like her even more. I think this girl is absolutely stunning. I’ve been a fan of Eliza’s for as long as I can remember. There’s just something so sweet and wholesome about her but at the same time, there’s something so sensual and sexual about her. I love that in a woman and there aren’t a lot of women that can pull that off. I love these photos. I think they’re a bit older, but I’m okay with that. Any excuse to write about Eliza is fine with me.

Eliza Dushku dated Seth MacFarlane. Isnt that weird?

Eliza Dushku dated Seth MacFarlane. Isnt that weird? Eliza Dushku dated Seth MacFarlane. Isnt that weird? Eliza Dushku dated Seth MacFarlane. Isnt that weird?
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A Little Eliza Dushkleavage

I wasn’t really planning on having Eliza Dushku on the site today, or any time soon for that matter, but I had a few cocktails yesterday when I did this and I thought that using the word Dushkleavage was kind of clever so that’s how I’m stuck in this situation this morning. I guess it’s not all bad, she’s doing her best to let me look at those little boobies of hers, so I suppose I can let it slide this time. Is her job now just being a former basketball players girlfriend or is there something I don’t know about?

Eliza Dushku PIcturesEliza Dushku PIcturesEliza Dushku PIctures
Eliza Dushku PIcturesEliza Dushku PIcturesEliza Dushku PIctures

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Eliza Dushku In Her Little Shorts

Eliza Dushku normally bores the hell out of me, she’s kind of like a Reese Witherspoon type, she’s hot but….. Anyhow, here she is trying to step it up a bit with a nice pair of short shorts. I guess it’s a start right? If I can make a suggestion, a white t-shirt in a water fountain would go a long way to remedy this situation. Just a thought.

Eliza Dushku Pictures Eliza Dushku Pictures Eliza Dushku Pictures
Eliza Dushku Pictures    

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Eliza Dushku at the beach. Not doing what she usually does

FP_IMAGE_4838768/FP_SET_4835355Eliza Dushku was spending the day at the beach in Miami with her boyfriend Rik Fox the other day and…Ok, stop. This post is not going anywhere. She’s not in lingerie, or a thong or naked in Maxim, FHM, Allure or Complex, so really what’s the point? Sure, she’s reading a book titled “You can’t make me angry”, but she’s fully clothed, so why would knowing she has anger management issues be of any interest? Seriously, who reads a book like that in clothes, anyway? It’s like us putting up these posts up while wearing pants and a shirt. Ain’t happening (adjusts speedo wedgie).


Some Holiday Hollyweird Swirl

Rick Fox and his girlfriend, Eliza Dushku, were spotted at Urth cafe in LA. Your boy Rick is all Hollyweirded out. It’s bad enough he’s smashing this little actress, but now he’s pushing a Prius???

Flip the script to see Rick’s former NBA playing self in a Prius…



The Swirl: Rick Fox Must Be Smashing This Lil ‘Boyish’ Cake To Smithereens


Eliza Dushku has been getting her flat backs beaten in by Rick Fox for a while, but the damage is starting to show. Eliza is only 28, so her reason for being with Fox is probably based purely on her sexual appetite…

Pop the top to see the big hickie Fox gave Eliza and to see her with her little g-string hanging out… weathered

The couple was spotted putting a bike rack onto their whip before a mountain bike-sex-getaway. Eliza’s stuff probably looks like a catcher’s mitt by now. SMH.


Eliza Dushku’s thong exposed:why all women should become more handy


Here’s Eliza Dushku working on her car in Los Angeles and proving that we should all stop fixing things and do the unmanly thing of pretending to know zilch…especially when the apparatus in need of fixing requires bending down. And isn’t that manual cute? Makes you want to crawl in her ass crack and come out only when you get really, really hungry.


Dollhouse’s Eliza Dushku gets dolled up for David Perverman


Eliza Dushku put on her tight bandage dress and platform heels and went to “heel” David Letterman’s wounded heart on Tuesday (October 6). Not sure what her intentions were with the Michael Jackson gloved hand, but we’re guessing she wanted to spank David in his upstairs pad with it after the show.


Eliza Dushku wants us to appreciate her as an actress

Eliza Dushku Complex mag-4

Eliza Dushku is featured in the latest issue of Complex magazine, which encourages us to give her a hand or two…does that mean if we break into her house in the middle of the night and fondle her while she’s sleeping in the nude and with the AC cranked-up (hey, it’s our fantasy and we like cold nipples) she won’t call the cops on us?

Oh, wait, did they mean clap our hands in response to her awesome acting abilities? Is that why they have a curtain (aka theatrical performance) theme in some of her shots? And we emphasize the word “some” because the whole idea seems to have been scrapped in subsequent shots which feature Eliza doing what she does best…which is polishing the furniture with her knees, getting the stains off her see-through shirt by jumping in the pool wearing it and dusting the sofa by crawling on it in her tiny bikini…yeap, Eliza Dushku is one very talented actress house-cleaner…and she definitely cleans up nicely…


Eliza Dushku gets sexy for

Complex is gradually moving towards becoming my all-time favorite magazine. First, it was Kanye’s girlfriend Amber Rose in a fantasy-inducing nude photoshoot, and now we have the delicious Eliza Dushku spreading her stuff on the pages of the latest issue of Complex. Speaking of Eliza Dushku, I feel this photoshoot once again proves her perennial hot status. Whether she’s in a short plaid skirt or some exotic intimates, the Dollhouse babe is nothing short of a burning furnace. Check out the gallery after the jump.
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Eliza Dushku kicks off season two promo tour

Here’s Eliza Dushku striking a “deadly damsel” pose as she kicks off the Dollhouse season two promo tour. The promo pics are hot enough to make us believe that the second season will be as promising as the first one. That is, we can expect a ton load of hotness from Dushku babe. The show returns
Friday, September 25 on Fox. Scope out more pics after the jump.
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Eliza Dushku covers

Here’s the sexy Dollhouse babe knocking again on the doors of our heart by appearing on the covers of FHM magazine. I know these pics are not her best, but then she’s Eliza Dushku, and that makes it a very special photoshoot. Moreover, it’s been a very long break since I last featured her on my blog and hence, I consider this as a sweet beginning to an exciting second phase. Thank you, Eliza! Gallery after the jump.
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The biggest draw at Comic-Con 2009? Hot actresses!


If there’s one thing nerds like more than comic books and sci-fi movies, it’s unattainably hot babes. Which probably explains why so many hotties came out to Comic-Con this year.  In addition to big names like Scarlett Johansson and Megan Fox, less famous babes showed up to grab their slice of attention.

Funny girl Anna Faris mugged for the cameras, as did Audrina Patridge.  Why were they there?  Heck if we know!  As we’ve said before Audrina pretty much shows up wherever she gets invited.  Maybe she just got confused and thought that Comic-Con was a new nightclub or hair salon.

Another gorgeous lady who attended, and actually deserved to be there, was Star Trek beauty Zoe Saldana.  She spoke on a panel about female action stars, along with Sigourney Weaver (Alien), Eliza Dushku (Dollhouse) and Elizabeth Mitchell (Lost).  Check out what she had to say about the ultimate ass-kicking heroine, Wonder Woman, below.